Mr. James Mathew cardamom

dear all please note that this guy is destroying the market of coffee and cardamom all over the internet, he state give information about crop but not even gives the face to public, he is trying to scam people all over the internet with his FAKE news and information about coffee and cardamom in india and guatemala, do not accept information from this guy due is FAKE information, this person has NO any government appointment to give any crop information and he is only MAKING SPECULATION about the production in india, and in other countries… he is NOT a market maker, this guy called Mr. James Mathew is just a fraudster person BE AWARE OF ANY INFORMATION from this person
this is the email of this fraudster [email protected], besides he is getting money from people in order to give information about crops and product and all is fake. he is only destroying the free market. BE AWARE OF THIS FRAUDSTER

This post was submitted by johan.

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