this woman hrer name doreen owiredu about repeadly asking me to send her money

this doreen owiredu i met online long time ago at that time xshe asked me for money i told hder no i live off a sic sec dis check cant just be giving her money and you are a total stranger to me so i blocked her on gmail hang outs then all of a sudden either yestrday the 22nd of may i believe she messaged me again idk how cause she was blocked but she did i said who is this she says ur wife dont u remember me i said no not really she says you promised to send me money u never did, i told her i would never send money to no one i dont know and especially in ghana she said ok what are you doing i said nothing y she said im nude on my bed i want you to fuck me now so i played along with her we talked back and forth about this i have copy of her picture, after we r done with this sex talk she sask again for money i tell her go ask ur friends or someone i dont have and if i did im not sending or giving you money period she got all mad said you have 2 days to send me money cause you seen my naked pics which i didnt cause im gonna show u pic of her i seen she also said im gonna give your pics to whoever get me in big trouble and have me killed even im gonna enclose her pic 1 she says is nude pic of her i seen as far as i know she said she lives in accra, ghanaInline image 1 this i guess is link for her picture

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