ScamRadar - Report Frauds and ScamsBadoo is fraudulent.

Anyone thinking of paying for extra services such as “super powers” on the dating site Badoo…DON’T!!! I have paid and recieved nothing. I have sent numerous emails to the site and recieved no reply!

This post was submitted by Alexander Meek.

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78 Responses to “Badoo is fraudulent.”

  1. JoseO-- -- -- April 7th, 2010 5:44 am

    Lookup the WHOIS and you may find a contact phone number.

  2. JoseO-- -- -- April 7th, 2010 5:47 am

    Badoo WorldWide Limited
    Blake Building, Suite 306,
    Corner of Eyre and
    Hutson Street
    Belize City, Belize —
    Phone: 442070999939

    Domain Name: BADOO.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Constanti, Rita
    Blake Building, Suite 306,
    Corner of Eyre and
    Hutson Street
    Belize City, Belize —

    Technical Contact:
    Constanti, Rita
    Blake Building, Suite 306,
    Corner of Eyre and
    Hutson Street
    Belize City, Belize —

    Record last updated 05-19-2009 11:53:54 AM
    Record expires on 05-26-2012
    Record created on 05-26-2003

  3. jeff-- -- -- October 25th, 2010 12:21 am

    suck my dick u african niggers

  4. Ceasar-- -- -- November 11th, 2010 7:01 am

    I’ve had no problem with Badoo, actually found it to be pretty good. PS Belize is in central America not Africa Jeff

  5. martin-- -- -- December 7th, 2010 1:56 pm

    i paid 8 pound for super powers i cancelled this with them now they keep takin the charge each month i have asked this to be stopped 5 months now they never reply i liked the place till this but they just want ur money i have deleted my account thy still took money last week i got to close bank account down if this keeps up

  6. jenny-- -- -- December 14th, 2010 12:52 pm

    i have alos just been charged £8 for supposed super powers, i did not authorise them taking this money from my paypall account and dont understand how they even have my paypal details!!! there was no notification that any money would be taken from my account when i pressed the button, i just got a msg saying ‘ thank you for your payment of £8’!!!!! is there anything i can do? please help!!!!!!!

  7. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 4th, 2011 2:34 pm

    Dear Martin and Jenny…BADOO is supposed to be free, I thought….Get out and close your account as soon as possible. This dating sited is not credible and the people you may tangle with on there may not be either. Find another dating site that is more real, more up to your liking. BADOO IS VOODOO…….Move on, please…..You will find many people have barely——-and rarely—-anything good to say about them…..Good luck.

  8. jenny-- -- -- February 5th, 2011 1:17 pm

    thanks for this purice, i am now getting when i try to read msgs or view people who want to mee me a bubble that is again asking me to activate something and i therefore cannot read msgs etc as i am not willing to click on the bubble! i did however finally get the £8 refunded from badoo after sending numerous emails to then and have contacted paypal who talked me thru how to change my settings so badoo can no longer take any money from me! hope this helps anybody else who may be having issues with them too x

  9. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 5th, 2011 1:26 pm

    Hi, Jenny, just received your message…DON’T click on the bubble…For all u know, it may cause your computer to come down with a virus!!! Don’t trust it!!! Get off the site and just close the account…Please…Many of these guys on this site r just plain scammers, waiting for nice girls like you…..I don’t trust many of them!!! Not after what I KNOW NOW…So glad u finally got your money back…Move on and don’t look back…

  10. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 11th, 2011 1:52 pm

    Dear Alexander…Get off that site, it is not everything it is cracked up to be!!! Hope to God they don’t continue to bled ur card, as this dating site is supposed to be free…But on top of that, many r on to scam guys and girls and r not what and who they say they are!!! Move on, try and close this account, please….Good luck, sweetie!!!

  11. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 11th, 2011 2:00 pm

    Okay, Martin, I just noticed that u did do that…This went thru by accident before I had a chance to rephrase it!!! Good for u….Great if this site with its people works for u, but it is always best to still stay on your guard…I sure have learned a lesson or two about these dating sites…and online romance scammers…

  12. Kiboo-- -- -- February 12th, 2011 3:10 am

    Credit card charges are easy. You inform your credit provider that they have happened without your permission – you only authorised a single charge, and the provider goes out of its way to prevent you from cancelling. This will not only result in recovery of teh funds, but it also marks the provider as fraudulent. If the credit provider gets enough compmaints, the place where they have their merchant account will have to investigate as part of their KYC and fraud handling processes.

  13. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 13th, 2011 3:52 pm

    Hi, everyone…Just saw my “ONLINE SCAMMIMG CON” just changed countries on this BADOO dating site…He was last week in Canada, now he is in Florida…He obviously is “moving around” for his own scary reasons…..LOL!!! Glad I saw through him when I did…Now I am out to help anyone else who needs help with these scam artists….I can now smell a con a mile away!!!

