Bank of America updates – email phishing scam

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During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures,
we have detected a slight error in your account information.
To securely confirm your personal information please click on the link bellow:

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This post was submitted by Mike.

  1. manuel, 31 January, 2009

    From: Bank of America
    Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 7:09 AM
    Subject: Online department temporary disabled your account.

    There was a problem During The Initial Login Process.
    You have reached the maximum number of attempts allowed to correctly answer your SiteKey challenge questions
    For your protection, we hav locked your account

    To unlock your account, select Unlock And Verify My Account and enter your details with respect to what we have on our system to regain access to Online Banking. You can also call customer support, 7 days a week, 7:00 an -10:00 pm ET, at 1.800.933.6262

    Unlock and Verify My Account

    The email address we have on file for your account ends with For your secutity, we are only displaying partern of your email address.

  2. manuel, 31 January, 2009

    I received this email, catched by the junkmail , trying to say I have problems with the Bank of America login, I do have an account with Bank of America , and is in good standing … they’re just trying to get the sign in name and password….

  3. a p giannini .m.g, 08 February, 2011

    Over heard at alliance bancorp . Commits by -back typed . Now ckeck that out , that the real scam forcloser fraud , all the fraud u want . Wellsfargo and wachovia , merger fraud , gold west bank , merger world saving bank , fraud , citi group bank merger fraud ,to wellsfargo , lasalle bank abn amro. Fraud , they stole those bank , and with out the owner , I’d information , I bet , they trying to get the rite infor , now , they been running the hi jack companies for 11 years now . Emerson homes ltd , is with them too .

  4. marvin walker, 08 February, 2011

    Gloria mayes was cashing , a load of ckeck , from the companies of james .and anthony was going up to. Virginia setting up the company site , doing the deal throw , wire fraud , they never seen him , always wire .wireing .

  5. liza goldstein, 08 February, 2011

    I want to see michael grimes get , jpmorgan co . Its his company .

  6. texas ranger walker, 10 February, 2011

    Boy. That a lot of fraud , a p giannini , president of bank of america . Did a gloria jean mayes relly take that much fraud on . I would like to see justice if this did , apear as fraud , and as much , has been posted on a p giannini s banking companys web site , I bank , with chase manhat , they better not touch my account .

  7. a p giannini, 10 February, 2011

    Don’t worry people I got this , and a make it rite too the best I can . I no they been hitting all my clients with the fraud , we a come back harder tho .

  8. a p giannini, 10 February, 2011

    Michael allen , michael jackson , michael walker , michael webster , michael king , michael bank , michael williams , michael henderson , michael mitchell,michael wrought , I never got handed a ckeck from , wiilliam k black , at my bank of america company for 4billion. . Maybe the, anthony, or marvin, or david ,gloria , but not me . Its fraud .

  9. a p giannini, 11 February, 2011

    Can somebody tell the theves to exit my bulding .

  10. texas ranger walker, 11 February, 2011

    A p giannini web, site , overheard at alliance bancorp , comments by back type . Mr robert ‘k blake . And michael wrought , please do not , tamper with my web site , I want the public too see the scams yall pulling off . If u 2 was doing the write thing it would be a forcloser protest at my chase bank or bank of america , and the wellsfargo co .

  11. a p giannini, 13 February, 2011

    Get out u forcloser theves , I don’t do 110 billion in forcloser fraud , I just work it out , u can give me 100 a month , that something its better than nothing , on a home sitting their makeing nothing , and bills are due on a house , wether u in it or not I no that but the theves don’t , option 1 mortgage , united security financial , state bank , norwest saving bank aka wellsfargo , united commity bank , unitedbank ,alliance bank ,western alliance bank ,allied bank , theves get out of all of my companies , and lock door behind u , and habd keys to a cop , and the cops hand keys to the state .

