Total Fabrics job offer – Scam?

I found an ad in my local newspaper about a payroll/pay receiver job. It only had comapny name and email address. The email address was [email protected] The company name was Total Fabrics Int. I sent them an email inquiring about the job. I received an email back stating to fill out an application. the application was part of the email text. It asked for my name address and telephone number. I filled this out and sent it back, and within 10 minutes I received an email saying I was hired. They said they would notify me of a tracking number for a check and I would have to go to the bank and cash it and take 10% of it and wire them the rest. i emailed them back and told them that I thought they were a fraud and they replied with “We are not a scam! That’s ridiculous!” The only reason I thought it wasnt a scam was because I found the classified ad in my local newspaper. What do you think?

This post was submitted by Shannon Garrison.

  1. ScamRadar, 20 February, 2009


    Thanks for the post.

    Your first instinct is more than likely correct. From your description, it’s already taking the same shape as those email scams we receive on a daily basis. It follows the same basic outline — name, address … and deduct a certain percent from a check you receive and send the remaining back to them…

    No company (in their right mind, unless they’re part of a scam) would send you a paycheck for a job you haven’t even fulfilled yet.

    Sounds like they are trying to appear legitimate by posting on the local ad — instead of via the web.

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