insurance & heavy shipping fee

hello id like to report this to you guys i been a victem as for today and believeing that they had a parcel for me
it started on tagged
it wasnt begging for money but
my lover sending me a gift
and while tracking ,the tracking systems say quency thomas please
contact [email protected] and yes my female parner know my adress
then a eail contains info about insurance not paid
so the parcel can’t move and if the arcel returns my partner will be in trouble
in the story my parner is in afhanistan and she found gold bar and send it to me
along with document about the shipping and the cost and the document about the company and that made the trick work
well i paid insurance.then the douane found gold bar they paid a upfront 1200$ so i had to refund it .and i did and now they added
waiting fee withoout further notice
just for info
Castro festus osemeka is the mastermind keep this name away

This post was submitted by quency thomas.

  1. bobo, 08 June, 2019

    did you get your package

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