  12. marvin walker, 14 February, 2011

    A p giannini. Granddaughter said the doomys running the,.mers, bank of america , and the chase bank and wellsfargo bank are idiots . And she s rite . But why don’t she ckeck on the family in atlanta ga to see what wrong their , the big bank has millions of complaints from all over the world why she don’t ckeck it out . If everybody saying those bank are fraudulent . Sombody need to find out . Who’s a p giannini airs are , in atlanta ga . And who running those bank . Like idiots .what are their names . Kenneth d lewis is not a vice president or president , who are they ?

  13. a p giannini, 21 February, 2011

    Anthony james grimes jr , walter williams black , took the banks , by fraud and theft . They are the owner of all the banks ., yall mite as well let them dirty low down doom has that stuff , the law with them . Cause they doom to , theves all of them theves . Bank of america , the top bank ever , has been takein by ,and base on a fraudulent police force , all this crap , is fraud . they got god we trust on the crap take that crap down fraud too .

  14. a p giannini, 21 February, 2011

    We don’t have to still power got us what we wanted . Theves no where near my blood and power . Loser . Running around out like yall so mighty and up most , yall nothing , cause u all theves , james dimion , ken lewis , robert blake , randal williams , randal jackson , all of u theves , u no big shoot , yall boom , from a living hell , idiots too . I’m a hunt yall these forever , why cause I work hard for what I have .

  15. a p giannini, 22 February, 2011

    Webster bank na . Fraud too

  16. a p giannini, 26 February, 2011

    Listen to the theft at my wellsfargo bank aka norwest saving bank . Ms richele messick , said it the law not to steel , but what is she doing , she no spoke woman for me at wellsfargo .

  17. a p giannini, 06 March, 2011

    Michael b rockefella . Little mik- banking co lending inc. ,853 moreland ave atl ga , born. 5- 2-(1976) banking history starting in 1993 age 15 . East atl ga and summer hill zone 3 . Took over ease atl ga , by 1996 I had everybody , lending and paying back, on, time . Onto one day , my father- james rockefeller , said one day u a run , that lending world wide . Keep up the good work , but , I was loving what I do ,so in other words- was good work . And so It came to pass, the. year.of 2000 – bank of america .prince williams aka L. m giannini , said let’s pick michael rockefeller to run bank of america . As president . And its was done . The call william black , randal willaims , anthony williams ,ken d riggins ,lewis , the ceo before james dimon , and its all took place , but what happen was , they took a nother me in for the signer part . My history .

  18. michael rockefeller, 06 March, 2011

    Kicking people out their house is not lending . That’s loseing the deal . Who could do such a sucky crappy deal like that too people, on the stuff, they don’t even own . Somebody gone kick them out their house same way they doing all of the usa . Forcloser fraud . The banks are calling me . The real air of the banks come in , that’s what the banks saying . My blood is running those banks colors , and signs . The real a p giannini banking blood line me .

  19. michael rockefeller, 13 March, 2011

    Privite bank owned . A p giannini , and the royal bank of scotland , central banco ,central bankshares ,citizen bankshares ,united bankshares . Michael williams g president . 2000 .

  20. henry & bill bullet, 15 March, 2011

    I thought michael moore , stop the fraud , what happen their , he was sitting in that chair with the blue hat on wellsfargo bank fraud forcloser fraud , that wen to r&b singer toni braxton , so that mean overheard at alliance bancorp is real .

  21. a p giannini, 17 March, 2011

    Continental national bank of il ,merger first interstate bank ,merger, norwest corp, merger, delta corp , merger merrill lynch corp , merger wellsfargo corp ,merger vision mortgage group ,merger first plus funding corp , merger united financial mortgage corp ,merger fisrt alliance mortgage company , merger alliance bancorp , all fraud stolen too , hi dollar fraud . United residental mortgage and insurance co .pacific alliance , pacific united , penn state insurance group ,abby insurance co .bank italy company . Abn amro scotland bank . United citizen&bank trust , citizen bankshares ,central bankshares .

