Destiny Marie Millard- SCAMMER in Michigan

This girl is a real person, just a dumb one. She photoshops a photo of a real attractive girl that she found pics on myspace, facebook or any of the other personals sites, on to her MI drivers license Then she posts some pics on some dating sites. She preys on Older men that are lonely or have lost their wives to death, with promises of wanting marriage etc. Her phone number is 972 330 0221 and she has address of 1119 Oliverda Rd, Sherwood, MI. 49089. But she also uses 245 elm st. Mount pleasant, MI. 48858. Her dl number is M 468 189 585 608 and bank account info that she will use to try to get you to send money to is bank account #7163974855 routing num.: 072400052. She claims her birthday is 9/22/84, but truth is its in beginning of October from my little bit of research i’ve done. Good luck and if you live close to these addresses, go hassle her and see if we can get police involved. I’d be willing to testify against her, I have her emails AND fake DL she sent me to try to convince me she’s real. email she has used is: nitelite580 at yahoo and millard.destiny at gmail. I never sent money BUT I was lucky and ran into the REAL person that she was claiming to be in California and her name was Sandy! Thank goodness!

This post was submitted by Hans.

  1. Larry, 03 June, 2008

    I am now in a state of absolute RAGE!!! This person known as Destiny Marie Millard or also as her SSN traces to, Alesha M. Gruver has been scamming me for over 6 years. I’ve got a whole slew of photos that she claims is her and I’ve also got the same telephone number as you have posted. I also have a 269-221-0429. The past 7 months she claims she’s been in Owasso, OK living in a apartment with a roommate named Jenny. I would like to see the photos she has sent to you and compare them to the ones I have. I’d also like to know who the girl in the photos really is??
    Fortunately in your situation, you gave her no money. I like an idiot and being the generous person that I am, have been taken by this person for a large sum of money, plus a Dell 600 laptop I sent her back in October of 2006. I want my property back and any money that can get back. if anyone else has been scammed by this Destiny Marie Millard, they can reach me at 888-223-6880. Leave a MSG and I will get back to you. Thanks!! -Larry

  2. Mother of Scammed Son, 10 July, 2008

    My son has just had his hopes dashed by this woman. She claimed to be driving from Michigan to Georgia to see him. The number she is using is 269-221-0429. I hope someone stops her from continuing to do this. Larry, I’m sorry for what has happened to you.

  3. Larry, 11 July, 2008

    I would be interested in contacting you by email to compare photos and other information of this girl in Michigan to see if she’s still using the same photos and line of BS. you can contact me at [email protected]

  4. John, 20 July, 2008

    I got word on this Destiny Millard and She was busted she got me for over two grand, She is looking at five years. She didn’t know I was a police officer. well She wont be harming no more.

  5. ScamRadar, 20 July, 2008


    Good job! That’s definitely good news. Finally, she can be put to a stop!

  6. Larry, 20 July, 2008

    could someone contact me at [email protected] and tell me the story on this Destiny being busted. She owes me a laptop, and nearly $20,000. Who is John?? How many guys has she gotten money from???

  7. John, 20 July, 2008

    Larry, I hear you, if your willing to work with me and we could put her away for a very long time. Email me at [email protected]

  8. Richard S, 24 July, 2008

    She was on line yesterday at
    as “Luvbugz”.

  9. Larry, 24 July, 2008

    Interesting to what Richard S. posted. So I’m suspecting that [email protected] is part of the scam. He posted above saying he is a police officer. He then told me he had busted her and that he contacted Alltel and had her 269-221-0429 number traced. He said the phone was operating in Texas. That was after I made the mistake of telling him that she had told me she was living in Azle, TX. This crap has to STOP immediately!! Someone needs to nail her on her actual location and get the authorities involved!!!

  10. Larry, 24 July, 2008

    I believe the real Destiny is also on with a abandoned profile by the name of `lonleysexygurl’. She’s a fatass trailer park scammer. Someone with private investigator experience or law enforcement needs to dig up her REAL Michigan DMV license and find out where she’s really operating her scam out of. She’s purposely defrauded many of guys by deception. She’s received money and property under false pretenses and needs to be prosecuted under internet fraud guidelines.

