Tomas Ayala. Romance Scam

I met this man on OurTime the middle of June. We talked on Skype, but each time there always seemed to be a problem with the video feed so we would wind up just typing. He stated he was an Electrical Engineer, living outside Dallas,TX. His English on the phone was very good with a slight accent. He stated he was born in Portugal but moved to the US in his 20’s to get his education and met his wife so remained in the US. He said he would be 65 in August,2017. All seemed normal until suddenly a business trip came up that would allow him to retire. I feared then I was headed down the same road I had been in the past and sure enough it all went just as the typical scam. Everything goes wrong and he desperately needs help financially. But I also noticed the voice I had gotten used to suddenly changed. When I questioned it I was told he had a cold. But those were not the changes. He studdered, he talked faster, and he most definitely had an African accent. He pronounced words completely different. Finally I demanded pictures and when I ran them thru the 2 sites both stated the pictures were from 2008 thru 2012 and stolen from Facebook. Please everyone be careful. He sends poems about his love for you and declares his everlasting love in about a month when I think he feels you have been hooked. Had I not been scammed already I never would have realized what was happening. I could not believe that out of the many responses I had received the only two times I went on the site I had managed to pick two scammers. Then I realized I wasn’t picking them,they were actually picking me. My profile gave away too much info. That I was new to online dating, that I was retired and lived alone. Please watch what you say to anyone. Good luck. Joy

This post was submitted by Joy Poteet.

  1. L.A.A., 19 November, 2017

    He tried to get me the same way! Thank you so much for being the brave one to post this!!! I blocked him as soon as I saw your post! He did ask me to Skype him but I was like no way coward!
    Then I researched his business on line and nothing again why is Our Time still allowing these people on there?

  2. P A, 05 January, 2018

    He did the same things to me – he was so desperate sometimes . He also got so upset when I wouldn’t do what he wanted. Its sad that women have to meet these kind of guys on dating websites.

  3. Janet Arnold, 07 January, 2018

    Thanks for the warning – just got contacted today by him and could not even find his profile again when I tried to find out how he contacted me initially and of course when I directly asked him he stopped the Skype chat saying he was tired instead of answering.

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