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Classic scam. The “gentlemen” lures writers with a 0-a-month promise, then sends a list of “test” subjects to write about, upoon which completion the writers “might be selected”. I wnated to go through and see if it was a scam, and sent a perfectly well-written article. Alas, I was right- Mr. Steele refuses to reply to many emails following the article submission.

Here is a sample of the email Mr. Andrew Steele sends when writers reply to his adds. Note the section where he warns-off scam busters.

Thank You for expressing interest in my position. I would like to start off by saying I believe you have made the right decision in looking into this position. This is a permanent position and will have more work than you can handle. You will earn your pay in this job. You will be doing 10-15 300 word articles a day and also 5-10 700 word articles. You will be paid per article batch you turn in. I want to make this clear up front that if you miss a deadline you lose the job no questions asked. With that said I will also inform you that each pay we will withhold a percent that should cover any costs we may occur if you should miss a deadline. I will give you enough work to make the 0 plus or more. Now that we have a little information about the position out of the way lets look at the second phase of the application. Attached you will find a list of jobs that you will submit one writing sample for. If you are hired you will be paid for it. All decisions will be made within 24 to 48hrs. For those of you who think that it’s a scam to get articles and run you need not to even reply. I do not need someone working for me that feel that way. I will pay each writer that works for me every time on time. Please look over the attached file and select a job and respond back to me with the topic. You have 5 hours to reply and you have another 5 hours to submit. The 5 hours will start at 6:30PM EST.

 Scammer uses the following known addresses:

 [email protected]

[email protected]

This post was submitted by Anthony L..

  1. Star, 23 February, 2008

    Sheesh, what a dopey bossy cow. How could anyone respond with anything but hysterical laughter?

    “As the writer, I want to make it clear that if you miss a deadline with one of your no doubt laughably deficient checks of $10 for my daily 4500 words, I am sending Vinnie, Vito and Carmine.”

  2. Dan, 09 July, 2011

    “I want to report freelancer scam. GIUSEPPE LIDONNICI is a scam artist, theft artiest. posting as a professional webdesigner and programmer to do contract work. he asking high upfront startup cost and never do the work. He constantly, making promise that it almost done when he never start on it. day after day, week after week, and month after month, same old promise untill you got tired and give up on him. After that he ignore all your email and phone calls. I believe he been stealing many people high upfront money on all different freelance site. BE AWARE…. GIUSEPPE LIDONNICI is a fraud, dont let him steal your money..”

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