  11. Larry, 24 July, 2008

    I’ve had enough of this lying sack of trailer park crap. If anyone else has been screwed over by this, `Destiny Marie Millard’ then by all means I hope you have the resources to track down her exact location and deal with her in a way that she can no longer hurt people. I’m giving out her DL# which is M463139585608 and her SSN which is 362-96-8880.
    She gave these pieces of data to me back in 2004 and through my own investigation her birthdate is 08/03/1984. She’ll swear up and down that it’s not and try to convince you she is 18-19 or whatever the hell her age is. I’m sure she’s still in Michigan and never left. This person has completely destroyed my trust in meeting people on the internet. Destiny has received money and property from me under a false identity. I’ll probably never get anything back from her, but I would like to see her in prison or better yet worse than prison sothat she doesn’t get a free ride off any taxpayer.

  12. Richard S, 25 July, 2008

    If anyone can trace Wal-mart moneygram.
    ref. # 53196011 you will know where she recieved a hundred on july 15th.

    I reported her as a scammer to,,,,,,”she was on yesterday”
    Learn from your mistakes, keep the faith,but never trust the living,…:-^)

    I try not to look back, not much I can do about the past,,,I just have to be smarter in the future that’s all,,,,,,,,,
    Good luck in the hunt, or let go and go on.
    My best to you all,

  13. John, 25 July, 2008

    This is Serious! I do have all the moneygram transactions and where they were picked up at. Everyone on that list will be contacted.
    Thanks all,

  14. Larry, 28 July, 2008

    any news on tracking this girl down?? I’m having my doubts that she’s in Texas as she’s claiming through many txt messages that she’s send to my phone. I’ve given her multiple chances to call me from a TX areacode and she won’t do it. That right there tends to make me believe she’s full of crap. She’s even got my tollfree number that she can reach me at from ANY landline and she won’t do it.. Possibly because she knows the tollfree number will ring through the caller ID data of the phone she’s calling from. The minute I spot any areacode that doesn’t belong in TX, she’s proven wrong about her being in TX..

  15. Larry, 28 July, 2008

    forgot to mention that I found her on another match making site. is the site and her alias is, `wantluvs’. Claims she’s in Hanover, Michigan. Says she’s 23, and 5’3″. Photo is obviously fake. so if she’s claiming to now be in TX, why is she using a profile that says she’s in Michigan?? smells like BS to me..

  16. Larry, 01 August, 2008

    I’m done with this lying bitch. She supposedly told me some truth that none of the photos I’ve received from her in the past 7 years are really of her. She then said she would show me REAL webcam video of herself but then backed out because she knew I hated fatass girls. So my assumption is she’s about 200lbs.+ and lives in some tailerpark in Michigan. All claims of her supposedly being in Texas have not been proven and likely won’t ever be. In ending I leave you all with this bit of information.

    Name Of Search Request: SSN Trace

    Search-ID-Number: 1172690125

    The Subjects Name: Destiny Marie Millard

    The Subjects SSN: 362-96-8880

    All Phone numbers are possible “Listed” numbers
    2832 BIRD LAKE RD S
    OSSEO, MI 49266-9779

    (Age: 22)

    Name Variations (2) | SSNs Summary (1) | DOBs (1)
    Name Variations View Name Variation Sources

    SSNs Summary View SSN Sources
    No. SSN State Iss. Date Iss. Warnings
    1: 362-96-XXXX MICHIGAN 1985-1986

    DOBs View DOB Sources
    1: 08/1984

    Others Using SSN
    Name SSN DOB Actions
    (MICHIGAN: 1985-1986)

    Address Summary – 3 records found for subject: View Address Sources
    # Address Actions
    1: 2832 BIRD LAKE RD S
    OSSEO, MI 49266-9779

    View Details
    2: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727

    View Details
    3: PO BOX 398
    COLON, MI 49040-0398

    Voter Registrations:
    – Show quoted text –
    Voter Registrations (4)
    Voter Registrations View Voter Registration Sources
    1: Michigan Voter Registration
    Registrant Information
    Address: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727
    SSN: 362-96-XXXX
    Gender: Female
    Voter Information
    Registration Date: 09/09/2002
    Voter Status: Active
    Race: Unknown
    2: Michigan Voter Registration
    Registrant Information
    Address: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727
    SSN: 362-96-XXXX
    Gender: Female
    Voter Information
    Voter Status: Active
    Race: Unknown
    3: Michigan Voter Registration
    Registrant Information
    Address: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727
    SSN: 362-96-XXXX
    Date of Birth: 1984
    Gender: Female
    Voter Information
    Voter Status: Active
    Race: Unknown
    4: Michigan Voter Registration
    Registrant Information
    Address: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727
    SSN: 362-96-XXXX
    Date of Birth: 1984
    Gender: Female
    Voter Information
    Registration Date: 09/09/2002
    Voter Status: Active
    Race: Unknown

