Universal web consulting scam

Universal web consulting is a scam company that take your money and give you very little in return. Universal web consulting will suck you in with claims of earning money and lots of it. They will tell you that they will help you every step of the way with one on one consultation. The truth is you get one hour a month of one on one consultation. The fact is they are too busy to care about who you are or whether your online business will work for you. Universal web consulting sales people become uncontactable soon after they have your money. I was told I can replace my income and pay off my debts with this business. They tell you they are selling you a training package however you get little training and little direction. I spent a fortune and would like to warn you of their tricks. They offer a website with templates and Amazon commission affiliate account. This makes you no money because why would anyone buy from you on your amateur estore. Just as realise you are not selling anything and something needs to be done. Another sales person phones you they have a solution for you and that is to give them more money and they will sent you up with drop shipping suppliers and high profit selling. Universal web consulting make it sound so good and so easy the light bulb goes off and you think thats it I need this to succeed. Then you realize they do not have enough trainers to train you so you get people who read off training cards and give you a couple of suppliers at a time. The problem is most of these suppliers are not very good and you will be lucky to sell anything. Once again UWC is not to be found. The only way you will learn is to teach yourself by research and reading. Their training packages start at $2500 and go up to $5000 for 12 months unlimited one on one consultation. This is a blatant lie Universal web consulting will not make you money they will show you how they make money. Please be warned. http://www.universalwebconsulting.com

This post was submitted by mark slinn.

  1. Penny, 03 October, 2011

    This was a mistake I stumbled upon. Universal Web Consutling make claim they will help you get your business started, and everything sounds perfect, until you sign on. They are not supportive at all, and when you make enquiries as to why you are not getting the help, it all becomes your fault for not being persistant in calling. They make claims they will call you at a certain time to help get you started, and you had better be available and not waste their time. They don’t call. The onus is on you because you waited for the call instead of immediately calling them when their call didn’t come. They make claims of e-mails sent which never arrive. Customer Service represenatives were rude. This is a scam. They do not back their claims of support. They quickly put their Fee through on your Charge Card, even though you cancel your account, and will not re-imburse your account. It’s a SCAM, be forewarned.

  2. Lorraine Wheeler, 04 November, 2011

    very persistant to take up front training fees. I found the site by accident.

  3. Sam, 16 December, 2011

    I’m happy some of you have realised how much a scam this so-called UWC professionals are.
    I was made to think that by receiving their training that will be the end of my financial troubles. That just was the beginning of it.

    I only came to my senses and saw the light after i requested for a control panel access to my website and doing some few searches and research. By then it was too late. They managed to squeeze a fortune from me and I’ve fought to get my money back but to no avail.
    All I can do now is to help save other people from falling victim to their prey.
    Every single package they will sell to you are available free of charge on the internet. Their Back Office contents are fully available free of charge on the internet.
    The web site they will sell to you as Your Own webpage is actually a subdomain. Their hosting cost is highly exorbitant, yet you get very little for the price. All you get is a back office with no access to your control panel. And it’s just impossible to transfer your domain files to a different host. If you push them for full control panel details they’ll only give you some details which only lets you view your site details.
    All the editing you’ll do on your website cannot be transferred to another host. That means you cannot have any authority or flexibility over your own website. And you’ll have to start from scratch if you decide to go for a cheaper and a more useful host which offers full control panel access. As a matter of fact most, if not all, hosts provide free control panel access as standard and at no extra cost.
    Warn anyone one you know who might be showing interest in this company because it’s scam. IT COST ME NEARLY £1000.00 WHEN I FELL FOR IT. AND IT NEARLY COST MY RELATIONSHIP. IT MIGHT COST YOU MORE THAN IT DID TO ME, SO BE WARNED

  4. Lynda, 22 December, 2011

    I had a phone call from a sales guy named Steve Bradley saying that I had filled in a form about their business he asked me for $1.25 or £1.25 and then said after five days they would take £19.95 a month to become an affiliate with Amazon. I kept saying I would rather wait and wanted to look them up on the internet he was very persistant but I declined and put the phone down. I believe what they do is pray on people with serious financial problems but I was not going to be suckered in.

  5. Sam, 01 January, 2012

    Great job done, Lynda. I wish the news spread to the wider community.

  6. Bianca, 10 January, 2012

    I spent hours and hours building my website. I then had to find a way to get it listed on Google…that was a whole other story!! If only I had looked into that before I spent all that time setting it up. You are all right, UWC do not care about how you are going to make money, all they care about is getting as much as possible from you. I had one guy trying to sell me a $7000 package – I ended up hanging up on him as he was so completely rude and all because I wasn’t going to purchase the package there and then. I’ll never get that time back!