  22. a p giannini, 26 March, 2011

    What a low down place . They robbed me . The executor and the cops did nothing . Earth in for a huge amount of bad luck .I’m on the street with nothing , and I own the hold world , wow ! I’m ready for my grave I can’t deal with this no more , but anthony and everybody with u sole executor , this a hunt yall for ever , watch . I hope their is a almighty god and aliens I want them to come here and mess yall up big time for this one .

  23. a p giannini, 27 March, 2011

    Walker jackson mortgage corp ,united garunty mortgage corp , united residental mortgage corp , provintal bank , united companies funding corp , ucfc acceptance , pesi cola , coca cola company of suntrust bank and wachovia bank , founded 1881 , atlanta ga , all new morgage corp , is fraud with all the rest of it to , michael williams g . Williams&grimes – companies , founded 1521 .royal bank of scotland .

  24. a p giannini, 28 March, 2011

    Man work at the bank of america , said. We don’t own it , its a public own company , as well and wellsfargo and chase bank ,suntrust ,alliance company , ageis company , wow ! So this is major fraud all the way around .

  25. a p giannini, 09 April, 2011

    Michael grimes – mbna corp – united financial mortgage corp , american gen financial group , service america mortgage corp , alliance bancorp , charter one bank ,citizen financial group , liberty bank , franklin bank , royal bank of scotland , lasalle bank abn amro , american trust company , union trust comany ,all of this stuff in on the company web site as asset , but how did I end up with the research . Dam that a lot of work , when the theves , have the company computer to look at it , with no problem .

  26. michael williams g, 14 April, 2011

    Gloria jackson gloria williams , gloria mayes , is the same fraud , she got a lot of names like me too , she useing diffent names on the fraud , I’m thinking she been arrest a lot of time , beside the two case I have in dekalb county ga and fulton county ga , fraud and temp to murder .

  27. michael williams g, 15 April, 2011

    Porland mortgage company merger westcorp , merger wachovia ,merger golden west bank ,united financial mortgage corp merger mbna corp – merger mortgage service america co – merger bank of america . That a lot of merger when its already own by bank of america .

  28. michael williams g, 15 April, 2011

    Portland mortgage company , vision mortgage group , new century farm insurance co , hozion bank mortgage , american home mortgage ,synouis bank , fraud is up too . Gloria mayes give it up .american trust company .

  29. charles smith, 17 April, 2011

    Is this company part of michael grimes fraud too ? Great lakes dredge&dock corp….. .merrill lynch co , and wellsfargo co . Let me .

  30. charles smith, 19 April, 2011

    Ok they saying the real owner got , cetfi copys from the irs and department of treasury and the geogia state . Dmv . I’d division , so , now we need the owner , same print , from all the agencys , saying who he is , this is what william k black ,and mr moore is saying , on credic meltdown . Here the things the people playing the real person I’d , not , going to show up for a I’d ckeck anyway , this stuff got to be ckeck by a court of law of a fraud department , to see which one of them is lying about they own this stuff .2people are saying they one , guy , this is a western matter , for 35cents a mile for the police deparmet . I want to see how is the real michael w g . Is . Don’t yall . . !

  31. charles smith, 20 April, 2011

    Did they take john p morgan aka charles marvin grimes – bank of america company from his blood line , buy fraud , if so that is bad news . For the ceo of jpmorgan james dimon , and then makeing a tire dump on the grand mom passing way site , 1460 -1462 memorial dr atl ga 30317 , they have 2 arrest warrant out for him on that scam , the city of atl and federal warrant too , wow so the gran mother passed away on that site . Of memorial dr , I bet mr james dimon didn’t even no that . Chase bank and bank of america theft . Charles m to talk to his farther jpmorgan on the us steel company .

  32. michael williams grimes, 23 April, 2011

    Key bank , key corp – champion mortgage corp , ctx mortgage corp , hsbc mortgage corp , nation star mortgage corp is on the fraud list stolen too .

