Fraud and Trustpilot’s in on It – had well over a thousand reviews and nearly a 5 star rating. Later, I read and found out through first had experience that the company was a scam. Like as scammy as scam gets. As in they just have a website front and don’t even keep the product in stock, they take your order, your money, then you never hear from them again.

I tried to leave a review but the review link was broken. I contacted trustpilot about the broken link and never got a response back. I read through the reviews some more and they’re talking about products the site has never sold and sprinkled w/ some negative reviews made to make the reviewer sound dumb and them the upstanding business.

This is fishy as all hell and I feel pretty confident trustpilot is in on the dishonesty. I think they’re paid off by this company to keep that link broken so the company has total control of the reviews which they have a link displayed prominently on the companies website.

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