Tim Nelson scam

Tim Nelson or Ivan Moran from Global Markering Experts, (GMX) contacts you with a very convincing sales pitch where you will pay for leads after you close your sale.

You will be asked to send a check (not a credit card number) to pay for marketing set up. That’s the first red flag, NEVER send a check. Once cashed you cannot get the money back. With a credit card, you have the option to charge back the claim.

You will then “work” with Tim, Ivan and/or Christine Greene in approving artwork. You will be told that leads will begin in a couple days. But that’s as far as it will go. You will NEVER hear from them again.

Nope, I am not the only one; MANY legitimate mortgage loan officers are being ripped off.

Timothy Nelson also claims to be affiliated and accredited with the AMA – American Marketing Association, CMA – Canadian Marketing Association, and ESMA – European Sales and Marketing Association. Call any one of these organization and they will tell you that Tim Nelson nor Global Marketing Experts are affiliated with them.

Do NOT believe a word Tim Nelson or Ivan Moran says. They are convincing but then your money will be gone. They have had other companies doing the same thing and had so many complaints they simply shut those companies down and start again. Currently, it’s Global Marketing Experts or GMX

If you are contacted by Timothy Nelson, Ivan Moran, Christine Greene or Global Marketing Experts hang up. Do not entertain their offer. Don’t walk. Run.
They have lied to me and at least 16 other that I have found so far and stolen everyone’s money. They even go as far as extort, intimidate and try to discredit you by posting false accusations on the internet.

Tim Nelson is currently being investigated by the FBI. Really, you do not want to get involved.

Timothy Nelson
[email protected]
Christine Greene
[email protected]
Direct Tel: 916-760-8145
Main Tel: 916-760-8167
1215 K Street Sacramento CA. 95814

This post was submitted by Dave.

  1. Jason Hawkins, 24 June, 2014

    I responded to a job offer from a Timothy Nelson on a job website in Dublin. He says he is a construction company owner from Atlanta called P Block. He says I will be hired to transport his wife who is unwell to Hospital appointments and various other locations four days per week for €450. I replied that I was interested and he said that he would forward a cheque for my wages and other expenses of his wife in advance of her arrival. In essence it appears a little suspicious and I would like to know your thought s on the subject!

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