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Hi Radar, I receive this email from Mr.Steven Smith and Frederik Seegers, and I want to know if it is serious or a fraud. Thanks.
Best Regards
Jose Constantino Filho

Dear Valid Applicant,

Compliments of the day to you .Thanks for responding to our mail and choosing Nortonx Finance to aiding and putting a stop to your financial problems. We Offer all kinds of loan packages (Personal Loan, Commercial Loans, etc.) our Loan amount ranges from $2,000.00 USD to $50,000,000.00 USD and a re-payment period of 1 year to 50 years duration. To commence the loan application process, you can find some vital information about the loan we offer below. In getting a loan from our company, there is some information we need to pass across to you before we can proceed to the application process.

In the loan we offer, we do charge 2% yearly for the loan. Note that the loan re-payment schedule starts 4 months after loan has been transferred to applicants.

Please fill this application Form below:

This post was submitted by Jose Constantino Filho.

  1. Yvonna, 27 April, 2011

    @ Jose Constantino Filho:

    No Sir, this is clearly a scam.
    In general, users are always on the safe side if you use some common sense:
    1. An honest bank can not offer loans at 2%,
    2. A repayment period of up to 50 years may even be against the law. Shall you still pay back on your loan after 50 years?
    3. I guess you’ve got this offer by email. No bank will ever send out spam, or it simply is not honest.

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