Do not work with kelly carthens so called publicist

This woman took money from me and didn’t do a thing for me.Then she claimed she worked for others.When I contacted them they had stopped working with her years ago.I have a new publicist/manager.She tried contacting her and my publicist just brushed her off.Beware she talks big but dies absolutely nothing for you

This post was submitted by Nicole.

  1. Kelly, 19 December, 2020

    This is from a former client. Her name is Leah Lasley. She contacted me about a year and a half ago looking for a publicist. Leah and I spoke at least three times before having exchanged contracts and a set price. Leah wanted me to promote her makeup line and her brand. Unbeknownst to me, Leah had produced nothing. Leah has gone to several other publicists who helped promote her products and brand. What happened was a nightmare. After several inquires, I found out Leah had mental issues and skipped payment with other companies who provided her with service. I haven’t heard from Leah in about a year until I received a detailed email from Leah telling me she had posted on this site. I was informed by others to leave her alone which I have done.

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