Tyieka Kinosho AKA Tyieka Kinoshi Doherty (BE VERY AWARE)

Be very aware of this so call Tyieka Kinoshi!
She has many many facebook accounts under the name of Gillian Green .
Most of her writing she signs off as XXXGGXXX or XXXTKXXX or she uses another name Tyieka Phoenix Kinoshi.
She makes outlandish claims of being a Romany Gypsy Queen. She spends her time surfing from page to page in the Romany community on FB gathering info about peoples poems and adding her self to writers forums (basically sweeping as she goes).

Many people have fallen victim to her .We have the names of the victims that have been tricked and duped and they can confirm.

This post was submitted by SYCO.

  1. Caroline Barney, 02 August, 2016

    This woman has scammed and bullied me, she has stolen personal information from my family tree and used it without my permission, She is a fake and a con Artist, Please avoid her like the Plague.

  2. Tyieka Pheonix, 22 August, 2016


  3. Caroline Barney, 25 August, 2016

    Tyieka Phoenix Kinoshi alias Gillian Green alias Hetty Jones alias Miss Annonymous Roma or whatever you like to call yourself on Facebook i have copies of my family tree that has been used by you and your sidekicks. Now you making a statement that i have a Community Psychiatric Nurse is very serious, have you somehow hacked into my medical records like you have hacked my Facebook Account and sent messages from it pretending they were from me ?. Would you like to state this CPN’S name please for evidence or are you not brave enough or are you just gossiping and what is my condition please as you seem to know so much about me. What you don’t like is the fact that so many people have worked you out for the nasty vindictive woman that you are. Now my doctor has informed me that you making statements without substance about my health is reason for a law suit against you, let me impress this upon you i have the financial backing from my family to do just that, by the way the police only deal with criminal matters not not legal matters. If i see my name mentioned by you one more time you had better get your purse out that’s all i can say.

  4. Caroline Barney, 26 August, 2016

    Tyieka Phoenix Kinoshi alias Gillian Green alias Hetty Jones alias Miss Annonymiss Roma alias Seacrat Tribe alias Bcoty Kinoshi alias alias aliases as you have so many accounts it’s like you are a ghost writer. My doctor is very interested in how you can make a statement about my condition and that i have a CPN , unless you have hacked into my medical records which is a very serious thing to do how do you know what is wrong with me ? are you now a doctor too ? Now you listen to me real good ok, you have hacked my Facebook Account and sent nasty messages to people from it pretending they were from myself to get people to dislike me because i happen to be friends with people you have bullied and harmed with your three sidekicks. I have copies of how you used my deceased brother in your games to pretend you are Romany, that is the lowest of the low. As for anything going to the police which you have threatened so many people with the police only deal with criminal matters not legal ones. Now unless you have a very big purse i would come out in the open and show yourself, not hide behind false a ccounts as you do. My family have held back from prosecuting you on my behalf but if you continue to harrass myself or anyone again i will take you to court without any hesitation at all.

  5. Tyieka Pheonix, 26 August, 2016

    Hey go on knock yersel out you will look a right wally when it is proved I am not all these accounts as for your family tree thats a load of pish aswell you know what we have figured you lot out it didnt take long you see everything that you accuse everyone of doing is either being done or has been done by YOU lot yourselves so go on take me to Court but you will need to wait until our case is finished first

  6. Tyieka Pheonix, 27 August, 2016

    I would also like to point out that for the past several weeks no one has bothered about you contacted you or answered you because you do not bother us so how you claim you are being harrassed is a novelty. this conversation is now over >>>>