  33. em lynch and associates, 23 April, 2011

    i feel em lynch has been scamming the elderly.these people are very trusting and need help financially.em lynch is there to take their money by misleading them ilnto thinking that the co. is helping/.,but all the co, is doing is takeing their money so that the poor little old people are left with nothing. HOW CAN EM LYNCH GET AWAY WITH THAT ??? complaint after complaint have been made with bbb ,attorney general Horne, nothing has been done.HELP

  34. michael williams grimes, 28 April, 2011

    Pnc bank, regions bank , bank fraud , . When will the fraud stop , ? ? ? ? These people doing fraud like their no law of the land , john pierpont morgan , john hoffman , david rockefella , michael pierpont g . Michael morgan g . Henry williams g , henry john grimes , fraud . Need to be stop now . Marvin grimes – charles m – 1st citizen bank na of jpmorgan , north bank of geogia , jpmorgan , us steel corp jpmorgan , chemical bank , bank of america and jpmorgan owns that .

  35. michael williams grimes, 28 April, 2011

    Richard grimes – ogltree , trice ogltree , keyandra grimes , michael cooper , air in the air lines of the fraud . And just kids , also j banas . C banas . A p giannini – walter williams g .

  36. michael williams grimes, 29 April, 2011

    The sole ceo – of bank of america chase bank wellsfargo bank – let his mother pass away with no heatj insurance , and he owns a insurance co that worth trillions a ig and new century farm . And this guy is the same guy that let the ceo of chase bank turn his grand mother and his girl friend death spot into a tire dump scam . They trashed the property on memorial dr se atl ga 1462 . Now u telling me , that. They a one day get nice , I don’t think so , they a keep the fraud up and killing up onto somebody take them down , and we running out of time , the bad luck getting huge now the cops should have been stop them 5 years ago . He sueing emory hospital for 30 million and he could have got her heath insurance and she a be living rite now . Also the sole ceo let the gloria jean mayes attemp to mur his dad older sister , the got charge for that in dekalb county ga , and she pleaded guity . But 30 years of crims she only got 4 months in all . Wow how much wellsfargo money did she buy the case with .

  37. bank of america +, 29 April, 2011

    Then the lame sole ceo told me when I talk to him to watch what I say to him he has the power to get me messed up , and I said I no u do , u been throwing people out their house and killiong people minds these people a have u thinking their is no god . But the god inside me to that crap to mess off , he don’t have a weapon form to touch . Me. Not in a sunlight of space at that .

  38. bank of america +, 01 May, 2011

    Michael mitchell aka charles m mitchell . President citi bank , a tarus the bull ,banking set up . I’m always on the 50 and 70 and around the may birth month .isent that strang . But any way , james stillman hillman fraud . Citi bank ,citi group up too . Marvin grimes a italy man . James stillman hillman , one united bank . Crestar bank , united virginia bank , suntrust bank , james wells . James michael g . Fraud . Is over , the- cops made them show I’d and the I’d was fake . And the ss number card was too . . . Ogltree&mocrees . Grimmer .

  39. bank of america +, 01 May, 2011

    A p giannini – my wishes to u and ya family on ya fraud . And the grimes .

  40. bank of america +, 06 May, 2011

    The company group- fraud. . *Michael grimes aka – williams rockefella -* john d rockefella , charles marvin rockefella ,charles williams ,marvin williams , giannini williams , giannini rockefella , giannini morgan , marvin morgan , the carter glass co , the penskia oil company , united auto group , william morgan , william k black , says the fraud is doom , they don’t even need to do the fraud . Jack rockefella , jack morgan , who is the 21 st century blood line of all of these folks , is it the person name above for real .*

  41. bank of america +, 09 May, 2011

    Here it is , john pierpont morgan jr , a p giannini jr , john d rockefella jr – and his child mother ,burton j , joshphine burton . William rockefella ,david rockefella ,and the that guy ceo james dimon , at my chase bank manhatten turn my grand mother passway into a tire dump scam , that property should be looking like a new water fall . I ckeck it out its look like a trash dump .

