Schimmick Construction job scam

We have received your confirmation and acceptance to take you for the Office Assistant position in Shimmick Construction.. The Human Resource manager will be in continuous contact with you via text and may give you a call and have an oral discussion with you pending your advance paycheck is delivered to you. Do feel free to ask whatever questions you so desire via email or text as well.

Send a text with your employee code SCON229 to (520) 500-5976 so my department and the accounts department can send you regular updates via text as well as contact you via phone.

A copy of your data form will be sent to you will be sent via email for your records. You will be sent hard copies of all these documents in due time. You are to begin work as soon as your office equipment is delivered to you which should not be more than a week from now.

We will provide you with all necessary employment documents as well as the necessary equipment needed to perform your tasks diligently and hitch free. You are not required to send any money to us with regards to this job although you will be making direct purchases from the certified office equipment supplier. We will provide funding for all aspects of your job. You will also receive the following for your Home Office.

– A new Macbook Personal Computer

-An iPhone 6 Plus

– 3-in-1 printer, scanner and copier machine.

– Accounting software

– Stationary and other documents

– Hard copy of your employment confirmation and Tax documents

In the mean time, We would like to know if you are updated with the most recent banking trends that ease funds processing time.

a) Are you familiar with INTERNET, ATM and/or mobile banking?

b) Do you have an active bank account (to receive your regular paycheck)? If not, you will have to set up a bank account.

c) Do you have direct Payment deposit active at your local bank? (where you would receive your paycheck regularly)

Lastly, hold on for additional updates regarding the furnishing and equipping of your Home Office from my department next week. We are glad to have you on our team.

Please reply back in confirmation that you have read this email and send the confirmation text promptly.

Thank you.
Moses Alexander”

“How are you doing today? We are happy to let you know that your paycheck has been shipped out and will be delivered soonest. It will be delivered by USPS Tracking service. The amount stated on the paycheck is $3450. The USPS tracking number is 9470101699320034712763

As soon as you receive the check, Deposit the check at the nearest ATM or simply from the comfort of your home using the mobile deposit on your smart phone. As soon as you make the deposit, send me a text with the ATM receipt or a screen shot of the deposit confirmation on your smart phone. We would use that to confirm with the bank and immediately release funds to you.

I will be available to guide you through the process via text and phone. Email back in confirmation that you understand these instructions.

Thank you.
Accounting Department”

This post was submitted by Allyson .

  1. Michelle, 07 January, 2018

    I received the same scam. Just a little different wording. The grammar is what alerted me.

  2. Ravinder, 11 January, 2018

    How can we recover money from Schimmick I had to do a Wal-Mart transfer of $850 + $400 +$16 as per Alexandar Moses direction,and the Schimmick says he does not work there and Alex Moses is not answering the calls?

  3. Julie, 14 February, 2018

    I also received the same scam. I received a check for $2400 and asked me to deposit it and take a picture of the account. Now I knew that was a scam because no one would asked for your account number and take a picture of it. Also the address from the envelope they sent me was from a different kind of business and has nothing to with Schmmick construction.

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