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Beware of a company in Mexico that is sending out fraudulent mailings that have a cover letter that says your listing will be free in their Expo Guide to advertise that your company will be a particular trade show. I signed the agreement after reading the cover letter and did not read the fine print. Now they are trying to bill me for over $1500. And I have gotten no extra listing with them beyond what they already had posted on their website about our company. I then received a warning from the official trade show group warning people about this fraudulent company that has no association with the actual trade show. I have since found many complaints about this company on the internet. The address on the letterhead is a Mexico address, but the postal code showing where it was mailed from is in PA, USA. I have tried calling the phone number listed on the letterhead and have left messages and no one returns my calls. They are demanding payment, but I refuse to pay the invoice.

This post was submitted by Leigh Ann Wathen.

  1. Louise, 20 May, 2009

    Same thing happened to me so I faxed and emailed them saying I wasn’t paying and that I found many complaints about them on the web and told them not to contact me anymore. So far no reply – that was about a month and a half ago.

  2. Liisa, 20 July, 2010

    So many people have been trapped, when they have signed this scam!
    It´s important to tell everybode NOT TO PAY just ignore them, and don´t contact them! Threatening is their method!
    Here you can read about houndreds of people who has been trapped by this scamers:


  3. Dinh, 22 June, 2012

    I had the same request payment as you all, with the document which I fill in since 2010. They have sent me many invoice with over 3.000USD, today one company name International Credit Assessment Agency gave me a call and email to thread about they payment should be made otherwise they will bring to the court. Address of this company bellow. Any one can give me an advise ?

    ICAA Ltd.
    187a Leontiou Street
    4th floor, Tsacon Court
    3020 Limassol

    VAT N° 10216888E

    T +357 25 270 666
    F +357 25 270 777

    Email: [email protected]

  4. Nikolaus Castell, 07 October, 2014


    There are always just single persons with changing assumed identities and pretended functions, who anger and frighten you, but in reality all of them are only 20 totally (with 3 exceptions, ”Eleni”, ”Christina” and ”Laszlo”) reclose, subjugated and terribly scared creatures themselves, who don’t do anything-else, then to parrot the modular text units of their ”forward thinker” (Laszlo Peter) and to dispatch the legally absurd form letters of him.

    All that these working slaves do for 1.300 Euro monthly (plus small ”Boni” for particularly industriously lying), while they are closed in fully monitored and by the mafiosis themselves supervised small rooms. In these dark chambers ”work” always min. 3 persons together. Only the above mentioned German ”Christina Panayiotou”, a manic-depressive ex-barmaid and the incontinent English ”Ann Simo, shortly before still Helen Simson” are allowed, it means they have, to sit allone in a room.

    The ”ICAA Management Ltd.” (according to the companies house) respectively the ”International Credit Assessment Agency” (according to the letter paper) ergo consist

    1) of a not YET more specifically detailed and identified gang of Russian-Zypriotic-Hungarian mobsters, which fulfill all legal conditions of ORGANIZED CRIME and act mostly in the background (what-ever they do out of there, but minimum it is observing, intimidating and cashing the rest of the company). One of the members is the above mentioned Hungarian official chef of the ICAA, Laszlo Peter (or Peter Lansky or many other names), who is however not to find by name, f.e. not in the companies house, not in the lease contract etc.
    2) of 3 secretaries, of these one calles herself ”Eleni” (the beautyful Helena!) because of not-visible reasons and obviously supervises the interests of the Russion persons behind and

    3) of ca. 16 always the time clocks punching galley slaves, in a concrete quantity of(just now) 4 sympathic, but conc. the competence quite naive young men, and one docen of almost fanatic-engaged, mostly elderly women, who are visibly enyoying the chance, to be able once in their life, to act a part as ”manager” and ”lawyer” and to let their frustration out at other people’s expense with imposture and malicious joy.

    For this purpose are the standard-letters and alleged seals available and impressing titels for the stuff according their topical doing and top-class colleagues of the legal departements of ICAA. The last-named are unlimited because they are only coming out of the permanently dishonest und tricky brain of this obviously legally confused ”Laszlo Peter” himself, who is responsible for all actions and procedures and workings inbetween the ICAA.
    These top-class collegues are unlimitedly available, because they are pure fiction of Mr. ”Peter”.

    Parenthesis: In the German criminal law they call such an (obvious and indeniable) INTENT do cheat somebody in combination with an ERROR of the cheated person, who makes in consequence of that a disposal of property to the benefit of the chaeter or somebody-else
    SCAM (incl. attemted scams) and even
    if it is f.e. commercially implemented.

    If somebody uses a pseudonym without any financial advantages by it, it should be shurly allowed. If an Incasso-clerk suggests, he has to protect himself against the dangerous clients, it is maybe also excusable. But to use sevaral pseudonymes at the same time, to play to the client in the same time, that the incasso-employee consists of several persons in the same time and consists even of high-level legal persons, to impresse and to intimidate and to TRICK the still controvertible (!) debitor…… that IS something-else.

    Nikolaus C.

  5. boo, 10 March, 2017

    how about we discuss grs the recruitment agency that knew this was a scam but sent honest workers there anyway? and those workers out of desperation took on the job but ran out on the third day of signing threatening documentation with fake signiatures using fake names and upon trying to report them to grs was told to shut it or lump it…..

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