in China is a SCAMMER

I??ve been trying to find a good 4-aco-dmt supplier in China. I??ve been told it??s a legal substance here. I contacted almost every company I could find online. Some answered but were asking for ridiculous prices, others didn’t answer or stop answering when I said I wanted it delivered within China, and one even tried to recruit me into being a dealer in Europe.

I finally found a very responsive and seemingly professional guy asking for a reasonable price, maybe even too cheap now that I think back (500 yuan for 10grams). I added him on wechat and he reassured me that the substance was legal here, that I wouldn??t have any trouble with the delivery because he??s been doing this for 7 years and that it would arrive in my house safely the day after I made the payment. The website was a little shady like all Chinese websites for this type of thing but I was convinced by his reassuring words. I paid him by wechat transfer and??until today I haven??t received a thing!

The most annoying thing is that I??ve been sending him messages and e-mails expecting no answers but he very rarely replies with lies; says that he had already shipped it and will give me the tracking number in an hour, then another day he says he??s sorry but he??s still waiting for the product to be manufactured and didn??t really send it to me but will in an hour. He even told me that he??s not lying and that I should trust him! Why would you scam someone and still have conversations like nothing is wrong? Now he??s not even answering anymore. Seems like a sociopath to me.

Anyway, later I made a much deeper research on the net and found out he has other ??companies?? that sell fake passports and IDs. This scam company is named masterchems (also sealedmeds; masterdocs001), his wechat ID is Vapour (from Bangladesh and with Cristiano Ronaldo as a profile pic) and his whatsapp and phone number is from Guangdong (not working right now). He may change any of these easily of course.

I know I was stupid and gullible to believe in someone who I had no references of, no feedback, no nothing. I paid for this lesson. I??m just trying to warn you guys to never, ever buy anything from this guy!

This post was submitted by Ann.

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