  42. bank of america +, 12 May, 2011

    Ckeck out the fraud some more , john d rockefella jr – dunbar bank – merger transamerica insurance co – transcontinental bank , us steel corp , citi bank , national city bank , how can this be , rockefella when all of that saying. A p giannini , charles o charles m , michael grimes lending group of companies . The steeler football team , allied bank , pilgram bank .

  43. bank of america +, 12 May, 2011

    J burton – joshphine burton child mother of john d rockefella jr , j burton child mother of a p giannini – j burton , child mother of charles mitchell stillman , charles m . Charles o – charles arnold aka fannie mae realistate co , I annie mitchell wish on my wishes on my last will and testment of my corporation for everything of the fannie mae realistate co to go into james grimes , my sister- j burton son . Recorded in the fulton county probate court under , citizen trust bank , . .

  44. bank of america +, 23 May, 2011

    Michael grimes fraud part 3 – united penn corp , pacific penn corp , american penn corp , penn corp financial group , southwestern financial corp , pacific insurance , united companies life insurance , knights financial -insurance and gas light co , colonial bank , colonial insurance co , colonial financial group , geogia commerce bank co , all of these company under the. s- act – .and have been so for years . Over 200 years . Bxna corp , all of this fraud , was their a fraud arrest by fbi on the companies name above . Colonial penn a division of united financial mortgage corp gmac corp , and ucfc insurance acceptance inc , united companies financial corp . Pelican financial corp – jpmorgan , pelican mortgage company – bank one . Ampro mortgage company , asscess mortgage corp , trininy plus funding corp , portland bank mortgage corp ,colonial penn mortgage service america co , all of this . Fraud arrest yet . Sixflag mortgage corp fraud .

  45. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 24 May, 2011

    Jpmorgan chase bank – has let , 5 family members die and pass away – with no heath care and no life insurance . Gloria jean mayes , from what the court records in deklab county ga , saying . Temp to murder , the real owner of chase bank- not a james dimon, but – , – james h, and his son – james h jr – aka charles m . Marvin peter . Buried those folks people in a basement. While they was living , pull the police report ya self and see it . Gloria mayes . Dekalb county ga , da office , gave this lady 15 indiements – and she only got 4 months case dismissed . Now they want to no why jpmorgan wants the law suit sealed – this is why .

  46. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 07 June, 2011

    United companies life insurance – united gen tittle insurance – first american tittle insurance , first american corp – penn corp financial corp – ucfc acceptance – mbia financial corp , home e home loan – a division of wellsfargo bank , austin financial corp , pacicfic insurance financial corp , a dvision transamerican insurance – a p giannini – united companies lending corp – occidental insurance co , chicago land tittle insurance , gmac a division of united companies and united financial mortgage corp ,ghs mortgage corp , the money store , first union national bank of geogia , pelican mortgage corp a division of united companies and bank one of chicago il. Continental bank , a division of norwesten corp – bank banco ,banco itia , banco santander , wachovia bank , arron burr -robert morris , chase bank , chemical bank – united states mortgage and trust company , williams rockefella – david – pecry , jack morgan jr – took the amoco gas stations bp station fraud .

  47. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 09 June, 2011

    Michael grimes – united gen tittle insurance – chicago land – first american corp – first american national bank – first american financial corp – a unit of united companies life insurance co conseco insurance co , lasalle bank ,bank of north america . Wachovia bank . First american title insurance – 4041 essen lane baton rouge la 70806 . Fraud . Also penn bank and mortgage corp american gen tittle insuranc co at that address too . Chemical financial corp .

  48. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 10 June, 2011

    The rothschild – michael williams g – why aren’t the rothschild. Wanting this fraud to stop – is he a part of the fraud too , I notice london , haven’t said a word , they getting their cut of the fraud money too , people steel on ok . Theves , make me sick . The fraud gone end the world they don’t have the power I have to run a bank . I mad from the holy god to run banks. – they not , so why try stop god build. . Hater .

