Mrs. Abigail Okonofua – Loan Finance Scam

Looks like the scammers found a way to make their emails messages look different, so people won’t suspect scam. Typically, they send you an email stating that you have won a lottery, an inheritance, or that they want to donate a large sum of money to you. Now, they are offering to give you a loan at an incredibly-low interest rate. One thing remains the same: they still want you to contact a certain person and send that person your personal details. Below is a copy of the type of email message you might receive:

Direct Tel:+234 703 714 0127
Office Tel:+234 803 620 5657

We are a private group of financial investors specializing in offering Loans of various types to help individuals and organization reach financial objectives. We customize structured financial solutions for a select group of clientele and investors. Our commitment to client services and innovative approach to problem solving. We offer Loans to at 3.4% interest rate per annum. The Minimum amount you can borrow is $20.000 US Dollars to Maximum of $6.7.Million

If you are interested in our service you are to Please, provide us with the following:

* Name of Applicant: …….
* Location: ……………….
* Tel: ……………………….
* Amount Requested: …….
* Loan Duration: ………..

All replies should be forwarded to the Company’s Secretary via E-mail: [email protected]

Mrs. Abigail Okonofua
Loan Processor Director

Be careful of this scam!

  1. ABAH OKWORI, 19 October, 2011

    Good day ma,l have a shares in your organization since the year 2007; and l used to received monthly statements of the market but as from 2009 up to date l have not received any thing about my shares. please use your good office to update the statement of my shares is in Tyres and Dunlop. may God give you grace to run it well

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