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C2m2 Music am independent record label in Seattle
that offers the following services!

1. Recording your CD
They basically find a studio or send you to their home studio with their own and overcharge you just for setting up the session
Matt Millikan the s called ‘Director of Productions’ who starts on your project but never has time to complete it because he more interested in songs hes singing on for his own personal benefit even after hes scheduled time with your project it may get interupted by whats more important to him (even in the middle of your session) Or he’s has another nervous breakdown because hes out of anxiety drugs! and needs time off. thus your project sits and sits! In fact if you do finally get thru this part of their con process you will have to ride them over several months to get anything completed! lets step to the next phase of the con shall we?

2. C2M2 music distribution!
The only distribution Ive seen this company have is listing your group on their website artist section and putting tracks up that are not necessarily authorized by the artist and charging for 99 cent downloads (where does that money go?) (There are several music website such as ITunes,amazon,music downloads that offer this service for FREE and has 1000 times more traffic!

3. Setting up your bands business(IE legal )co pyrites?
Another selling con to get your money! My clients never received this service

4. Music Promotion
kind of hard to do promotion when you’ve pocketed all the money IE spoken to several of the artist and none have said they have received any promotion except the website that has minimal traffic

5.Artist development
Development means more then just recording a CD! This is in no way what most record labels would consider artist development!

The Bottom Line!
Once these people get your money they very quickly loose interst in your project!

Why? Because they have already started working on the next potential victim!



This post was submitted by Ward Verick.

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