Craigslist Receptionist job: email, lengthy application & credit card number for credit report

On February 9, 2012, I responded to a job listing on Craigslist that I believe was a scam. The listing (kx9nx-2842737193) has since been removed, but it was for a Receptionist position. The next day,2/10/12, I received a response from Vicky Morrison of Watson Careers & Partners asking me to complete a pre-screening using a link that they provided. It said I could not schedule an interview until this was complete, and it mentioned time sensitivity. I invested over an hour answering job-related questions on this link. At the end of the pre-screening, it asked for a free credit report using ONE of the TWO links provided. My application would not be considered without this report. Both links led to the same website: I was hesitant but proceded, entering my social security number, name and email address. But once I saw a credit card number was necessary, I stopped. I replied to the email from Vicky Morrison, politely indicating that I would like an alternative to applying for the job which didn’t necessitate my credit card number. It has been six days and I have not received a response. Since then, I have noticed the job posting has been removed and I can no longer get on to the pre-screening site (my code has expired or has been inactivated). Additionally, I found a word-for-word copy of the email I received posted on as a scam. The only difference was a different company’s name had been used:

This post was submitted by Lisa Budd.

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