From the office of Agent Mark F. Giuliano

Urgent Attention:

I am Special Agent Mark F. Giuliano from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Atlanta Division) Intelligence Unit. We have just intercepted and confiscated two (2) trunk boxes at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international airport, and are on the verge of moving it to our bureau head quarters.

We have scanned the said boxes, and have found it to contain a total sum of USD$4.5M and also backup document which bears your name as the receiver of the money contained in the boxes. Investigations carried out on the diplomat who accompanied the boxes into the United States has it that he was to deliver this fund to your residence as your contract/inheritance payment which was due you from the office of finance Minster of the federal government of Nigeria.

We cross-checked all legal documentation in the boxes, and were about to release the consignment to the diplomat, when we found out that the boxes is lacking one very important documentation which as a result, the boxes have been confiscated until the required document is provided.

According to section 229 subsections 31 of the 1991 constitution on release of unclaimed consignment payment, your consignment lacks funds ownership certificate and for that reason you must contact me for direction on how to procure this certificate, so that your consignment can be legally cleared and okay for delivery to you.

You are required to contact this bureau within 72 hours or we would take it that you do not want your consignment, and would move it to the treasury Also, you must not contact any other bank for any payment, because your payment is here in care of our storage vault team and will be released to you once you follow my directives

You have been warned.

Yours in service,

Mark F. Giuliano

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Atlanta Division

This post was submitted by chasity claypool.

  1. Gloria Vigil, 12 June, 2013

    7/12/13 received E-mail re: Special agent mark f. Giuliano

  2. Roy Peterson, 18 November, 2014

    I recieved the same e-mail listed above.

  3. Tim Broome, 01 December, 2014

    I received the same email, with the packages containing the same amount, except it was New York. Seem they would call me by name instead of beneficiary. Says they will prosecute if I don’t respond in 72 hrs. $4.5 million dollars? Really?

  4. Linda Hartz, 03 December, 2014

    I received the same email and was told I would be prosecuted in 72 if I did not get a hold of them

  5. Maria Foster, 08 December, 2014

    Got the same e-mail, why are people getting away with stuff like this if this was a letter using snail mail would it not be a federal offense?

  6. Kathy, 12 December, 2014

    Yep, just got one too. I forwarded it to the scam department at the FBI. So sick of this crap. Why can’t we just go on about our lives without worrying about people who do this kind of thing. What do they get out of it? You want my information?? Go for it. You won’t get anything. I have nothing. My credit sucks…you won’t get anything

  7. Melissa, 06 January, 2015

    I got this too and we are already living on a fixed income and have so many problems already. My daughter is in remission from cancer. No money to do anything about this so hope someone will stop them. Guess I will know in 72 hours.

  8. George, 13 January, 2015

    Received the same email but from Washington, DC. Be glad when it stops

  9. Bob Miller, 14 January, 2015

    Received the same information about the unclaimed shipment in New York and a while back about a shipment in Atlanta. Threat also made about prosecution. I did
    not respond. Obviously a SCAM at others expense.

  10. Rachel Harrison, 19 January, 2015

    I just got this email! People are crazy!

  11. Maria Foster, 23 January, 2015

    This is one of many scams I get at least 3 or 4 similar emails everyday. Is this what technology has brought to us? I would like to know how many people fall for this and send their information. I too have nothing credit is shot no income so good luck with getting something for nothing.

  12. rachel harrison, 23 January, 2015

    It’s not only about credit. Let’s say some scumbag has your personal info and they use it to get a ID & get into trouble or sells the info to gove it to people who need into this country. Next thing you know there’s a warrant for your arrest and they move on to the next fake info and you have to deal with it when shit hits the fan!! So you might not have great/good credit but you have a clean record & citizenship.

  13. ray norris, 11 February, 2015

    i got the same email from this guy i hope they catach theses people because scarying people like this with fake crap like this i didnt even respond to this .did i do the right thing guys.

  14. Robert Linn, 29 March, 2015

    this is most likely yet another scam out of Africa. they have rooms full of people inventing and working these scams on Innocent people all over the world. there needs to be an international treaty to hunt these people down and lock them up on a prison farm where they can grow food for the people of there nation or do some other menial task until the amounts they defrauded from people is paid back at minimal wage rates of return

  15. Ashley Lewis, 01 April, 2015

    they got me just now always trying to scam somebody

  16. Timothy Clark, 08 April, 2015

    I received the same email alert as well. It would be nice to have a little money, but i am dirt poor like many Americans. I trust that the FBI will find them and perhaps share some of the wealth to the ones that have inconvenience in replying to this matter.

  17. Gina Melwani, 16 April, 2015

    Received the same e-mail alert as well .I am tired of getting this mail I am a poor and a widow working like any Americans. Please somebody stop this scam

  18. Gina Melwani, 21 April, 2015

    I keep receiving same the email from this agent Mark Giuliano how to stop this

  19. s, 16 May, 2015

    received same email and it is crap

  20. Eric L., 12 August, 2015

    I received basically the same email, but my total is $5.8M and there was no threat for prosecution. If I don’t contact the bureau within 72 hours, they will assume that I do not want my consignment and would move it to the treasury. Funny, there was missing punctuation in mine and no “official” seals denoting the sender’s authenticity. *smh*

  21. Teanna Soule, 07 October, 2015

    I was recently the victim of a fraud scam where I was contacted by email then by phone by a man calling himself Alex Rodriguez and representing himself as a Speedycash loan manager. I was dipped into moneygram wiring, in two separate transactions $350.00 then $522.00 both to Gina Melwani in Las Vegas, NV. After filing a police report to have a record of the incident I learned from the officer that there have been more than 950 similar reports. They attempted to collect first another $678 to “insure the loan” and then $350.00 to “cancel the loan or lose all of the money. I took the loss as a lesson learned but these criminals are aiming to hurt the US economy. “Alex” told me not to contact Gina because she was only doing what she was “ordered” to do. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help an investigation. I do have contact information for the scum involved in this scheme.

  22. brenda haselden, 08 March, 2016

    i also received another one of these letters.It was just like the one up top, from a mark giuliano. He was saying the same thing. It scared me to death. and I’m sick also with a bad heart and i have a blood clot in my head and waiting 2 major operations. i really don’t need this crap!

  23. Deanna, 09 March, 2016

    I received the same email as Brenda Haselden & just knew it had to be a scam. So glad I googled this

  24. Don, 17 March, 2016

    Wow. You guys were getting $4.5 million. Mine was only $4.1 million. Another scam from scum.

  25. James, 17 May, 2016

    HERE I’M JUST PLAYING ALONG WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST OR ARTISTS: I’m responding to Mark Giuliano, FBI. All the letters are the same with different airports and dollar amounts.

    According to my research, you are 2nd in charge of the FBI. Why is this case so important to you? Someone below your status should be contacting me about this.

    $325.00 for the certificate? Why?
    Where can I obtain one?
    Who was the deceased person who made me the beneficiary of the funds?
    Do you have a number I can reach you at the FBI directly or scan me a business card you have?
    The deceased person should have official documentation for me.

    I can have my lawyer contact you or your secretary directly until we have proof that you have the right person.

    Sorry to be so skeptical about this.


  26. Dana, 16 June, 2016

    Just got it today, why cant someone stop this scum from sending this?

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