Mr Linton Lee – – SCAM / FRAUD

This is for anyone wishing to obtain a supplier for Jewelry, Wigs and other forms of cosmetic/beauty accessories from China. Be very careful.

This particular supplier will claim to be a manufacturer/factory or even an agent for producing the above items and will not deliver. I paid Mr Linton to make me wigs. He stated that he can reproduce the wigs that I require as I would like and that he will deliver my order with 2weeks. Within the 2 weeks, I sent emails for updates to Mr Linton which he replied to but often took long time periods to reply back. After the 2 weeks, when I sent my final email to find out if the order had been sent, he totally ignored all my communication and I did not hear from him again. He removed me from his messenger (Skype).

I had to get someone that I know to message him, to get him explain what has happened with my order. At first he denied that he knows anything of my order. He claimed that a Mr Fred Mo was responsible for hacking his online methods of communication. This went on for awhile until he was reminded that I still have his business documents and then he finally admitted that he is Linton Lee and that he has been finding the order difficult to fulfil. He continues to ignore all my messages and has not refunded my money.

He claims to supply items to businesses internationally as well – do not trust him.

He comes across very genuine and professional. He requests that you pay the full money for the items you want produced or delivered using his western union or personal account. Which he then collects and once he has your money he cuts off communication. and ignores you. His details for western union are:

the recever’s
first name: DONG , last name: LI

country: China

Mobile: 0086-013615891677
Tel: 0086-0579-85178896 Fax: 0086-0579-85178897
No. 1-401, Yongsheng Building 26#, Yiwu city, China

after you have made the remittance, please kindly inform us:
1. the first name and last name of the sender.
2. the amount of the money.
3. the tracking number for this Western Union remittance.
4. the right first name and last name of the receiver, first name: BIN , last name: LI

A complaint has gone to western union about him too to prevent him doing this again.

He will also send his company registration (or perhaps fake) – which is quite tactical especially as he went to register in HK and you can search the business and license registration office for suppliers. I have his documents and look forward to posting this online for everyone to know about his dirty scam and stealing money.

He has repeatedly ignored all my communication.
He uses the following as communication:
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Skype:lintonlee
Mob: 0086-013615891677
Tel: 0086-0579-85178896
Fax: 0086-0579-85178897

Posting address: 1-401, Yongsheng Building 26#, Yiwu City, Zhejiang province, China. Post Code: 322000

Shanghai Office: No.101, Gaojing 2 cun 112#, Shanghai city, china.
jewelry and ornaments products website: or
wigs and hair products website:


This post was submitted by Lanee.

  1. Bobba Louie, 27 September, 2008

    Mr. Linton will eventually get what’s coming to him for his evil ways.

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