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Itried to transfer money from Maybank Malaysia from Dec 2013 invain which I inherited from a deceased person Mrs Mary Lookman and who introduced me to her account manager a Mr Silva Kumar while still in hospitalin new New Delhi India.She asked me to follow instructons from Maybank on how to activate the dormant account and have the money transferred to my account in kenya.i therefore began by activating the dormant account,paid for conversion cost,cost of transfer,non residential cost, money launderig cost,etc.All payments were thru western union to the account manager.However in Dec 2916 he e mailed and informed the money was successfully delivered to Central Bank of Kenya and did not tell me who to contact and our communication stopped.After along time waiting to hear from cbk I called CBK and I was told CBK is a Government Banker and does not receive deposites from public.I also contacted May Bank Group Call Centre and told they were unable to assist since they were not.the party involved.
Kindly help with knowing the truth of the where about of the money or the truth of the matter.

This post was submitted by Gerald M.Macharia.

  1. ScamRadar, 04 March, 2021

    Unfortunately, you have been scammed. There is no real dormant money that is to be transferred to you. What the scammers were after for was your real money that you paid them via Western Union – conversion costs, transfer costs, or whatever other costs they made up along the way.

    Try contacting Western Union if those funds haven’t been claimed. Maybe you can still ask for a refund.

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