  7. liz, 25 January, 2012

    Oh God – do I feel stupid!! I am more stupid than any of the people who commented above. Thank you all for finally making me see sense – I have already spent ove $6000 (what a twit I am) – I really thought this would be a way for me to make money. I have to say their salesmen are brilliant – I have been completely conned. The last person who called me said that I needed to pay about another $1000 to become a ‘Limited’ (I live in England) company – when I said I didn’t want to spend any more money this guy said that I was stupid for having spent so much already and not spending this ‘small amount of money’ to make my business work – he said “why on earth do you think anyone will want to visit your sire when your company is unknown” – Fortunately I wasn’t stupid enough to agree – I even mentioned that I thought this sounded lke a scam – at which point he did back off and said that I should just continue as I was doing and that eventually I may make some money – well I haven’t done yet – not one cent! I am going to cancel my hosting package right now. Thanks again to everyone here xx

  8. Sandie, 26 January, 2012

    Thanks for all your posts. I was talking to these people just yesterday but had to cut the conversation short so I could get my son to an appointment – the guy was rather rude änd said “why didn’t you tell me about that earlier” and “seems to me you’ve gone cold now that we’re talking money” – I went with my intuition and Googled them – thank goodness I found this site – have cancelled my account and didn’t receive this morning’s call he was saying he was going to make – hopefully that’s the last of them …

  9. julie, 07 February, 2012

    WARNING!!!!!i wished i never clicked on an ad that said u could earn $97 hr work at home business.. uwc is a scam and all they want is yr money. I got conned into paying $4000 for so called training and the ad said only $1.95 plus $30 a month? false advertising and u have to put up with someone talking to u for over an hour.. richard who was very pushy and forced me to sign an agreement… i tried to get my money back back they refused even the manager was very smart and sarcastic… finally my husband told me to lodge a complaint wiht the credit card specialist team at cba.. it took about a month but my money was refunded..thanku cba.. now i find about a couple months later that they decided to refund the money again.. silly people.. now i don’t know what to do coz i am not giving them my credit card details again.. just have to wait for the cba to ring me and tell me they want their money back arrrh…don’t get caught

  10. Brian, 24 February, 2012

    I was directed to a Website supposedly set up by one of their new students and look how good it is and yours could look like this and look its already received 60536 hits in only a short time, well guess what I have clicked on this site 4 times and the hits haven’t changed still 60536. I t would be interesting to see what happens if other people start clicking on it http://www.rudyspets.com also I clicked on About Rudy and there was nothing about a person only his dog. Well I’m going straight to the Bank to cancel my credit card.

  11. Lwazi, 02 March, 2012

    Hi, everybody I also fell for this scam and spent about $795 on the following paks:

    Unbeatable Sales Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am AccuTrack Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Movies Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Real Networks Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Ystore Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Search Engine Blast Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Traffic (5000/6 months) Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Training Center (Unlimited) Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Live Training (4 months) Included
    1/5/2011 11:36 am Training Package $795.00

    I have made no money, I want to claim my money back but don’t know where to start. does anyone know what I can do to get my money back. The people are so tricky they even got me to type my name on an online form saying that it was to certify as an accurate representation of my physical signature.

  12. gordon, 07 May, 2012

    i have spent 300 quid on this how do i cancel the website and account ? shall i just cancel my credit card?

  13. Brian, 14 May, 2012

    Gordon, send an email to them instructing them you no longer want to be part of UWC, make sure you identify yourself clearly in the email and print a copy of the email. Contact your credit provider and have them stop the payments at their end. If any payments are taken fromyour credit card after a certain amount of days(depends on your credit provider) then your credit provider should reimburse you.
    UWC responded to my email and cancelled my account immediately but they had already got a monthly fee out of me (only 29.95) so I suppose i am lucky and got out fairly cheaply but you must act quickly.

    Good luck

  14. Douglas, 24 July, 2012

    I to got sucked in by the UWC scam and handed over 23k for which I thought I was really going to make some money as I recently became a paraplegic and was just discharged from hosptial when they started contacting me…..still havent made a cent to date, I feel like such a sucker.
    I am going to take legal action as I paid for a service which wasnt deliverd….wish me luck.

  15. Liz, 25 July, 2012

    Good luck with your claim mark I wasn’t reimbursed by lloyds bank who my credit card is with I still feel stupid but I really hope you get your money and it would be wonderful if you could expose these fraud steers. Good luck

  16. qw, 15 December, 2012

    I fell for their scam, but here is some inside info. They may claim that the £20 per month fee is out of their control but they can freeze it at their will, as they can with the traffic. They also claim that a little more than a quarter of the total amount of money they scammed off me ($1000) is for the training, which means the rest would be paying for the traffic, search engine blast etc. You’ll see these figures do not add up if you search for these things on the internet.

  17. qw, 16 December, 2012

    I may have wrongly phrased the above comment. The $1000 was for the training, not the total amount which they managed to scam off me.

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