  14. FRANK MATSOE-- -- -- February 25th, 2011 9:38 am


  15. FRANK MATSOE-- -- -- February 25th, 2011 9:45 am





  16. Purice Nichols-- -- -- February 25th, 2011 11:21 am

    Well, well, well, Mr. Matsoe…I do commend u on your honesty…Why u r still in business is beyond me…But however, I do appreciate your coming forth here…and the balls to confront me and anyone else who sees this…. I belong to 3 online scamming sites to tell innocent people about people and dating sites such as yourself…Eventually, with enough people like myself, other victims will see through all of u and learn to be wary….Apparently, you have been watching what is going on with the comments and I do appreciate you taking the time to respond, perhaps finding this a bit amusing…But it is NOT “AMUSING”, sir, to see and read and learn that thousands of people out there are getting scammed, their hearts broken, their pockets picked…some so caught up in the moment that they even take their own lives…So, funny as you think this all is, it is not funny to many others, sir…And let me tell you something…I can smell a sneaky scammer a million miles away first SHOT, that is how educated I have become with everything…..Although my situation was more personal, a bit different, as my group is from different parts of West Africa and involve other organizations dealing with people I knew of, also actual legitimate groups some formed(I will not mention)I found out they are on the prowl for whatever they can get, whoever they can get from and don’t give a rat’s ass who they hurt…However, there was an actual human being connected who did and still does love me and knows I know everything about what is going on…Trouble is, I don’t trust him and even if I would actually KNOW WHO HE REALLY IS, the trust is gone for me and because of dating sites like yours and people like u, my sincere feelings of love and magic for him and our 8 month relationship is tainted and wiped off my sidewalk like dog poop…..Happy now???? Yes, keep smiling, keep chuckling, my friend because eventually all your “genuine members” will be the ones who see what is happening…and God help the other ones to follow if they know what is good for them…..I probably am one of the smartest cookies u will ever come across, which is WHY u even bothered to write……

  17. FRANK MATSOE-- -- -- March 3rd, 2011 6:20 am

    Hi in reply to your letter here badoo site was created not as a dating site as i mentioned here before we are purely here to scam….. out of the three million members who have signed up in the past three years only around 1.5 million have paid the £8 so as you can see profits are not as high as you would expect….our overheads to keep the site up and running is a staggering 10.000k per anum……obviously not all the members here contribute towards the site….so please all donatioins would be welcome…….make payable to
    account no 565789876 s/code 34-67-89 Abbi mesud bank ghana

    Donations will help improve the site and allocate more of us scammers to the site point to mention we would like to thank the annonimous donater who donated 20.000 us dollers here… have fun take care god bless peace be with you ….Abi Maguya director of badoo

  18. Purice Nichols-- -- -- March 3rd, 2011 7:30 am

    Mr. Matsoe…..I was under the assumption this “scam site” was supposed to be FREE all n all, which is why there are people out there who have complained about Badoo taking money off their credit cards, fighting to get it back—then canceling their accounts knowing what YOU are all about, not knowing YOUR INTENTIONS(Those are “genuine members”, by the way)And by the way, I know a man on here who IS a scam artist, looking to scam real women out of their monies, “changing countries” every so often….and believe me, the ones who probably are DUMB enough to give him even a dime of their hard earned money are for REAL…and looking for a serious relationship with this man with the “many different faces”. (Real men that I know of with real groups)Never the hell mind what YOU intended this damn site to be. And yes, I do realize many of your profiles are fake and a lot of them end up on fb, which is stupid enough to be linked with the likes of you, with just more and more fake profiles on top of that!! This whole thing just stinks, if you ask me, and whoever reads this, the genuine ones who are REALLY looking for REAL romance and REAL people, I hope they get wind of this and run the other way..Maybe with less and less “donations”, you will not afford to no longer keep this “scam site”in business any longer…..Millions of people who ARE genuine members don’t know what’s going on here, hoping to find “Mr. or Ms. Right”, many even wondering if their “new guy or girl” is for real, even have had bad experiences with the ones they did end up meeting…or were scammed by!! So with that being said, sir, why the hell would anyone want to even donate to your scam site or even bother staying, when they can go to a real club and find the real thing?!!! With even a cover charge and a few drinks, they get what they paid for…whoever donated even that “20.000”USA monies as you have written here, was probably some perverted male just whacking himself off, not caring WHO the hell he might be speaking to, man or woman behind the scenes…..How desperate can one be!!! Thank u for not capitalizing my God’s name……HE DOESN’T BLESS THINGS SUCH AS THIS…..and our online scam sites to stop romance scams and fake profiles on fb, connected to Badoo as well, will slowly but surely CONTINUE working its damnedest to get rid of every fake profile with a scumbag scammer behind it…..

  19. mr T W Howard-- -- -- March 8th, 2011 8:29 am

    i have to say speaking as a uk male i love badoo, have met 3 girls in the past month, all with satisfying results ;) never found so many up forit ladies in one place – but however you do provide a picture and if you are ugly …well hate to say it, doesnt matter how much you spend on features nobody want to fuck ugly people lol, you guys need to do it through personality not pictures

  20. Purice Nichols-- -- -- March 8th, 2011 8:54 am

    Good morning, Mr. Howard…The other day I was actually able to click into Badoo, as I had started an account “by accident”, never even realizing what was going on…We won’t go there again…..Anyway, while I was there, I checked everything over, I even have a profile now, and happily I can say it is ALL ME!!! I am far from ugly and if you go to Badoo and click on my name, you will see what I AM ALL ABOUT!!! I am checking everything out because now that I am able to log in, I wanted to see “what all the fuss is about”…and I see many profiles are not real…and the ones who could be scammers, I just delete…I am just enjoying myself right now, going through the thousands of guys who have come to either visit or chat, and for anyone out there, just be careful…..Yes, many have pix, guys or girls, who are not real, either because they are scammers or may want to hide their looks…However, sweetie, I would rather “fuck” an honest, ugly man, than some shrewed scammer behind the curtain, let’s say…lol!!!! As for me, I am just “flirting” right now, even corresponding with my “ex”, meeting some “real”, nice people….I am not really looking for anything serious at the moment, but as one of Badoo’s “spoke persons”, I needed to get further into their zone, because with all the falsies, there probably are many “up forit ladies…and men on there…Have a great day and hope it all works out for you, sweetie!!

