www.thecarrers.co.uk SCAM

unemployed people looking for job. BE AWARE!!!

You will receive a call or other contact from “The Careeres” (https://thecareers.co.uk/)

They will say have seen your profile somewhere, and you are have potencial carrer.

After initial contact on indeed.ie , 2 job offering was sent me by email – in my case from Daisy Lobo (skype ID: daisy_3685), (email: [email protected]), an Indian accent girl, sent me 2 very nice opportunities Jobs, and spent 15 minutes saying about the company and how good was for me this opportunity. very convincing by the way.

while we speak on the phone (00442030520995 from UK/ London), she was giving me instructions how to make a 1 time registration fee 327 euro payment, sent me links for credit card, saying she’d wait on the phone until the payment was done to proceed with the application.


I said I didnt have my card details because I seemed weird to me, and then said her, I can make a bank transfer if its ok. then she gave me this bank details by skype:

TW Account Holder: Universal Solutions Private Ltd
IBAN: DE74 7001 1110 6052 4652 47
Address: Handelsbank, Elsenheimer Str. 41, M???nchen, 80687, Germany

Amount -327

kindly Putting pressure on me saying she’d wait on the phone.

after a time I said I could not make it, because I had no funds in the bank, and then I would return the call, … trying gain time to put all the informations togheter, once I noticed the scam.

This post was submitted by Rafael.

  1. Pietro, 17 January, 2019

    I’ve been contacted by this guys, I smelled a scam immediately and googled my way to this article. For now I’ve taken some time, as the fact they had a very old cv of mine put me on the defensive.

    How should I proceed? They have asked me to provide an updated cv and they will probably call me back. As they have my cell phone number I would avoid to have them calling me again and again

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