Sarah Mclaine – I think this is a fraud and want to warn you all

I was looking strictly for one night– New Year’s Eve only–offering my services and got this (see below)– I think it is a… 2

Fraud Alert for Nannies – Mr Joseph from United Kingdom

Don’t even bother talking to this person! Email is below:

Made Management & Marketing Agency

Please be careful when dealing with Made Management & Marketing Agency, or any affiliation to them, the owner(s) and employees. We are still… 0

Larry Houston – Nigerian Scam

If anyone e-mail you by the name of LARRY HOUSTON, beware. It’s a scam. If you heard of a Nigerian scam, WATCH OUT…. 3

Handyman Joey Proper – (214) 486-0190

Do not contact Joey Proper at (214) 486-0190. He is a fraud and took my money…he is not a real handyman… hell, he… 12

[email protected] – another email scam!

If you receive this email in your inbox, just delete it right away. It’s from a guy who calls himself “Mr. Zimmerman” (we… 0

Body of Change Warning – LA Fitness

Body of CHANGE!? More like Body of CRAP!!! This is a nationwide warning to ANYONE who is a member or thinking about becoming… 1

WorldPeace Web Design is a SWINDLER and a FRAUD!!

Beware! Do not work for these people. Run as fast as you can. They will take your work and not pay you for… 0

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