  49. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 13 June, 2011

    Central bank – marvin rockefella – columbus saving and loan bank , synovus bank , one bank , banco general merger banco continenal . Like I said I don’t no a james dimon – I no a james h and a james h jr – I no a james w . The the money store inc , and c& s bank . National city bank merger banco santander , banco itia , new name norwestern bancorp – chemical bank – wellsfargo – and the chase manhatten bank . Also in the owner ship of giannini – citizen bank .united bank . First american corp – first american insurance co – united companies life insurance – united companies lending group corp . New owner m .w . -giannini – michael walker g . Michael williams g – grimes&giannini world companies co .

  50. john pierpont morgan +jack morgan jr – john d rockefella jr – giannini, 16 June, 2011

    Michael grimes – banco – bank of englnd , bank of scotland , bank of north america , central banco , robert morris and arron burr – chase manhatten bank 1791 and 1799 , banco ,fleet boston , boston bank , colonial mortgage service of america co – colonial bank and mortgage corp – banco , norwest corp – banco – interstate bancorp – banco , wellsfargo – banco , jpmorgan , banco – chemical bank – banco , suntrust bank – banco , bbt bank banco , all of my stuff run to banco . Itia , santander , brazil , wachovia – banco , first citizen bank , banco – one bank , banco , td bank -banco , synovus bank – banco , columbus bank – banco . Mellon bank – banco , bank of new york central banco . Trustee – randal williams – williams , come on with the jokes ok .

  51. gloria mayes – anthony bags – david king –, 20 June, 2011

    A division of banco santander – first interstate bancorp – norwest corp – wellsfargo – stage coach – investments inc – wants all the fraud stop , the investment co – shell go in full force of makeing money and profits – starting with justin beaver – the movie and music star – to start off the suntrust cereal and the wellsfargo cereal , the new apple computer inc tec , the bill gates , up date tec , their a be new stuff added to bill gates tec – u want be able to wait to see what can be added to what he got , the stage coach a take over a few chothing lines , starting with polo and lucuste _- and 2more – from texas and newyork , ferri and bmx and kia a merger together to form the. – 2013 all new jupiter car company global riding inc . Lion gate movies , we looking for people with great movie idea – that’s people would love to see – also its the time for a global law to pass world wide – if a human being , can’t and don’t make any money – at all poor on the street with nothing , a insurance coverage onto – cover them for. A free 500 a month , their no reason for a person to stave- to death , united nations hold world need this law to pass , a onto law that – all country , pay a human with no money a ckeck every mouth 500 free , that. s stop all the tv shows saying people are hungry . If god made us free to do what we want we got to start thinking free , this messge is for everybody to start thinking more free – I see where people are in jail because they was lead to no choice – to do wrong if u can’t by ya self a meal to eat , u have no choice but to break the law . That’s not rite , every person should be intittle to a meal to eat free – starting with 500 a month free . If a person don’t have nothing world wide .

  52. richard ogeltree – breanna williams g, 22 June, 2011

    Pacific insurance and accdental insurance co .merger united companies life insurance co- scottish insurance co merger travelers insurance co – citi group – citi corp – marland oil co – conco oil – united auto group -ford finance co -merger jpmorgan – merger first contnental insurance co – united bank – merger wellsfargo – banco name change – first interstate bancorp &us bank corp – & norwest corp .bank boston – colonial bank – michael grimes – gas and light co texas – shoe and choths co – movie and tv co , delta and norwest air lines , att phone co – apple co , this fraud way to big . Walmart credic card – suntrust cereal co –