    Driver Licenses (1)
    Driver Licenses View Driver License Sources
    Michigan Driver License
    Driver Information
    Address: 1119 OLIVERDA RD
    SHERWOOD, MI 49089-9727
    License Information
    Type: Operators
    Additional Driver Information
    Date of Birth: 08/1984
    Gender: Female
    History: Current

    Associated Entities:
    Person Associates (1)
    Person Associates
    No. Full Name Address SSN Phone DOB Actions
    COLON, MI 49040-0398
    (MICHIGAN: 1985-1986)

  17. John, 02 August, 2008

    Thanks Larry, I already have all that info.
    Plus more from the gps in her cell phone.

  18. Larry, 13 August, 2008

    so has anything happened to find out the real identity of this scammer?? I’ve not heard anything in nearly 2 weeks. John I’d appreciate it if you return my email inquiries on the information you have on her and her true whereabouts. She’s told me in her last txt messages to my phone that she’s in Ben Wheeler, TX living with a cousin. Somehow I highly doubt this. I just want closure on this chapter of my life after being screwed over by this girl for nearly 7 years.

  19. Donnie, 18 November, 2008

    Just got an attempted Scam by her. She is now using Tina West as a name… originally from Augusta, Mi but living “with an abusive bf” in Green bay Wisconsin and she needs my help to get out. I was a lil suspicious, so I asked for her myspace… the email she gave me: nitelite580

  20. Larry, 19 November, 2008

    the lying bitch strikes again I see. According to the last text message I got from her over a month ago, she claimed she was living in Fort Worth, TX and working towards her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I’ve seen that nitelite580 address which is a Yahoo messenger account she has. I highly doubt she’s anywhere but in Michigan running her scams.. Just wish someone would track her down and deal with her personally.. She owes me a great deal of money…

  21. Tom, 06 December, 2008

    SHe got me for like a grand so i made this website, I dont feel like adding all these scams to it so whoever here has the energy to do it email me at tom at I can easy make this site come up first results when someone googles her name. I did it before and had her presonal info on it, she texted me begged me to take it down. I have no problem putting her personal info back up including her ssn, free speech and all that we have in this country let her sue me. LOL Anyway any of u guys have the energy for this email me.

  22. Larry, 23 December, 2008

    anyone heard from this scammer lately? she never answers her phone which is 269-221-0429. And there’s no voicemail associated with the number anymore. It just rings and rings…

  23. Walter, 25 December, 2008

    I have new info… I was just taken for $214 via the Moneygram method. She claimed to be in Maine with an abusive BF and wanting to get back to MI. Problem is, I am in Michigan and I’ve got a decent brain… except for the giving of money.

    Anyhow, I found some REAL fun stuff. She was using:
    Name: Tina Michelle West
    Phone #269-221-0447
    Home: Six Lakes,. MI
    Website: (cancelled)
    After xfering the money she supposedly was driving back and while texting, her story got frayed and I started investigating.
    The phone # googled to
    Using this as a base, I myspace searched for Stan’s near Shipshewana, IN… I found one!
    WEIRD!, now, Stan has two friends… one is Des,
    I believe this is her REAL myspace.
    Also, the other friend of Stan is someone claiming to be her daughter, Tammy,
    Which jives completely with the story that I was fed by Tina while she was convincing me I needed to help her get back to Michigan. The story being that she wants to get back to MI to live with her sister and 5 kids. Of course, this also matches up with Stan’s personal ad on matchdoctor.

    I don’t know what I intend to do at this point, but I have excellent logs of our chats/Text sessions along with all the receipts from the Moneygrams. It’s christmas today and finding all this out has spoiled it, but there will be retribution and justice.

    PS, according to her, the phone she is using was a pre-paid, thus one that wouldn’t have VM or a camera to verify her identity.

  24. Larry, 25 December, 2008

    well..well..well.. it appears Walter has stumbled upon the REAL Destiny. The photos I browsed on her Myspace account appear to match up to some I got by hacking into one of her Yahoo accounts a few years ago. Same fat ass welfare recipient I had suspected was scamming me, but she was using fake photos.

    I’ll tell you straight up, her story of being in Maine or Wisconsin, Oklahoma, or even Texas and being with an abusive boyfriend is nothing but bullshit. She’s used that excuse on a multitude of guys.