  7. Caroline Barney, 29 August, 2016

    You can not deny Tyieka Phoenix Kinoshi – Gillian Green and all your other false names and Companies you have run scamming people out of money, oh yes your high Eminence, the title you gave to yourself. You i repeat have commited a serious offence against me which you can not wriggle your way out of this time and i will not let you, you tried two petitions using my son’s image to get me removed from Facebook didn’t you, you sent me fake Account Friend requests using famous American Navy Seals pictures which is against the law impersonating someone, all this has been photographed and logged, you have cloned my Account and sent messages insinuating they were from me, you also added a naasty extra bit of comment on one of your youtube videos which you have used stolen photos for pretending that i said that too, which you know i never did. Now you have stated all over Facebook that i have a C P N trying to discredit me haven’t you and bully me because i posed a threat to you all as i found out too much about your sedy goings on for all your likings, by the way it is not a crime to have a C P N millions of beautiful people across the world do, they suffer panic attacks and can’t go out – They suffer depression – They have help with the bereavments of loved ones – They have Terminal Illnesses – I personaly know a young Romany Girl with a Bi – Polar disorder and she has a C P N , i have shown them your comments about me having one and the suggestion you put across that i am mad and should only be allowed to use a computer under the supervision of a C P N how cruel is that ? I suggest you get your purse out, in face all of your sidekicks get their purces out. All your Bogus Fortune Teller Friends who are on Disability and coining in money doing on line false readings for vulnerable people who have parted with money they can ill afford i expect don’t you, well you should know as you have done plenty of it, while we are on the subject of falsness why aren’t you replying as Gillian Green ? everything can be traced back to you all, you know that don’t you Gillian Green. Pay Pal – Bank Accounts – Wester Union Money Transfers – Recorded deliveries – all the stored Files on your Computer, you may erase stuff off but don’t worry it can all be retrieved. How is your ex husband by the way, does he still go to Church. Conversation ended now.

  8. Caroline Barney, 01 September, 2016

    Well well well you of many Names, a Liverpool Lass living in Glasgow Yerself and talking a load of Scottish Pish, You are certainly Jarg aren’t you. Why don’t you stop Blaggin People and go and Scratch on and get ye Jigger. Ar’ey am i getting too close to who you are now, on yer toes lass the bizzies are coming. TONP.

  9. Caroline Barney, 08 November, 2016

    Thurzie oneal Penfold i have evidence now that you are in fact the elusive Gillian Green, now i wonder who the lady is that you get to play Gillian Greens part on your outings ?.
    Still an old mort like you had to get by somehow didn’t you, scratching on and doing fortune telling oh and running fake companies too, was one called Gearshift ? Tut tut tut.

  10. Cathayb, 01 June, 2017

    Good Evening , Morning, And Afternoon,
    We have received information that The persons responsible for the post that appeared on Scam Radar accusing me of Being a Scammer was none other than SHAY CLIPSON AND HER PAL TRACEY KIRBY also know by their altered egos of SARA EVELYN JONES and AMY DEACON. The person responsible for the comments has tried to remove them but can not , due to the fact that the others put it up. They have stated that they will now put the record straight and tell the TRUTH about the post and expose the persons responsible for it on Scam Radar itself.
    The comment writer has given us all the information regarding the hate campaign that has been waged against me and has apologised for their part in it, But as they state they were given the information from Shay and Tracey and believed them.
    You see truth always wins in the end !!!!! xxxggxxx

  11. Cathayb, 01 June, 2017

    dear Scam rader as the post was posted with so many lies and folk being given false information we would like to see it deleted and wonder how we can do that or delete individual comments??can you help please?

