Global Educational Marketing corporation

I got scamed by Global’s saleswoman. About 4 years ago, we just had a baby boy, and we were in the mall shopping for the baby. We were aproached by a lady who was dressing nice and saying what a pretty boy you have. she started a conversation as if we were knew each other, and later on she said that she is the agent for Global Educational marketing corporation and they have the best saving account for kids, and you can take out the moeny for school and also Government giving grant as well. We were in rush, and she got our number. I wish I would never gave my number to her. She called many times to come over and show us everything. Anyway, when she came over, she said the plan is called RESP, and we pay $100 per month and after government grant and the global interest, it will be a considerable amount over years for my boy education. She was saying that if we get the RESP with bank, we will not get the good interest because banks are not giving good interest. She was insisting that if we do not sign fast enough then we would lose the government grant for that year. We made a mistake and took her word for it. Six months ago, my brother in law told me that there is a better way of investing and I looked at it and talk to a financial advisor, and I found out it is much better if I transfer my kid money out of Global. When I asked The global to transfer, I was told that I have to pay the enrolment fee, “this is a cancelation or transfer charge. they change the name so people won’t notice it” and it is $1285.00 + $50 for transfer cost. I had no idea about this, and when I complained to them, they just played game with, and I lost the money. I filed a complain to Ontario security commission, and I was told that they already fined global for the way of practing business and it is on going. But at the mean time, I lost and I can not get that money back from these crooks. I wanted to share my story. So, somebody else does not be a victim of the Global educational marketing corporation.

This post was submitted by Dil Ramey.

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