Jeffrey Harrison

Watch out for this one I met on
Jeffrey Harrison claims to be an engineer on contract in London. Says his contract will be up soon and he’s returning home to the states. Claims his wife died of cancer. Claims he grew up in Fort Smith Arkansas and his mother still lives there. Apparently has a woman working with him who will IM you or speak on the phone as his mom. Speaks and writes English, but occasionally phrases something oddly. Claims his’pops’ was German and this is why. Speaks with an accent, probably German. email is [email protected] phone number 44 77000 46712 caller ID showed 2348186600241 which reverse look up shows as Nigeria
Other women on the scam sites say his next step is to ask for money for any number of extremely believable reasons. I found him on the scam sites before he could do that to me. Very smooth, comes across as very genuine.

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  1. freddy, 22 December, 2016

    a guy want to scam me, he said his name is harrisson jefferry, he said he as a temple that he can cure any disease with spell, that i should first pay 50,000. when i search him on google i find his real name and phone number. he is now threatening to deal with me. his real name is salem ehis, his number is 2348188076272.

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