  21. someone with a brain-- -- -- March 13th, 2011 8:07 am

    Maybe i am just skimming throught the messages, and not reading ti correctly but do you all really believe its run by someone in ghana???

    Using a Ghanan produced website you would really be able to tell even by using it. It would look like somone produced it 20 years agio in college on a web design course

    I know the ownwer of the compnay and he/she is english and live in uk.

    It’s dissappointing how stupid peopel are sometimes, try to use that thing called a brain occassionally….

  22. Sinitalela-- -- -- March 19th, 2011 11:19 pm

    @someone with a brain

    I was thinking the same thing LOL except I sat and read all of this. SMH people these days. Well if you know the owner, could you have her delete the fake account under my name? Because they haven’t responded to my emails and it’s annoying…

  23. Purice Nichols-- -- -- March 20th, 2011 9:53 am

    Dear :Someone”: I don’t know the owner myself, just someone who claims to be the owner…and another lady who says she KNOWS THE REAL OWNER…lol!!!! It gets confusing…I am on Badoo right now, just having fun…I have seen real ones and not so real, but it is fun anyways just to chat and meet different people…I am sorry you are one of the ones who has a “fake account” under your name, sweetie…..I am sure you are not the first one who this has happened to….As long as your profile and pics and info is NOT A FAKE, then don’t be too concerned…Sometimes these fake profiles just one day disappear or even are not even used too much in general on this site…Keep emailing them, although they are most likely bombarded with thousands of complaints with something every day…Who knows…Maybe my pics are out there right now on someone’s fake account, using a different name……….:)))Good luck and relax…It won’t be forever….

  24. lvonny-- -- -- March 22nd, 2011 6:57 am

    l am now sacred of badoo because all the guys who are interested in me are demanding me to visit their homes and do sex with them but lm scared and l dont trust baddo people….u neva knw wat they will do to me if they eva meet w me.

  25. Purice Nichols-- -- -- March 22nd, 2011 8:30 am

    Hi, Ivonny,
    First most, many of the profiles are not real anyways, so lease be sure who you are speaking to, if ever interested in anyone here. I can tell you from being on their dating site, many are not real, as you know, so that would be of great importance to know who “your sweetie is”. And as I tell everyone with any online first meeting or otherwise, please don’t meet anyone at their house or at yours…Always resort to a public place…I have had some tell me of bad experiences in these private meetings, so always make sure it is in a public spot where you can feel the situation out, should you need to leave if ever feeling uncomfortable. Or perhaps maybe take along a friend if need be. Provide your own transportation to and home from your first date is another wise idea. These are always good rules to follow for your own safety. Anyways, Badoo is meant to have fun with, but just use your own discretion in who you may meet, as with any dating site. Have fun and happy hunting…

  26. Atty-- -- -- April 3rd, 2011 8:20 am

    Stupid people. This Mr Howard isn’t real. Its someone having a laugh at your expense. Are people seriously entertaining this?? You’re all clearly retarded.

  27. Teresa collins-- -- -- April 20th, 2011 2:32 am

    Badoo have been taking £8per week without

    Upgrading and without my permission for I year now how do I get my money refunded as I am a one parent mum and need this mobey..can someone help please thank you

  28. Teresa collins-- -- -- April 20th, 2011 2:43 am

    I need my £8 per week that badoo has been taking fraudulently from my debit card for one year as I did not upgrade at anytime and need this refunded as soon as possible..can someone help I have sent emails to them which have been ignored..I am going to take this further if they don’t respond..

  29. Paris-- -- -- April 20th, 2011 9:32 am

    Hi, Teresa…..Maybe there has been some misunderstanding on their part, as some people I see here have complained of similar circumstances…Keep trying them…I found out one girl here was able to resolve the issue finally…I know they are very busy with this dating site & probably get a lot of emails for whatever comes up. Maybe u could cancel this account & email them a new one and see how that goes…Just a friendly suggestion…I don’t think they actually deliberately do this as they are a business, just accept contributions & being I am a member, I know they take off ur card if u want to send “gifts” to someone or the other options u can participate in…Don’t get upset, sweetie…Things like this happen in many businesses, but eventually can be resolved….An error…..Good luck…

  30. Will Atkinson-- -- -- April 20th, 2011 9:35 am

    Er, come on… They are a Russian company. Of course they are doing it on purpose. Cancel the payment or get a replacement debit card. It’s not rocket science.


