Scammers and ripoffs !!! CHAMOCHEM !!!

I made an order to these fakes and they got me for 600.00 !!! And would love to see karma bite them in the ass ? The person whom I was contacted with name is ,Inna T. ,she talks a good talk but far from walking that talk !!! Love to see or hear that they get there fake business wiped off the Internet , deep/dark/ online all together !!!

This post was submitted by Adam.

  1. Gerald M Macharia, 26 February, 2021

    Re:Funds Transfer Transaction Enquiry.
    Iam in Kenya and in 2013 I began transfering funds from Maybank Malaysia which I inherited from a deseased person Mrs Mary Lookman.while in hospital in New Delhi India ,she introduced me to account manager a Mr Silva Kumar and asked to follow instructions from Maybank on how activate the dormant account and have the money transferred to my account here in Kenya.
    I began by activating the dormant account,paid for conversion cost,cost of transfer,non residential cost,money laundering cost,etc through western union to reach the account manager.
    However,in December 2016 the account manager emailed and informed me the money was successfully delivered to Central Bank of Kenya who after long waiting to hear from I called to find out the truth and who only me that Central Bank is Government banker and does not receive deposites from individuals.i also contacted Maybank Group Call Centre for assistance but told me they were because they were not party involved.
    Kindly help know the destination/the truth of the matter.

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