[bankruptcylawyer] Urgent assistance Needed

How are you doing today? Fine I presume. My reason for writing you a emergency
letter is that I am currently traveling in Africa, to visit my ill Sister, am
sorry for not informing you before embarking on my journey to Africa, because
the news of her illness arrived to me as ” EMERGENCY ” she is
suffering from a critical uterine Fibroid and needs family support to keep her
going, her condition is deteriorating and the doctor told me that she will
under-go a surgery to keep her alive because her fibroid has gotten
worse(70pounds Large) and has done a lot of damages to her abdominal area. They
will require a deposit of 2500Dollars because they are inviting professional
surgeons from Israel to perform the(hysterectomy) operation because it had
gotten way-out of hand for them to handle. That brings me more to why I have
written you, I need a financial help of 1500Dollars from you to deposit for her
surgery, and I am traveling with little cash because I didn’t
expect things to be the way it is right now. I really need this money from
soon because I am in a terrible and tight situation here, I have 48hrs to get
the money before the surgeons arrive. Even if you can’t afford the whole
sum, I will appreciate whatever you are able to come up with, because I
don’t even know your financial status before asking you for money. I
to pay you back when I return.
I am desperately waiting to read from you soon so that I will know my faith and
the next step to take.

This post was submitted by Charles A. Johnson, Jr..

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