Little Playland is Scammer.

I ordered a product from them for my kid. It never came and they also dont want to refund. I asked when will they send and will they really send and did they send but they never answer my questions. THey always said they will check, check and check and you will never know when. It’s really suck.

This post was submitted by Tran Bao Nguyen.

  1. Elizabeth A Williams, 30 December, 2017

    Completely agree – Little Play Land – they are a complete scam! I bought two pairs of their supposedly indestructable tights and both pairs fell apar the same day! I e-mailed them a copy of my receipt and pictures of one of the tights with holes in it and I asked for a refund. After weeks of back and forth and them calling me the wrong name and asking for the same information over again, they denied my request.

  2. KATHLEEN HUPFAUER, 04 January, 2018

    This place is awful. Do not purchase from them. After MONTHS of back and forth with them upon finally received a product that was damaged and late delivery, they will not give me a refund, only offer a replacement – I don’t that. I want my money back! They are the WORST.

  3. Kim, 11 January, 2018

    Yes. No are not buying the name brand product they advertise. You are buying cheap fake stuff.

  4. Grace, 23 June, 2018

    Scam! Dont buy… after 32 days no product and they keep saying they cant refound. I leaved a message on fb of course they didnt publish that
    Dont buy nothing from them. The products are from China, and th hey dont mention that either…

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