False Report on my company – unable to reply

Hello, I’ve become aware that this post is coming up on google results when you search for my company name. I’m trying to post the following reply to it, but have been unable to make it stick.

The post in question is:


The reply I’m trying to send is:

Barry is full of it. He threatened to charge back $3000 in work we did in good faith at his explicit instruction AND he never paid his $3000 bill for services rendered. People should beware of doing business with Barry Cohen of AirCleaners.com because he doesn’t pay his bills. THAT is the real issue, not this blatantly false libel and character assassination. Anyone with any questions on this matter can contact me directly.

David Caputo
Positronic Design
The SEO Company

This post was submitted by David Caputo.

  1. Michael Laslo, 08 July, 2010

    Really, David? I’ve read the post in question and your response, and I must say I find your opponent much more credible than you. I know you to be a viciously insidious conman and manipulator. Both you and I know who you really are.

    A word to the wise – DO NOT trust this man! He is dishonest! He exponentially overcharges for his mediocre “services” if you can even call them that! He harasses women who work for him! And he will take your money and RUN and RUN and RUN with it! BEWARE David Caputo & Positronic Design!

    Michael P Laslo

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