TN Attorney William Shea Forgety – VERY BAD!!! Don’t Use!

I used this attorney in a civil case at my expense of over $30,000. LOTS of problems with him:

#1. He lied to me regularly about what he did and was doing for my case regarding his legal work.
#2. He billed me (a lot too) for work he never did.
#3. He went to court totally unprepared and more than once also – to include once when he never bothered to show up – actually he never seemed to show up on time and always blamed it on “Nashville traffic.”
#4. It took him literally weeks to answer emails although he worked out of his home – resulting in me never knowing what was going on in the case much less what the other side was doing.

I tried to figure out how the h— he still can have a law license in Tennessee? So I Googled him and guess what? His father is Telford Forgety – a sitting Tennessee judge since 1997. Wish I would have known this in advance before I picked this loser as “counsel” (which I am using very loosely here).

Googling him also shows that his license was even suspended for not paying his dues.

Any idiot can figure out that nobody is going to do anything whatsoever to “Shea” as he goes by – no matter how egregious of any lawyer violation – when his father is a longstanding judge. Avoid this lawyer like the plague and don’t repeat my very expensive mistake!!!

This post was submitted by Vicky Glass.

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