is a scam

They refuse to honor their guarantee.
When the product disappears in shipping they refuse to back up their guarantee.
Crooked. avoid these crooks at all cost.

This post was submitted by John Smith.

  1. Lily Chung, 16 January, 2018

    Am Lily from chemistryorg, this is impossible we reship or refound your money if packet lost, i tried to find john smith in our database but i din’t, can you please provide your real name so i can find your case and publish it here so people know the true? Also why you put a link that send to our website , because you want this coment to be strong and show first in search results? This never do a normal client who just want to place a bad review and have problem with us, this do a person with knowledge of digital marketing who want to harm our legitimacy. But am still waiting your real details.

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