    For what I can tell, she’s nothing more than white trash and is looking for a handout. Pretty much a white nigger in my book. I believe the father of her welfare child to be is a guy named Mike. He’s in some of the photos on her Myspace account. Another fatass piece of trash who I believe was in a Michigan correctional facility in Warren, Michigan not too long ago.

    How do I know all these details.. From giving her a cellphone that was tied to my account a couple years ago. I had access to her voicemails.

    Yeah, it appears the REAL Destiny has been found.. Now if someone can track down her exact whereabouts and serve out some much needed justice. White trash in my book are nothing more than roaches or rodents.. Perhaps if you can save the kids and put them in proper white parent familes, that would be an option, but usually, white trash just generates more white trash…

    These white trash niggers are the people that voted for Obama and actually think he’s going to bring change… LMAO!! yeah whatever..

  25. Ryan, 03 February, 2009

    Well I guess all of my hopes are dashed as I have sent this chcik a couple hundered dollars to help her out. The first payment was for gas money so she could come back home to Sugar Land Tx from Sherwood MI. The story is she went to MI to take care of her grandmother until she passed away, but she was staying at her “crazy” ex boyfriends place and wanted to come home but she didn’t have any gas money. So I sent her some because hey, I wanted to help. Then she got a flat tire in Mount Vernon IL and needed me to help her out with that so again I did. She was supposedly back on the road and on her way to Sugar Land and I haven’t heard much from her at all. She did text me this evening around 7 or so complaining about the crappy signal coverage of Alltel. She used the Name Destiny Marie Millard and the cell phone number is 269-211-0447. Yeah she said she has a sister that has 5 kids, and she is using a prepaid phone so no camera. She took me like a sucker and I figured there was a high chance but it just goes to show what a person will do for love right. When I told her it kind of seemed like she was scamming me after she got the flat in Mount Vernon, she said that the proof of her really being there was the fact that I was sending the money to Mount Vernon…because that would be where she had to pick it up. I was being naive I guess. Her sn on OKCupid is sexi-, here is the link Her Yahoo IM is sexi.love31

  26. destiny, 17 September, 2009

    i am sorry for all those i have hurt! wish i could pay you all back!

  27. Mykel, 17 September, 2009

    Yup…. Karma

  28. Larry, 17 September, 2009

    Sorry?? To fucking little and too fucking late!! You committed fraud on multiple accounts and should be rotting in jail or hell..

  29. Joe, 17 September, 2009

    To all the guys on here, I have a case against her. Since it was only 150, the police say they can only do so much. Anyone wanna compile their loss with mine for some real legal action against her? Let me know how to contact you. Tom at eggtraffic, I emailed you but didn’t get a response. Larry, the detective working the case wants to talk to you, he asked me if I had your email but I don’t. Det. Gordy Bigelow, Jonesville, MI Police Dept is the investigator. You may contact him directly by looking up that police dept. Tell him you want to add your complaint to the open case against her. I was informed that Destiny Millard and Tina West are mother and daughter if that helps anyone. I will be watching the posts and will follow up as I can.

  30. Joe, 23 November, 2009

    Wow. I just received a Restitution Check from the Hillsdale District Court, District 2nd Division 2nd Judicial, Bond and Trust Account, Hillsdale, Michigan.

    At the bottom it says “Restitution Destiny Millard” LOL I got her!!!!!!!!

    It pays to report crime

  31. Larry, 24 November, 2009

    interesting on receiving the check.. did you have to goto court as a witness against her?? I’m wondering if I’m going to get a check as well??? I’m probably the one she took the most money from over a 7 year period.. Never fucking again will I help any girl out until I meet her in person and get a background check on her first.. And even then I’m likely not going to give her any money..

  32. Joe, 25 November, 2009

    Hey Larry, contact the Jonesville Police Dept at 517-849-2101 and ask for Det. Bigelow. They have recovered your Dell 600 Laptop. They said if you want it back, or any money, you must file a case.

  33. Joe, 05 June, 2010


    I called my mother the other day to say hi, and she told me I had received a check again from the Hillsdale Courthouse in Michigan. It was for $100. I have now gotten back the money I gave this crazy woman.

    Larry, I hope you took my advice and contacted the Jonesville, Michigan Police Dept. The last time I spoke with Det. Bigelow, he said they had caught her doing the same thing to someone else.

    To anyone else that finds this forum through a google search like I did, take the time to report this woman, as you will get something back.

  34. Dustin, 22 March, 2011


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