2015 Yamaha G29 golf cart. Craigslist 6953642151

Listed on CraigsList for $1700 – I thought that was rather low; when I asked about it, I received email from “Julie” stating it belongs to her father and she provided email address: [email protected]

I wrote and inquired. Received email – “Cart available and has clean title, strong 48v electric powered by six 8v batteries, no scratches or dents and looks and runs like new. etc. If you have other questions or need more pictures let me know. price looks for is $1500.

I wrote back – what part of town are you in? I’d like to see before purchasing.

Received email: We relocated to Wichita Kansas with my job as i was promoted; sold property; wife bugging me to get rid of… etc. Can assist w delivery as I have contract with Amazon that includes free delivery….. etc. Asked for my name; delivery address & a phone number to reach me.

I said thank you – I just want to ensure legit; can you provide address of where you moved from. No offense but there were two exact listings on line and even the terrain in the photos were the same. Need assurance.

Received: If you don’t feel comfortable buying my golf cart you can buy from someone else.


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