Body of Change Warning – LA Fitness

Body of CHANGE!? More like Body of CRAP!!!

This is a nationwide warning to ANYONE who is a member or thinking about becoming a member of LA Fitness! Do not – I repeat – DO NOT join into a training contract with Body Of Change!!! It is a COMPLETE and TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!!

FIRST – a slick slimy fast-talking “car salesman” will lure you in with a “free” hour long session – which is 30 minutes of blabbing about diet, exercise, body fat, etc – and 30 minutes of actually working out. And they go through everything SO FAST in order to make it impossible for anyone to understand!

Well – what they (purposely) DON’Ttell you is that if/when you sign up – your sessions ae ONLY 30 minutes long. They “coincidentally” leave THAT part OUT!!! SO many people are actually surprised to find out that the sessions are only a half hour. (This is only ONE thing they DON’T tell you!)

Now the reason they DON’T tell you about the 30 minutes is because if/when they screw you into a contract – you are paying a HUGE amount of money – and they don’t want you to realize that it is WAAAAAY too much to pay for 30 minutes – which it is!

ANOTHER thing they just HAPPEN to leave out (wink wink) is the fact that it is probably easier to jump from an airplane without a parachute and survive than it is to actually get out of the contract! Seriously – they KNOW that their contracts SUCK – THAT is why they make it SO hard for people to get out of them – because they KNOW people WILL want to get out of them! If they offered a good quality product – then there wouldn’t be a need to make it SO hard to get out of it becaue the clients would be satisfied. I have talked to SO MANY people – and not one of them is happy with their contract! It can even cost you about $800-1000 to get out of it! Isn’t it great to be lied to right to your face!??! They think that if they just leave stuff out then it isn’t lying! On top of the fact that they purposely make it difficult for anyone – good luck trying to get a simple phone number out of these people! They don’t want anyone calling corporate so sometimes they will flat out refuse to give you a phone number! And IF you are lucky enough to get a number – I hope you have ALLLLLL day to sit on hold only to be told there is nothing that can be done.

And yet another thing that make shock you. IF you sign a contract – I hope you like to go through trainer after trainer after trainer after trainer because you definitely will!! Even after the LARGE amount of money for 30 MINUTES – anywhere between $30 – $50 bucks – the trainers only get $6 DOLLARS of that!!! THAT’S IT!!! So therefore they really give NO incentvie for the trainers to stay there very long. So try not to get TOO attached to any trainer because chances are they won’t be there for very long. And it will keep happening and happening and happening and happening. It is frustrating to know that you get used to a trainer – you like the way they train – but then they have to leave because they are getting paid so little. The trainers don\’t even get an hourly wage or benefits or anything!! So where is ALL that money going to? Right into the pockets of the slimy managers! So if you like your trainer – be ready to say goodbye to them – but you could always train with them and pay them on the side – which of course the “suits” don’t like because it is money out of THEIR pockets!

BEWARE PEOPLE!!!! IF you go in for a “free” hour-long session – you WILL get pressured!!! Do NOT sign into anything right then and there. Even if they wave a “special deal” in front of you. Tell them you will think it over! But ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS!! Ask them about ALL of these issues – even if just to see if they will give you a straight answer! Probably not! AND talk to as many people as you can who either are in or were in a contract before. They will give you the REAL deal on things!

  1. PR Girl, 06 August, 2008

    Hey.I got scamed as well.I’m trying to cancel my membership now for almost 6 months and they used my credit card without me knowing it, because I slided it once when I signed up. Don’t ever DO THAT!
    I’m going to the media now, because i do have great contacts to the media.I’m working for a PR guy that discovered a huge scam in 1989 when the city of Los Angeles was manipulating the parking meters. The city ended up paying over 15 million dollars back! If we all stand up together we can make a change.
    If you like to be part of this story send me your email address and I will keep you up to date!

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