  31. Paris-- -- -- April 21st, 2011 7:30 am

    Hey, Will…Interesting u say this…I have heard other stories that someone from the UK started this, someone from West Africa…NOW u come along & say it is being run by Russian company…lol!!! Okay, so moving on….Yes, I had suggested she get a “new account”, cancel the one she has…I meant “bank card”….& if u say they are doing it “on purpose”, I don’t believe u r being fair to accuse…I used to be one to Jump the gun in the past before knowing everything….What gives me the right to judge? I was never even SCAMMED when I was on Badoo, so obviously no one was after any of my money…..Maybe just my body…lol!!! So maybe u should not write with your accusations, Will……Maybe people in this twisted world we live in should “stop passing judgment unless knowing the facts first”….A lesson in life to be learned & —- “Ya don’t need to be a rocket scientist”…..Re voir……

  32. Heidi-- -- -- April 22nd, 2011 11:02 am


  33. Paris-- -- -- April 22nd, 2011 12:54 pm

    Hi, Heidi….Being you are on fb, SOMEONE ELSE you know may have signed u up for this Badoo, maybe someone who knows ur email address…My email address is on my info for facebook so all can see!!! Is it possible??? And with this, they do have the right to use your pix, as they did mine..It is their given right once someone is on here…I don’t think u need to bother yourself much…Just don’t bother with the site if u don’t want to be on..I am also getting married so my fiance prefer me to stay off now, but I just answer polite messages that someone may write to me…Nothing else….Don’t be too upset, sweetie, I am sure it has happened to others, but I am thinking the only way they can do this this is if they have your email address, but being they are a dating site business, I doubt they would have done this to ruin their reputation………Perhaps someone u may know did this on u…Good luck & just move on…Stay off the site, as only visitors will appear, perhaps leave messages, but if u don’t respond, they will know u r not interested…Good luck & Happy holidays, sweetie…!

  34. Bill_San-- -- -- May 15th, 2011 3:41 pm

    2 things for all of you complaining and claiming that this is an african company
    (its based in Cyprus, run in London and owned by a Russian)

    1) report on Badoo by

    2) WHOIS result from

    MarkMonitor is the Global Leader in Enterprise Brand Protection.

    Domain Management
    MarkMonitor Brand Protection™
    AntiFraud Solutions
    Corporate Consulting Services

    Visit MarkMonitor at
    Contact us at 1 800 745 9229
    In Europe, at +44 (0) 20 7840 1300

    The Data in’s WHOIS database is provided by
    for information purposes, and to assist persons in obtaining information
    about or related to a domain name registration record.
    does not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a WHOIS query, you agree
    that you will use this Data only for lawful purposes and that, under no
    circumstances will you use this Data to: (1) allow, enable, or otherwise
    support the transmission of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or
    solicitations via e-mail (spam); or (2) enable high volume, automated,
    electronic processes that apply to (or its systems). reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
    By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy.

    Domain Administrator
    Badoo Technologies Limited
    332 Agiou Andreou street Patrician Chambers
    Limassol 3035
    CY +44.2070999939 Fax:

    Domain Name:

    Registrar Name:
    Registrar Whois:
    Registrar Homepage:

    Administrative Contact:
    Domain Administrator
    Christodoulou, Georgia
    332 Agiou Andreou street Patrician Chambers
    Limassol 3035
    CY +44.2070999939 Fax:
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    Domain Administrator
    Christodoulou, Georgia
    332 Agiou Andreou street Patrician Chambers
    Limassol 3035
    CY +44.2070999939 Fax:

    Created on…………..: 2003-05-25.
    Expires on…………..: 2015-05-25.
    Record last updated on..: 2010-12-01.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    MarkMonitor is the Global Leader in Enterprise Brand Protection.

    Domain Management
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    Visit MarkMonitor at
    Contact us at 1 800 745 9229
    In Europe, at +44 (0) 20 7840 1300

  35. Paris-- -- -- May 16th, 2011 8:49 am

    Dear Bill…Read a lot..Interesting here!!! Luv it!! Thanks for setting the record straight!!!

  36. Rachel-- -- -- June 8th, 2011 8:45 am

    I’ve just received a message alert from Badoo – I haven’t even registered with them, but appear to have had a profile set up and someone has messaged me. I’ve just deleted the profile, and am hoping I don’t hear any more.

  37. Lorraine-- -- -- June 21st, 2011 4:52 pm

    Hi met my partner on this site and he said he deleted it but it still appeared now it showshin as being online last 4 hours etc when he swears he hasn’t and it’s nearly splitting us up causing me slot of heartache

  38. mugs-- -- -- June 29th, 2011 3:21 pm

    More fool you all for buying into it!!

  39. dave75-- -- -- July 25th, 2011 6:33 am

    Badoo is without question the most hideous little ‘website’ I have ever encountered. Each time I look at it I am beset by an engulfing wave of despair for myself and humanity. These listings exist purely to facilitate the needs of the desperate, the degenerate and the designing to meet for cheap encounters and ‘enliven’ masturbation. When I log on to Badoo, which is little more than a cheap ‘lad’s mag’ the words of Shakespeare come to mind,
    ‘Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.’

  40. Lee Davies-- -- -- August 2nd, 2011 4:03 am

    Please help!! I am trying to cancel my badoo superpowers but dont know the number to text stop to! Does anyone have it? ive looked all over the net but cant find :( :(

  41. carol-- -- -- August 5th, 2011 12:04 am

    I met a guy Alfred Robin from Dublin on the badoo site. We chatted for 2 weeks he asked me if he could give him my postal address and he wanted to send me a gift. Fool that i am gave it to him and last week and Thursday he sent the parcel he also gave me a tracking number. he kept on sending me messages whether i tracked the parcel. The on Monday morning I received I email from him that his Company called him to go do some work in Venuezula. The the evening i got a email from the supposedly courier company that the parcel was stopped in Malaysia and that I have to Pay 760E (R8500) through Western Union to a Mahomed someone who is the Secretary. I point blank refused to transfer the money. On Tuesday this Alfred contacted me and kept on and on on on on for me to transfer the monies as he loved me so much and wanted me to get the parcel. I told him the F off deleted my badoo account and him of my chat account. Ladies be carefull badoo as a lot of scammers they prey on all innocent woman.