  53. annie profit -james grimes ., 03 July, 2011

    The hold truth now – girard the bank of girard – owns the chase manhatten company and bank – the bank of manhatten and the bank of girard was bought out by banco – aka first union corp- first bank of the united states – bank of north america – banco aka mello corp , banco aka chemical corp , banco aka bank america corp – banco aka first interstate bancorp – banco aka bank of newyork – banco aka bank of england , bank of scotland , ireland bank , abbey bank , banco – transamerica – continental co , banco is my correct blood line . So who ever said – arron burr – was a better banker than – hamilton that’s not true , he mite has been a better gun fighter – but not a better banker – hamiton owns chase and banco – and john pierpont morgan is hamilton son – and a p giannini is morgan son – and stillman hellman jr james h jr is giannini son and I – – I am james jr aka allen allen burton – son the 21century grimmmer . Thomas b west – annie mitchell . Allstate insurance co . Citizen trust bank – 1st lady to run a national bank . c giannini . Columbus bank , synovus bank

  54. banca itia, banco comm ., 17 July, 2011

    Michael w , michael s, .michael h, michael g ,michael r , michael allen , the fleet bank aka banca -banco – also bank of america – gos back to 1784 . Alex hamilton aka robert morris ,and girard ,went in with, arron burr,partner with him, on, the- chase bank , and burr killed my super great grand pop – and to which he got sued- for all the part of chase bank , which made chase bank all 100% owner ship to hamilton bank of newyork mellon corp . 1801 , then comes hamilton son his jr – who founded the chemical bank corp to add to all the rest of the bank , he was the sole shareholder , sole owner in and by 1812 , of national city bank , ohio and newyork ,wachovia bank , royal bank of scotland , bank of new england , banco also founded the jpmorgan co in 1868 , banco aka lasalle bank na aka abn amro , bank boston – colonial bank – jpmorgan move to La- and change his bank name to hellman&bank , took on wellsfargo bank and express co , jpmorgan merger with chase bank , wellsfargo bank , bankamerica corp , 1868 and 1869 he was sole owner . Then comes the son jr – ap giannini – trans america corp – first interstate bank , banca , bank of itialy , citi group , citi bank , also banco , banco is the real name for all these companies , keybank corp , hsbc bank , banco , then comes james hillman stillman ,synovus bank , then now the hawk – of the south , M . M town , atl ga , . What a move from all over the world , my family has bank and moved all over the world , the world bank . Suntrust, southtrust ,all this research power u up . First american bank , first american corp .handcock bank, handcock insurance co, a, part of bank of boston founded by hamilton 1784 . Fleet bank boston aka bank of america ,is older than chase . Fleet bank boston also owns bank of north america – wachovia corp . And the norwest corp . With its division chase manhatten corp aka banco comm .

  55. rose mary smith, 23 July, 2011

    Its seem to me they have this guys companies taken , hostage , hostage , hold up , wouldn’t u say , scam inc – bank of england and bank of scotland aka banco santander,abn bank,lasalle bank, ,bank of england,is the 1st bank, jump to *2nd*, bank of the united states ,1781 bank of north america,central bank , then the,wachovia corp,first union corp , bank of new york ,mellon bank ,bank of girard , then comes the chase manhatten bank , then come the chemical bank,national city bank , citi bank citi corp , , hellman aka jpmorgan took over the first half of the banking co . He started in 1862 – moved, to, ca ,started the hellman bank aka wellsfargo and bankamerica corp,hellman merger wellsfargo , and the son a p giannini ,bought it out later on 1908. ,and the destsche bank inc – then comes the 3rd half of the banks,charles m ,james h , a p giannini ,walker mitchell , norwestern bank , first bank system ,interstate bank corp , bank of itialy , first american corp , continental bank , bank one ,suntrust bank , commerce bank , national steel corp . Us steel corp , jpmorgan co ,chase manhatten national bank corp ,bank of america ,american trust co ,the clorox bleach co , transcontinental inc , att and bellsouth inc , 4th part james country wide loans , 5th part michael hawk – the bbt bank and wellsfargo bank towel atlantic station atl ga . Big financer . Wow all that is what I’m reading above rite . And its all hold up taken hostage , isent that a crim .they can’t do that can they , a living trust .the police need, to, go, to, the jpmorgan trustee , office and try figure all of this stuff out for , Michael .

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