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During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures,
we have detected a slight error in your account information.
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This post was submitted by Mike.

  1. gloria mayes – anthony bags – david king –, 20 June, 2011

    A division of banco santander – first interstate bancorp – norwest corp – wellsfargo – stage coach – investments inc – wants all the fraud stop , the investment co – shell go in full force of makeing money and profits – starting with justin beaver – the movie and music star – to start off the suntrust cereal and the wellsfargo cereal , the new apple computer inc tec , the bill gates , up date tec , their a be new stuff added to bill gates tec – u want be able to wait to see what can be added to what he got , the stage coach a take over a few chothing lines , starting with polo and lucuste _- and 2more – from texas and newyork , ferri and bmx and kia a merger together to form the. – 2013 all new jupiter car company global riding inc . Lion gate movies , we looking for people with great movie idea – that’s people would love to see – also its the time for a global law to pass world wide – if a human being , can’t and don’t make any money – at all poor on the street with nothing , a insurance coverage onto – cover them for. A free 500 a month , their no reason for a person to stave- to death , united nations hold world need this law to pass , a onto law that – all country , pay a human with no money a ckeck every mouth 500 free , that. s stop all the tv shows saying people are hungry . If god made us free to do what we want we got to start thinking free , this messge is for everybody to start thinking more free – I see where people are in jail because they was lead to no choice – to do wrong if u can’t by ya self a meal to eat , u have no choice but to break the law . That’s not rite , every person should be intittle to a meal to eat free – starting with 500 a month free . If a person don’t have nothing world wide .

  2. richard ogeltree – breanna williams g, 22 June, 2011

    Pacific insurance and accdental insurance co .merger united companies life insurance co- scottish insurance co merger travelers insurance co – citi group – citi corp – marland oil co – conco oil – united auto group -ford finance co -merger jpmorgan – merger first contnental insurance co – united bank – merger wellsfargo – banco name change – first interstate bancorp &us bank corp – & norwest corp .bank boston – colonial bank – michael grimes – gas and light co texas – shoe and choths co – movie and tv co , delta and norwest air lines , att phone co – apple co , this fraud way to big . Walmart credic card – suntrust cereal co –

  3. annie profit -james grimes ., 03 July, 2011

    The hold truth now – girard the bank of girard – owns the chase manhatten company and bank – the bank of manhatten and the bank of girard was bought out by banco – aka first union corp- first bank of the united states – bank of north america – banco aka mello corp , banco aka chemical corp , banco aka bank america corp – banco aka first interstate bancorp – banco aka bank of newyork – banco aka bank of england , bank of scotland , ireland bank , abbey bank , banco – transamerica – continental co , banco is my correct blood line . So who ever said – arron burr – was a better banker than – hamilton that’s not true , he mite has been a better gun fighter – but not a better banker – hamiton owns chase and banco – and john pierpont morgan is hamilton son – and a p giannini is morgan son – and stillman hellman jr james h jr is giannini son and I – – I am james jr aka allen allen burton – son the 21century grimmmer . Thomas b west – annie mitchell . Allstate insurance co . Citizen trust bank – 1st lady to run a national bank . c giannini . Columbus bank , synovus bank

  4. banca itia, banco comm ., 17 July, 2011

    Michael w , michael s, .michael h, michael g ,michael r , michael allen , the fleet bank aka banca -banco – also bank of america – gos back to 1784 . Alex hamilton aka robert morris ,and girard ,went in with, arron burr,partner with him, on, the- chase bank , and burr killed my super great grand pop – and to which he got sued- for all the part of chase bank , which made chase bank all 100% owner ship to hamilton bank of newyork mellon corp . 1801 , then comes hamilton son his jr – who founded the chemical bank corp to add to all the rest of the bank , he was the sole shareholder , sole owner in and by 1812 , of national city bank , ohio and newyork ,wachovia bank , royal bank of scotland , bank of new england , banco also founded the jpmorgan co in 1868 , banco aka lasalle bank na aka abn amro , bank boston – colonial bank – jpmorgan move to La- and change his bank name to hellman&bank , took on wellsfargo bank and express co , jpmorgan merger with chase bank , wellsfargo bank , bankamerica corp , 1868 and 1869 he was sole owner . Then comes the son jr – ap giannini – trans america corp – first interstate bank , banca , bank of itialy , citi group , citi bank , also banco , banco is the real name for all these companies , keybank corp , hsbc bank , banco , then comes james hillman stillman ,synovus bank , then now the hawk – of the south , M . M town , atl ga , . What a move from all over the world , my family has bank and moved all over the world , the world bank . Suntrust, southtrust ,all this research power u up . First american bank , first american corp .handcock bank, handcock insurance co, a, part of bank of boston founded by hamilton 1784 . Fleet bank boston aka bank of america ,is older than chase . Fleet bank boston also owns bank of north america – wachovia corp . And the norwest corp . With its division chase manhatten corp aka banco comm .

  5. rose mary smith, 23 July, 2011

    Its seem to me they have this guys companies taken , hostage , hostage , hold up , wouldn’t u say , scam inc – bank of england and bank of scotland aka banco santander,abn bank,lasalle bank, ,bank of england,is the 1st bank, jump to *2nd*, bank of the united states ,1781 bank of north america,central bank , then the,wachovia corp,first union corp , bank of new york ,mellon bank ,bank of girard , then comes the chase manhatten bank , then come the chemical bank,national city bank , citi bank citi corp , , hellman aka jpmorgan took over the first half of the banking co . He started in 1862 – moved, to, ca ,started the hellman bank aka wellsfargo and bankamerica corp,hellman merger wellsfargo , and the son a p giannini ,bought it out later on 1908. ,and the destsche bank inc – then comes the 3rd half of the banks,charles m ,james h , a p giannini ,walker mitchell , norwestern bank , first bank system ,interstate bank corp , bank of itialy , first american corp , continental bank , bank one ,suntrust bank , commerce bank , national steel corp . Us steel corp , jpmorgan co ,chase manhatten national bank corp ,bank of america ,american trust co ,the clorox bleach co , transcontinental inc , att and bellsouth inc , 4th part james country wide loans , 5th part michael hawk – the bbt bank and wellsfargo bank towel atlantic station atl ga . Big financer . Wow all that is what I’m reading above rite . And its all hold up taken hostage , isent that a crim .they can’t do that can they , a living trust .the police need, to, go, to, the jpmorgan trustee , office and try figure all of this stuff out for , Michael .

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