  42. me too-- -- -- August 26th, 2011 3:03 am

    I was also almost conned by this same Alfred Robin from Dublin with exactly the same story as Carol above. For me it just smelled a rat the moment me sending money via western Union for a so called secretary arised , He has since disappeared in thin air as he could not milk this hard cow…lol..ladies be carefull money can never buy love…

  43. Will Atkinson-- -- -- August 26th, 2011 7:29 am

    Are you actually for real? Of course its not genuine. ‘Wow, I almost got caught there – I was about to send $4500 by western union’. ‘ladies be careful, money can’t buy you love’.


    No african pipes up on social networking site asking for money without ripping you off. The fact that you had to double check and was ‘ALMOST CONNED’ suggests you probably need your head examined.

    If you’re lonely go to And in the meantime stop entertaining approaches from nigerians who are going to steal your money, not whisk you away into the sunset. Nigerians don’t do that.

  44. Nosie-- -- -- September 4th, 2011 12:15 pm

    I also met this alfred robin..he said the same story…he was on facebook.I told everybody about him and his pic i published.he then threatened me AND REMOVED HIS PROFILE ON FACEBOOK….please ladies be warned.After I said my story about four women came out..there must be a way that he can be caught because he has the same story to all the ladies..the money for insurance because your parcel is caught in Malaysia and apparently he is in VENEZUELA having an assignment..he has a sister candice and a mother…his email address and

  45. Bobo-- -- -- September 5th, 2011 12:42 pm

    Ladies, I was also conned by the very same Alfred Robin we chatted for about 2 weeks and he told me about his sister candice and his mom. He asked me to marry him and he said he is sending a gift to me . On a saturday afternoon he sent me an email that he ,his mom and sister went for shopping and bought things for me and the shipping has been done, he gave me a tracking number for skyline express and when you track the parcel on sunday it stated that the delivery was in progress then on sunday he said he is leaving for venezuela and he will be working inside a ship in so he will be out after 13 days. Then on monday when I tracked the parcel it was on hold because of violetion of custom’s policy because there was money in that package that was supposed to be declared.then the fake courier company sent me an email to pay the 760 euros I was so stupid blinded by this very fake love waiting for my diamond ring,shoes,bag,family photos etc that were on that package.aftet the payment was made the very same fake courier company sent me an email thaty they have received my payment and the parcel would be delivered within 24hrsin the evening I received a message that I have to pay insurance for parcel that is where I smelled the coffee I realised that its a scam ,when I chat to him he said his sister candice will pay for 700 euros so I have to foke out the balance then I said to him after reading carol’s story ,I told him that I won’t pay any money and he was so angry with me I haven’t chatted with him since then.Ladies please,please be awre of this alfred I know we need to be loved ,we want to be in a relationship but not this. He is busy changing websites becareful ladies.

  46. ogen--- -- -- September 19th, 2011 3:30 am

    this is a deadly site were some chik mascaredding to be the douhgter to DR Dorris Godwils happenend to con me.she however got most of my information including my account number .pretendingly its just a cell of scammers who tend to be what they are not .the chiks happened to have asked me to pay tha lawyer some ammount of money worth $350 via western union .so that she could process herself a travel doccument to come oand meet meprenting she was leaving in some camp there in Gambia .i instead requested her to plead to the lawyer to work her the document on creadit thet i would pay before she leaves the country….. Til then she has not communnicated to me any more .i think she realised that she was a oconnist

  47. bramble-- -- -- September 26th, 2011 3:33 pm

    I signed up for Badoo and have tried and tried to get my details removed, but STILL get messages from guys to my email account, even though my details have supposedly been removed. I am really pissed off with this website, I didn’t pay any money nor would I ever have thought of doing. but I decided to come off the site as I got fed up by being harrassed by lewd men who didn’t know the meaning of respect of women. I removed my details, cancelled my account, supposedly, but am still getting emails from men.

  48. romanus-- -- -- October 14th, 2011 6:35 am

    tell me about this scammers from badoo,specially the females who claim to be in refugee camps and claim to have money left by their dads but dont have access to it,is it perhaps true?

  49. Badoo-- -- -- November 7th, 2011 8:48 am

    ^^^Most certainly not my friend. That sounds like the work of a fraud ring. They make many profiles over many social networking sites kind of like a fisherman casts a net hoping to get people to fall into their con.

    Badoo is a complete racket. ESPECIALLY the “superpowers” feature. From the moment you log on they are trying to get you to purchase them. The website is laughable.

  50. Andrei26-- -- -- November 26th, 2011 3:24 am

    Just wondering why when I delete my account it doesnt leave off I check the next day and its back on what the hell kind of site is thise and are they ppl on here even real some of the girls I talked with seemed weird or strange one of em that I talked with for 3 moths she started asking for money that she needs me to help her with her school payments and I never even meet her what kind of ppl are on here??….