  12. Caroline Barney, 08 June, 2017

    Cathay Birch you are nothing but a twisted liar, i have not apologised to you for anything at all and pray tell me what i have to apologise to you for ? I told you how many times that i am not involved with you all at all any more and haven’t been for a few months now. You lots feud has been going on for years now hasn’t it ? Now Cathay you informed me that Tracey Kirby’s mother was not a Bull didn’t you and that her mum was a Byng and that you have no proof of Shay Clipson being Romany as there are thousands of Jones in Wales who aren’t Romany. Itold you why Shay Clipson turned on me didn’t i ? because of a so called traveller girl displaying a German fighter plane from WW2 which i found very offensive considering how many gypsies and Jews died in German concentration camps, because i asked this girl why she had this picture as her cover photo i was verbally attacked with filthy disgusting language and i had done Shay Clipson no harm whatsoever but she sided with this girl against me. You also told me that Tracey Kirby was in fact Amy Deacon didn’t you ? you also used my dear departed brothers name and details to try and pretend that you had Harris in your blood din’t you ? Now you also tried getting me removed from Facebook with a petition, not nice that was it ? You also posted the most venomous false statement about me on my old account knowing that i would not see it but you were ordered to remove it wern’t you ? Now my dislike of Tracey Kirby is because just like you she is a liar and her husband runs around the internet as a traveller when we all know he is not don’t we, she also states that she lives in England but we know that is not true on’t we. Shay Clipson is a disgrace too and a traitor to the very country that she lives in, how she showed no remorse for the poor people that have died in England through terror attacks in the last months is sickening and she calls herself Romany and a woman’s right’s activist, well what a load of bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourself Shay Clipson. I don’t know a Romany person around that is not sickened by these deaths and you are siding with the monsters who want to do us all harm. It would be a different story if one of your relatives had been killed or injured wouldn’t it Shay oh well you were married to a German so you obviously run with the hare and hunt with the hounds on’t you ? well i know you do for sure, oh what id you say, he is not my cup of tea but i have to keep an eye on what the little shit is doing didn’t you to me ? Now you have all made up more false accounts than there are real ones on the internet and the lies you all tell is unbelievable. Now Cathay Birch you told me the other day that your friend Gillian Green had received death threats and that it was in the hands of the police and my words to you were why haven’t they arrested anyone yet as that is very serious, no reply from you was there. You also tried to get me to phone Gillian in Glasgow didn’t you and hear the real true story about Shay and Tracey’s attacks on you and your three amigos, you sent me the pnone number and what did i tell you Cathay ? i am not interested and i said you can either be friendly to me or block me or i will block you because i am not getting involved with all of you any more. You all need Psychiatric help to be honest because you are all stark raving mad. How the hell i got involved with you lot in the first place God only knows. Oh what did you say Cathay ? you and Gillian will cover my back ? cover my back for what exactly ? you tried to threaten me with the police in a roundabout way over these death threats that phantom Gillian supposedly received saying that you told the police that i had nothing to do with it and that i was dragged into it by Tracey and Shay. Now Cathay Birch i am me and i speak as me. I have never had a false account ever and MI5 can take my computer and retrieve everything off of it so i suggest you send them to me and oh yes i will be only to pleased to give it to them and prove what a load of nasty evil articles you all are. Maybe they will seize all of your computers too and my god what they find on them will make national headlines i bet. My son did a wheelie on his motorbike and the police were at our door in five minutes and your phantom Gillian supposedly gets a death threat which i know nothing about only what you told me and yet you are all still walking the streets as free as a bird lol. Now you thought you could bribe me into supporting you by doing a bit more of my family tree didn’t you ? do you not think that i have not researched my own family tree myself ? Perhaps you would like to enlighten me on my 4 x times great great grandmother Charlotte Cooper and the rest of my Cooper family well this is who you said they were in’t you Cathay ? Can any of you back up Cathay’s version of my family tree please because you all know it don’t you ? Now to all you stark raving mad glory seeking eejits i do not know what you all have against each other or when it all started, but i do know that Tracey Kirby supposedly stole some discs with stolen family trees on which belonged by stealing to Cathay Birch. Now what i suggest is Tracey Kirby and her husband come over from Kuwait and along with Shay Clipson and whoever else meet with yourself Cathay and Gillian and whoever else and sort it out for once and for all. Now Cathay Birch you have had no information from me or to even write your post implying that i gave you permission to write more bullshit and i am warning you now, you carry on twisting things to your advantage and i will call the police myself do you understand me ? Now go to hell the lot of you two faced demons who have nothing else better to do than cause as much trouble as you can. How you all get away with it Lord knows. Do not let me see or hear my name mentioned again ok.

  13. tyieka, 25 February, 2018


    Today the 24th of February 2018 The Grimsby Police served a P.I.M.S. Notice on the person known as Shay Clipson . This has been served in respect of the complaint raised by myself concerning the continual malicious posts and harassment she and her group have caused over the past 4 year. It is now hoped that Mrs Clipson and Co will now leave everyone alone.

    Tyieka Pheonix XXXGGXXX

  14. Sheila, 25 March, 2018

    This is none news worthy. Defamation of character occurs when someone makes a false statement about you that causes you some type of harm. The statement must be published (meaning some third party must have heard it), false, and it must result in harm, usually to the reputation.

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