Auto Gallery Motors are the biggest scammers

This dealership lies all the way through sales to the insurance and financing room. Lied about positions of personel (first the “GM” was the GM then he was the sales manager then the I and O guy was the GM, then he was the I and O manager, etc.) On top of that, I failed to do my research on prices for aftermarket LoJack and it was sold to me at 3 times the usual RETAIL value. When I tried to back out of the deal after putting down 10 grand on the car, I was told I would be sued.

STAY away from these scammers and anyone having any affiliation with the Auto Gallery Motors. These people want your money and don’t care about return usiness.

This post was submitted by Jerry.

  1. Howard Wright, 21 February, 2012

    We purchased a car in 5/2011 and I traded my 2005 C230 sport Mercedes Benz, during the trade I asked that my new car purchased (2008 BMW) that I purchased BMW warranty which they said that I could. When I needed to take in my car for repairs I found out that they never gave me what I had asked for but gave me some bogus warranty co. thatvdoes NOT cover anything that I had asked for.
    When I traded in my car they NEVER gave me any credit for my old car.

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