  51. Paris-- -- -- November 28th, 2011 10:26 am

    Hi, Andrei…..I don’t know why uu cannot delete this site…I always thought thru your fb account uuu could do this…..try it again…..As far as the “people’ go on Badoo, one never knows who they are speaking to, male or female, unless uuu can get them on cam to find out….And this site has been known to “scam”, so uuu do have to be careful and never send monies, always be on your guard with people who give uuu a story. My advice to uuu, my friend, find a more reputable dating site to meet girls…and even then, always keep your guard up……Blessings, “P”

  52. Georghia-- -- -- December 18th, 2011 5:44 am

    Badoo seemed alright when I was in it I didn’t sign up but I figured I’d done it through fb. I’ve never met a scammed and wouldn’t fall for it. I paid £4.50 for superpowers and got them lol I paid with my mobile phone not my card or paypal. I probably won’t stay on but if my account did I’d just not log on *shrugs* people who fall for those money stories deserve to be conned.

  53. jan-- -- -- January 23rd, 2012 3:21 pm

    I was on badoo and this guy want to chat with me and we chat for like a month and after a sometime he told me that we want to marry me and that his wife dead in a car crash he is from USA and he was in ireland working for a oil company and he was on in the sea his name is david shanwe and he want me to bollow him some money amount to 900 pounds and he was going to give when he come out from the sea and i told him that I dont have that kind of money since that he has not get in touch with me

  54. srinu-- -- -- January 25th, 2012 6:25 am

    jan dont belive that type of guys dont send money

  55. ruj-- -- -- January 26th, 2012 10:38 pm

    All these fuckin monkeys from Africa (Negro’s) and (Ghanios) need to be used as “African bush meat) They all need to be gunned down and fed to other dirty nasty stinking scamming, inbred mutha fuckin selve and turned into cannibals. They eat monkeys for fucks sake! That is what makes them into animals instead of human beings, they dont care who they hurt or emotionally scar. Drop a nuclear bomb on Nigeria and Ghana next and kill all these wilder beasts! :))

  56. Dave1983-- -- -- February 17th, 2012 9:43 am

    Seriously, if you had any sort of level of personal security then you wouldn’t get scammed. It isn’t hard to spot a fake profile on any form of dating site. If the messages are in your native tongue but look like they’ve been written by a 4 year old then chances are that it is some twat somewhere who’s hoping to get something or other from you. You can’t slate a site for a few cock-ups and because there’s fake profiles. Look on adult friend finder, there’s loads on there but they get removed as soon as admin notice. You need to remember that there are lots of fake profiles and probably only a maximum of 15/20 admin staff to sort through them and delete as applicable.

    Badoo isn’t a bad site. I’ve met a few people from there and had a nice time. Have fun but be careful and above all, use your brain!!!!

  57. duckhunter-- -- -- March 3rd, 2012 4:40 am

    @ruj: Scammers are heartless creatures. BUT, the life of an average Nigerian is tougher than anything you or I could endure. Some of them have found a way around it, but have traded their souls for shiny trinkets and made money their god.

    People like you make them enjoy their job. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  58. duckhunter-- -- -- March 3rd, 2012 4:49 am

    @Dave: A lot of sites don’t care. They like having all the pretty fake photos at their site to draw new members. Badoo is one of those sites … but it’s by far not the only one.

  59. Jim-- -- -- March 11th, 2012 6:33 am

    I agree w dave…..common sense is all it takes to spot a fake……badoo is awesome so far!!! Met alot of people that actually have common sense as well…….basically if your in the us and a foreigner emails you…….dont fucking answer it…….wth is wrong with you people? Anyway I had really good luck w badoo…

  60. duckhunter-- -- -- March 13th, 2012 11:34 pm

    Are you friggin kidding me Jim and Dave? What Badoo DOES have going for it is that there are a lot of real people. But there are just as many scammers. As long as you know the difference you’re okay. Lord help those uninformed and innocent souls who don’t.

    Sorry, thumbs down all the way. They could not care less whether you get scammed by the fake members who keep cocaine and caviar on their kitchen table.

  61. wiseguya-- -- -- March 14th, 2012 10:19 am


  62. Shaun-- -- -- March 21st, 2012 12:36 am

    its totally corrupt DELETE IT NOW.. badoo charges user so they can pay fake user to lure real users to buy super powers serious

  63. Denise-- -- -- March 28th, 2012 10:02 am

    My badoo profile has been blocked for reasons I don’t get, I was told I had violated some guidelines for the community. I have not spoken to any customer service . For the phones are not being answered, my emails have not been answered. Has this happened to anyone. Help please

  64. duckhunter-- -- -- March 30th, 2012 9:40 pm

    Yes, surprisingly, they sometimes do it to scam fighters of all people. Very little chance they will back down on their decision too.

    What we do is follow the lead of scammers … just make a new profile. You might want to use different photos and another email address though.

  65. kunia-- -- -- April 18th, 2012 2:42 am

    You are able to request end your subscription through your iTunes account by logging in and contacting Apple’s support team.
    Apple will usually respond to your request within 24 hours. I have included a link below.

    You are also able to cancel your Super Powers subscriptions on your iPhone:
    1. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone
    2. Select “Store”
    3. Click on Apple ID and “View Account”
    4. Scroll down to the “Subscriptions” and section select “Manage”
    5. In the “Super Powers” screen, turn off Auto Renew.

    You will still be able to use your Super Powers until the end of your current paid subscription.

  66. duckhunter-- -- -- April 20th, 2012 1:02 am

    Something that should be made clear here is this: Badoo is not the enemy, however irresponsible they may be. The enemy is scammers.

    The best thing anyone can do is to learn to spot scammers, and then when YOU know what a scammer looks like, then teach the people you care about how to do the same. Or at least care enough about the lonel/y people in your life to protect them. No matter how irresponsible others are, there are things you and I can do to keep our loved ones safe, If we do not, we are part of the problem.

