a Scam: AVOID! is a scam website. I ordered a product which never arrived. The customer service number they give you just rings out. I sent them multiple emails asking where my order was and never heard back from them. I’ve since read more about them on the internet and it seems alot of “customers” have experienced the same thing. AVOID this site, don’t give these scamming c**ts your money!

This post was submitted by laylee.

  1. Mary Parry, 19 April, 2012

    Redsave .com is a disgrace and if there was any justice in the world,it should be closed down. Scamming people by taking money from their bank accounts, for supposedly subscription charges. If goods are ordered, you are automatically classed as subscribing, without any further notification. I have been conned out of £99.95, through £19.95 subscription charges, of which i was unaware. I am taking this company to the national papers to warn other consumers, BEWARE!! Buy NOTHING from this scammy immoral company.

  2. Lola Maguire, 12 May, 2012

    Redsave have done the same to me! Ordered goods, never turned up, money taken, then 19.95 taken on top, so have paid 60 quid for something I dont have despite answer, and emailing and evern writing numerous times…..nothing. Scamming C**ts!!!!!! They deserve to be shut down…they have already been in the enational papers, but cannot still belive this Rebecca Vowls and Max (who run this shambolic scam) are atill allowed to do this!! Wish I had googled to company before hand..I hope they go bloody bankrupt!!!!!!! Tw**ts

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