I signed up with Anthony Morrison’s seminar “Secrets of a Self-Made Internet Millionaire” or PMI over 6 months ago and I have YET to see them make good on anything they said they were going to do!! I was told that all I had to do was pay the initial fee of ($4500) for a “workshop” and I would be able to get my business off the ground. Boy was I wrong!!!
I started receiving calls from them nonstop, always asking for more money. I’m a single mother and with this economy, that initial fee was hard to come by. Now they need more money for website development and lots more. I didn’t need many of these services as it’s just me but they told me that my business was doomed to fail if I didn’t get them. So I did. Why did they charge me under different names? A legitimate company, one that provides the services that it claims to, charges under the same name. For all I know Billy Joe Bob in Tumbleweed, Arkansas is getting my money.
I’ve called them on numerous occasions and every time getting a different answer. I have been told that Anthony Morrison or Adrian Morrison would contact me and I have yet to hear from him. I’m starting to think they don’t even exist. Who does business like this?
($17, 400) later, I am now on food stamps, facing a potential bankruptcy and God knows what else all because I trusted these people and they didn’t hold true to their word. Online Strategies, whatever they want to call themselves, hasn’t done anything but take food from my children’s mouths. I can’t feed them with empty promises! The worst business decision I have ever made was to get into bed with these crooks. I was struggling then and now I’m worse!! I’ve had to change my number several times because creditors keep calling for money and thanks to PMI, I CANT PAY THEM! I thought the feeling of being ripped off from Anthony Morrison was bad. Try having to send your children to school with clothes too small because you didn’t have the money to buy them new school clothes. Or the pressure of making the little bit of money I get from food stamps stretch all month so my kids don’t go hungry. This is no way to live. I mean I wanted to start a business so I wouldn’t have the worries and stressors of making ends meet.
I contacted my attorney on the steps that I needed to take in order to get my money reimbursed and he referred me to another law firm that better deals with companies like PMI, whose sole purpose seems to be to bankrupt unsuspecting people like myself. I spoke with Richard at 302-300-3757. He was really helpful and considerate of my situation, which is a lot more than I received from the “consultants” at PMI. I did not have to pay anything upfront like PMI or Online Strategies, which gave me peace of mind. I couldn’t afford to get ripped off again. I was required to follow up with him a lot more than I had hoped for but all and all, it has been a success. I got my money and I’m just going to do the steps of opening my business the BEST way…and that’s WITHOUT Anthony Morrison’s help or the help of PMI…WHOOPS! Online Strategies. Whatever THEY want to call themselves, I’m just going to stick to calling them SCAM ARTISTS!!!

So, to sum up everything…
Government Assistance…YUP
Feeling like you can’t provide for your children…CHECK
All thanks to the one and only Anthony Morrison and this outfit that he’s running.

After speaking to Richard, I got something a lot more valuable than I thought I would…Satisfaction!!
Getting my money back and sticking it to Anthony Morrison ….PRICELESS!

This post was submitted by Gale.

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