    Instead of being judgmental, try being empathetic. You would be amazed at how much it improves everyone’s day … yours too.

  67. badoo user-- -- -- April 30th, 2012 6:45 pm

    I’ve been a member for about a year now.
    never paid a thing, met a few people from it, all seems alright to me.
    I never got anything saying i had to pay to read emails
    You can read and reply to emails and send them 1st all for free.
    Super powers can also be free, if you are willing to send out a few emails via badoo, you get it for free for a month. worth it in my books, especially if you put fake emails in your address book, lol.

    just make sure the person has more than 1 picture on their profile, and dont trust ones that are only “old model photo’s” or anything like that

  68. duckhunter-- -- -- May 3rd, 2012 7:39 pm

    Yes, indeed it isn’t the particular site that has problems. As long as people are aware of scam, they can belong to any site … though some are worse than others … Badoo is in the middle.

    It will never hurt to share your wisdom about how to determine a scammer, and to keep an eye out for family or friends who have suddenly become stuck to their computers. Remember, West African scammers operate on a different time schedule than North Americans so this can be a clue. Their time is similar to that of Europeans, which can be a problem.

    Lately scammers have found that they have better luck with photos stolen from sites other than modelling agencies and this has made them less easy to spot. Often, when approaching older women they use photos of older men. Always always be careful, learn how to check ip addresses (if he/she isn’t where they claim to be, even if it’s not Africa, this is a huge red flag), and feel free to reach out to communities who will help you figure it out before bad things happen. One such community (though there are many) is

    And … if he or she seems too good to be true, then unfortunately (s)he probably is.

  69. Nick-- -- -- June 7th, 2012 9:50 am

    I have recently had cause to retrieve money from this company.
    Who took a debit after the account was closed!!
    I called my bank explained what has happened, they have refunded the money to me and will chase Global Personal for the refund!!!

  70. Diki Green Bac-- -- -- November 21st, 2012 11:44 am

    First off, any place, name, person,business, website, Etc associated with the name
    Ghanna or Niegeria, is a scamming bunch of nigs, Period!

  71. Jeremy-- -- -- December 16th, 2012 8:09 am

    Any fool who goes on these sites(Badoo,etc.,),is asking for trouble.Are you the same sort of people who click on the flashing”you have won….!” boxes?I’m sure you are.Are you really that surprised you’ve been scammed?Do you still believe everything your parents told you:Santa Claus exists-the Easter Bunny,and the Tooth Fairy,too!Not only do most of you fall for these scams,but you vent your indignation and anger on these sites,setting yourselves up for ridicule.Figure it out,guys.If someone,or a company offers you something for free,check the fine print,or get ready for the fall.There’s one born every minute-but,on the net,it seems to be every second.Wise up.

  72. Jeremy-- -- -- December 16th, 2012 8:16 am

    Just to add….I don’t think it’s necessary to resort to racism,either.Scammers come in all creeds,and’s that kind of ignorance that gets idiots into trouble in the first place.

  73. symphy-- -- -- February 6th, 2013 4:00 pm

    totally agree with jeremy, it has nothing to do with skin color or being born in a different region. honestly i think it’s brought on by poverty. these people are born poor and disenfranchised and all they see of the “developed” or rich nations are abundance and carefree partying. they don’t see the single mother or father of two trying to make ends meet or exhausted single trying to make it on his or her own. they see masses of people partying hard and willing to do anything for some flesh. obviously this isn’t to say “these poor fraudsters, just let them take your money, their lives are hard so they deserve it.” and if you think it is, that showing a little understanding is giving them permission to rip you off, you’re dead mistaken. all i’m saying is at least trying to understand what they’re doing and why is to everyone’s benefit. they are some of the most marginalized people on the planet and petty insults toward their skin color and native locale only keep them marginalized, angry, and viciously seeking new and effective ways to rip people off. trust me, you would be angry too in their situation. it isn’t at all right that they do this to people but rest assured it is an indirect response to the global system that has kept them oppressed since european colonization. and the absence of this system’s influence in your life does not invalidate this fact. all it does is prove you are lucky enough to be born into privilege or that you’re ignorant or both. educate yourself. peace.

  74. Rose-- -- -- March 2nd, 2013 9:35 pm

    Badoo is horrible. I was almost scammed by a man called Schlair Slavick. He was obviously a Nigerian scammer. Another individual I encountered was a Renato Favata from Italy. He turned out to be a sexual predator. I Found out he was charged with holding up a prostitute with a toy gun. People please be careful who you speak to as there are alot of dishonest and even dangerous individuals out there. You need to educate yourself and know the difference.

  75. duckhunter-- -- -- March 7th, 2013 12:20 am

    Hi Rose. Yes, Badoo is Bad … as are many, if not most, of the other dating and networking sites on the internet. So sorry you had to find out the hard way … unfortunately the same way most people do.

    Your point that we all need to educate ourselves is right on the money. Trouble is that the best targets for these cockroaches are elderly people, shut-ins, and others, such as myself, who are no longer ‘out there’ in the social scene, for a variety of reasons. Out of boredom we tend to reach out online, whether it be on facebook or a dating site, and because we do not know any better we fall for friendly characters who just seem to know the right things to say. In fact, scammers will make it a point to find out enough about us to become the perfect person .. and because we are good, decent and compassionate people ourselves, we expect the same from others. Yes, we are naive … until we learn differently.

