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tom willson,on date sites having women to fall for him then asking for money to help him out while in ghana to get shares in a goldmine that his late father had left him, he says he just has mastercards and that the atm’s there don’t accecpt them, and that his vista card is maxed out wanting money until he gets back in states, he says he’s from allentown pa.and that his wife a nd 2 kidds was killed in car crash.and he has one son thats 8 years old named ben.

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  1. bbb-- -- -- February 6th, 2015 6:16 pm

    Oscar Hernando Correa Fernando, He is on multiple sites including,,, and Google his name .H also goes by Oskar. Has multiple profiles on Facebook too. He is using multiple women for money and to try to get a Visa to the USA. he scammed me out of more than 3000.00,, reported him to the INS .

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