Suspicious Shipping Company

For the record, today is 6th January, 2019 .
On October 2017 Rightway parcel Services operating in United Arab Emirates with branches in India ( , went to pick up my things to my wife??s apartment as we moved to China. I found this company by internet as I didn??t have such a big amount to ship to complete a container and couple of companies was not doing grouping, but this one did, so I chose them as well as per the price difference that was between Air and ship.
It has been more than 1 year and this company has not delivered my things. Loaded of lies and hiding information.
A person that he used to call himself ??Robin?? but by the time passed and some investigation from myself??. I came to discover that his real name was Ajoy Lopez, same person that had several issues in ??other?? shipping companies with similar names. This Ajoy Lopez went to pick my things to my wife??s house and send them to China, but he was calling himself by Robin, recognized his face by my wife and other people.
Robin/Ajoy Lopez also threatened me that he would place a case in cybercrime and also contact all my employers, past and present, that I was doing defamation to his company and because of his reason, they were losing business.
Even a friend of mine called them from Dubai to see what is happening, again, they felt threatened and reacting in a very defending way, but again nothing happened with my shipping.
For the quotation time and the time that he picked up my things, he acted very professional and caring about our shipment, very gentleman and trying to show his devotion for this, but things changed after their delays and pressure from my side asking them where my things were.
Excuses like my shipments was misplaced with a friend??s shipment and sent to another country (Bulgaria), but first telling me that my things were already at destination and they were having problems with the custom agents here in China. Loaded of excuses and cheap lies leading to nothing, except more frustration and evasive answers.
After a lot of pressure, they said they were going to send under their own cost by ??air?? as they wanted to finish all this to be finished ??in a good way?? as too many problems happened.
After almost a year that they picked up my things, they sent me dodgy HAWB (House Air Way Bill, impossible to track (as it is a grouping) and no date when my things are going to be sent!!! And the only answer (by Email) is that they are waiting for the date. Ajoy/Robin neither the other people are not answering my phone calls, only with vague information by emails, which after many emails sent by me, they answer with no clear information and never what is asked. For example: Where and when my things are coming? No answer from them in that term.

Checking other reviews of the previous company names that this Ajoy/Robin was handling, you can see the trend that is the same behavior and same excuses and lies!!
I contacted entities of UAE (consumer care and Sharjah Costumer care) but it seems that it is not possible to track them.
As I mentioned in the beginning: ??For the record, Today is 5th January, 2019??, more than one year and two months since my things were picked up from my wife??s house to be shipped from Dubai to Chengdu, China, and nothing still arrive. Hopefully I can get my things?? or at least this company can be responsible of what is happening??..I doubt, as they are very dodgy. Sadly he is getting away with these acting, not only with my situation.

Suspicious company!!!!!

This post was submitted by Claudio Marras.

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