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Hello. I am writing about a well-known Austrian vendor Sadly enough, after long years of good work, they started to sell fake products. Don’t even think about buying their 6-APB, despite low price. Anyone, who has been scammed by him as well, please write to my mail [email protected] Together we can change the world.

This post was submitted by Aleksander Laane.

  1. Marvin, 25 December, 2010

    Scammers. They don’t send out fake products anymore, now they moved on to sending out nothing at all but keeping the money- stole ~ 400 USD from me.

    Nur noch schlechte Erfahrungen mit, haltet euch fern.

  2. glenn, 24 March, 2011

    yes some of these research chemical sites are scams another scam site is chem-labs co. uk. dont buy from this site you will save yourself a big problem they use paypal you dont get any product and they dont return e mails

  3. Craig, 02 April, 2011

    Do not send any money to these rip-off artists, Stall you with promises of mailing, to delay filing of dispute. Use AlertPay, which backs vendors on disputes, never sends product!

    Also, do not buy anything from anyone off Ioffer,com. Set up for scam sites!

  4. Craig, 02 April, 2011

    Do not send any money to these rip-off artists, Stall you with promises of mailing, to delay filing of dispute. Use AlertPay, which backs vendors on disputes, never sends product! Also use [email protected].

    Also, do not buy anything from anyone off Ioffer,com. Set up for scam sites!

  5. david, 15 April, 2011

    this lot where fine to months ago but now they havee ripped me off sent them the money but now i cant get a reply when emailing them

  6. Michael, 03 October, 2011 are scammers,they make communication using online live help,they take your money using bank transfer then go quiet,you get nothing,no more comms and no product…Beware

  7. Robert Forshcer, 26 October, 2011

    Here more information about this scammer:

  8. Bongstar, 23 December, 2011


    hab da einmal bestellt und die Ware ist schnell angekommen. Komisch!!!!

  9. Jenna, 11 June, 2013

    Indeed, this supplier is unreliable. I’ve had repeated problems with “” not doing as they promised. Customer support responses come from “Robert Schaffhauser” but it appears several non-English speakers respond from this email. The responses use only basic English and do not always correspond to my inquiry. For example, Robert Schaffhauser agrees to send order as requested and then, colleagues at manufacturer in China do not respect such agreements. Instead, they process the order several days later than agreed and with different shipping terms than I paid for (paid 30 Euros for express shipping and my package was sent economy instead). Because of repeated problems across 5 different orders, over last 5 months, I am now convinced that “’ is a scam – or at least they do not care to keep their commitments!

  10. bol, 14 May, 2015

    100us my swindled me : alison research chemical Co Ltd
    [email protected]
    I tell my story here
    I recently discovered using other names
    as odea – pharma

  11. walt, 24 June, 2015

    so its ODEA Pharma a rip off ?
    have you found any that are not a scam ?
    i am in dyer need of help please..

  12. Geheimtipp, 03 June, 2016


    Du suchst und suchst doch findeSt nur BetrĂ¼ger und schlechte Shops?

    The New Nr.1

  13. Dale, 29 August, 2016 is NOT a trustworthy site.
    They take your money give you the runaround for a couple of days, then try to make you pay more to get the product you paid for in the first place.

  14. Jude SMITH, 18 October, 2016

    About they often send me emails telling i order them a product and this is wrong!!!
    So i answer and affirm this is not true but they dont stop!!!No they open a ticket and continue to send same request like i must pay 500 bitcoins or other things like that!!!
    They send emails in german i cant anderstand.I m french and anderstand English but on four mails three are germans and you can answer and answer telling this is not true they seems never ANDERSTOOD!!!I goes on their site to watch and see products.And i find that they propose methamphetamine that they call methylamphetamin but i well knows what s methylamphetamin!!!This is another Word to say crystal meth so it could be a temptation with their impossible price for such a product!!!Easy to anderstand it s just a scam!!!I well know meth prices with reliable self providers and each time you see ten meth gram to 200 or 300$ or Euros you can be sure that s a pure scam!!!Just to say that they made all they can to extorc or stole monney!!!
    Their way to harcel (dont know the english Word) but i mean to insist till you mail them and insult them with some fuck you scammers dont discouragred them and now i stop answering cause unusefull!!!
    Better is to wait they stop when they anderstand you dont care of their mails with their tickets like all sites when you ask a question and can t answer on the instant.
    They will be discouraged before i will!!!
    I even never ever will answer once again!!!When they will anderstood you dont care they will stop!!!
    Only thing is that they think you are a fool or too naivs to anderstand Game they are playing!!!
    How are they doing to continue when many web page tell they are scammers???
    And in all these affirmations you find a site telling they are legit!!!But all i read was not good and their method is that sometime they dont send anything and sometimes they send fake products!!!That s all i read and largly enough for me to have my own opinion and never order anything with them even with good prices!!!
    So stop speaking with them and if you do just tell them they are scammers,stolers,swindlers or what you want but just say that and stop answering!!!
    I SAID!!!TRUTH!!!

  15. Germany user, 28 May, 2017

    Trusted RC vendor = Acechemstore i,m 17 Order,s all Order Come by me i,m paymant by bitcoins

  16. downer, 27 June, 2017

    So does anyone know of any real, trustworty RC vendors of opioid analogs that ships to U.S. ? Important that I am able to continue my research but can’t seem to find a vendor that seems honest. So many scams and police traps that my lab is afraid to order anything for research.

  17. David, 11 September, 2017

    try to use, they are new in market but have a great reputation and selling some great research chemicals with fast and secure delivery, i did purchased 4F-PHP stimulant from them and got without any problem.

  18. ian roberts, 03 November, 2017

    The best one I have found that deliver from within the UK is

    They have a vast range of products and delivery was when said and they supplied a contact phone number before I ploaced my order

  19. paul baker, 18 December, 2017

    Well having read all of the above there still are genuine suppliers of chemicals which are obtainable and wanted and I AGREE the latest supplier to UK and Europe is who actually speak to u in english

  20. Sam inpector, 20 April, 2018
    sent fake or very low quality material
    do not trust them

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