    What I would beg and plead and hope from everyone who KNOWS about scammers, is please … tell everyone you know who might be vulnerable. Your divorced/widowed parents, aunts, uncles, the next-door neighbor, the nice lady who walks her dog by your house every day … all of them. If they have a computer and are lonely, they are prime targets for scammers. The only way they can be protected is to be aware. Please take it upon yourselves to protect these people. You just might save a life.

    For those of you who do not really care what happens to others, or who thinks perhaps that ‘stupid’ people get what they deserve … try to think of it this way: in 2011, approximately 50 million dollars left the US and ended up in West Africa because of scam, much of it romance scam. That’s a lot of money to lose out of your economy per annum … and it gets worse each year.

    Most importantly, there are a number of good scam reporting sites on the internet, being one of them. Once you know you are in contact with a scammer his/her details can be reported and almost instantly will become ‘common knowledge’ on Google. This, in itself is a huge help as it gives potential new victims the opportunity to do some research and find the truth before their lives become devastated. Once the details have been posted, fight the urge to report the scammer to the internet site where you met him/her … otherwise, in less than 5 minutes, the scammer you reported, “” will become “ … and all your hard work will be for nothing. There will be no current information on Google to help warn others until we find him again.

    In the meantime, remember this: it isn’t stupid people who get caught in scam … it’s those with heart, goodness and compassion. It is those people who care about humanity, and would share what little they have so that another doesn’t suffer. This type of person is what makes the world a better place. If you are not this type of person then the chances of you being scammed are slim. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

  76. duckhunter-- -- -- March 7th, 2013 1:26 am

    symphy, I had also wanted to respond to your comments. There is a core of truth in what you believe, albeit small. The people behind much of the romance and 419 scams are young boys who, yes, are sick and tired of the squalor in many of their cities — particularly Lagos. But they are not poor. Many of them have had university education and COULD possibly get a decent job. Okay, wages are fairly low, so there is little opportunity to ‘get ahead’ … unless of course, one resorts to crime, which suits these boys just fine. The reason? The youth of Nigeria in particular, but much of West Africa in general, operates on peer pressure. It’s important to them to have the best ‘ride’, the most gold around their necks, and lots of dough to throw around at the clubs. Contrary to what many people believe, there are almost NO female scammers (the boys play the girl characters), because the girls there are gold diggers. If the boys don’t have lots of bling and cash, they just don’t get lucky. More peer pressure.

    The main reason that a young fella doesn’t just scam a couple of victims good and amass a bunch of money … perhaps buy a house with a picket fence or whatever … is because they love money (YOUR money) more than they love anything else. And they love what it will buy … including popularity and power. They have no plans whatsoever to stop victimizing people, ruining lives, taking food from children’s mouths. None. They do not care if you commit suicide once they’ve ruined you. They enjoy what they do. While they take your money they laugh. If by chance you get one to open up to you (don’t try it unless you’ve learned how to sift through the new lies; they’ve got tons), you will find that they pretty much hate everyone, including their parents and their peers. Scammers will steal from their brother or best friend as quickly as they will steal from you. Money has become their god, and that’s a fact we must face.

    This is why, as I’ve mentioned a few times, that the best way to deal with scam is to remove the victim. Tell everyone you know about it, even if they don’t seem to be listening.

    If, by chance a day comes that everyone on the planet is aware of scam, scammers will no longer have a market for their crime. THEN we can get back to caring enough to stand against the multinational companies that pay slave wages in West Africa … or maybe we can start now. But that in itself will not stop scam.

    Just don’t confuse one issue with another. ESPECIALLY don’t do that actually. One has nothing to do with the other. Here is a short list of how your hard earned money goes around in West Africa:

    — scammer
    — his girlfriend and her spending habits
    — his boss(es)
    — car dealerships, clothing and jewelry stores
    — Western Union (takes money under the table when the names don’t match)
    — internet cafes
    — the police (internet cafe ‘protection’ money and other payoffs)
    — voodoo priests/priestesses (put ‘charms’ on the victims for a price)
    — the government (in the end they get most of it)

    If we could only believe, as far-fetched as it is, that the heartbreak, betrayal, financial loss and devastation caused by scam was a way to ‘help out’ impoverished people, it would be easier to digest. Simply not the case.

    I do appreciate though that you seek to take the color out of the discussion. The laws, opportunity, political situation and other factors just happen to make West Africa scam-central of the world. There are other areas that are getting bad too, but this discussion is not about those types of scam. Except perhaps this:


  77. Karmen 125-- -- -- October 25th, 2013 11:54 am

    On Badoo I have come across men who are scammers claiiming to be military stuck overseas can’t get home then some buisinessmen claiming theyve had there wallets stolen.
    This site isnt what it claims it to be it should be scammers website.
    Get lost to scammers.
    Ladies be careful and fully aware of this.

  78. Paris Adel-- -- -- October 25th, 2013 12:56 pm

    Hi, everyone, long time no write…lol In the course of 2 years being on Badoo, I have actually met a few guys(Quite real, yes)but for some reason, not many foreigners anymore were bothering to come to my site, just New York area guys, as that is where I am from. I am just wondering if maybe all that time ONE guy was actually ALL those profiles, just on to see what I was all about…lol…Anyway, be smart on here. Stay within your area, and just be careful who uu meet, should you both decide to do so. Have fun, be safe and as always God bless!

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