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Hello, My name is Yacob Jamal I am an Ethiopian national presently in Ghana West Africa. I formerly worked for Hosni Mubarak former president of Egypt as head of the house keeping cabinet, during the uprising few months ago I stumbled on some valuables precisely Gold bars in a box which I have kept under one of the deposit houses in Accra Ghana. I need some one from overseas to assist me in relocation this gold bars out from the shores of Africa and as well help me to sell them and invest the fund into a very lucrative as I do not know much in business as a cook. percentage for helping me is negotiable before putting the realized funds into investment in any country of your choice, and I need you also to keep this proposal of mine in top most secrecy as my aged mother and I are the only persons involved in this deal. I will wait for your soonest reply. Regards, Yacob Jammal

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  1. Southern, 31 May, 2011

    I too got the same email. The blind can see it coming

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