My name is Marilse Capitao. I am a member of Badoo Site what I like very much but I want to report a Scam because about 3 consecutives days, 3 guys”pretend” they was interested on me,on relationship…date and turns out what they really want is trying to get money from me! I think and I suggest this site for the site own good, put advertise about this situation special to women…to avoid future problems!…on the site. Thank you

This post was submitted by Marilse Capitao.

  1. Yvonna Chegey, 16 March, 2011

    Hello Marilse, it is great that you report here some romance scammers acting on badoo. Your entry would have even been more useful if you had added their rmail addresses. Email addresses seem to be the only truth on the internet.
    In my opinion, the best would have been if you also reort the scammers on the website If you report it there and add a copy of the message on badoo then they will check the person and add his email address to the online database. As I saw, already thousands of internet users were saved from falling for those scammers from Westafrica, Russia, and other countries.
    Thank you, Yvonna

  2. Darvenne, 18 March, 2011

    Doesn’t surprise me at all with BADOO Marilse ..whole operation is built on multi-marketing schemes within a dating sight venue!.stay alert for updates also..good luck !

  3. Loretta, 09 April, 2012

    Badoo, Yahoo , facebook etc…there are many people who misrepresent themselves. I was involved with this one man on and off for 11 years who essentially lied to me. I had basically investigate and dig up who he was. What I found out was not pretty.He is currently on Badoo and other such sites.

  4. Loretta, 06 January, 2013

    Please be careful with anyone on these sites like Badoo. I had this man recently claimed to be supposively is from Orlando, Florida try to bamboozle me into getting him a military cellular phone. He is a scammer…pretty obvious. Claimed he is in the Military in Afganistan. Be careful…luckily I was wise enough not to believe this.

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