That is also a scam porn talent website and its in the netherland..nobody has caught it yet. interpol is investigating and going to shut it down!

This post was submitted by Dasha Love.

  1. Greg, 04 November, 2013

    I joined SexualEmployment and paid to join it. The only times I got emails or replies to emails was before I subscribed.

    This site is definitely a scam.

  2. Shane, 05 March, 2014 — A SCAM!!! I paid and had ‘TIM’ message me and prompt replies and the last was to advise received STD report. Sent it and have not heard a word. Now message system is out of order, mobile sms won’t work. It is DEFINITELY a scam, using the psychology of those to PAY won’t go after them…. um… you found me.

  3. Larry, 09 July, 2014

    Definitely a scam and it appears those that have the pop up links are just as bad

  4. Cameron Beazley, 17 November, 2014 is definately a scam also the only time i got emails was to subscribe never any job offers dont waste your time it should be shut down this site….

  5. ron johnson, 22 November, 2014

    So glad I checked on here before I put in my credit card!! I KNEW it was a scam. Too good to be true.

  6. Charl, 13 May, 2015

    I had a look at it, know from previous experience that so much advertising and even just open publicity advertising of such a web won’t just be in the open!!

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