Amir Cann Creative Vision International Scam, Fraud, Rip-Off Montreal Canada

Amir Cann Creative Vision International Scam, Fraud, Rip-Off Montreal Canada
Scam, Fraud, Rip-Off, sells products that are not his own, claims ownership, lies, cheats, steals, TMS Membership Script sold, incomplete script, business, and website package. Don’t buy anything from Amir Cann.
The best advice I can give to anyone here is stay away completely from Amir Cann, owner of Creative Vision International, Creative Developers International, DW, He steals from unsuspecting buyers. Lies about ownership of products that really aren’t his. Sold TMS Membership Script, as an incomplete package, along with the website and the whole business:
Charged $8,000.00 for the entire business, for the TMS Membership Script, copyrights, the whole business model, never turned over the website and does not deliver. TMS Membership Script missing files, functions, and also the website. He also sold me what he called old source code to TMS, which ended up being the source code to MSS membership script. He charged me $599.00 for that, when it is available for a very low price, all over the internet. He indicatd that this was TMS. I told him I knew better than this, based on the fact I had seen TMS before. He then proposed to sell me the entire TMS business.
When I made mention that the script did not work, TMS, he told me developers would work on it to make it functional. This was also a lie. He did nothing. Don’t buy anything from these fraudulent sites:
None of the scripts he sells are his own. They belong to someone else. Some of these include: autoresponder script, Mass Mailing script, CMS Pro script, and shopping cart and affiliate scripts. Just ask the coders of CodeLock V2.0, and several others. Don’t buy his Hyip Management scripts, or the so called membership script, nothing, believe me when I tell you, I was ripped off. And if anyone out there is smart, you’ll realize that TMS was already sold and obtained by GSCSC, Inc. The website is now located at:
Amir Cann does not own it anymore, and he’s been paid $4,000.00 for this, and because I caught on to his scheme, he took down the website he was supposed to sell me along with the incomplete TMS Membership Script. If anyone has questions, concerns, and wants to know the real deal with TMS and what happened, contact me at:
[email protected]
Amir used all kinds of excuses from health related issues, kidney problems, hospitalization, need for meds, late bills and more to scam me out of money. Amir, you no longer own your script. It is owned by my company, and you had better not try selling TMS to anyone else out there. Again, I now own it. You’re a real piece of work. If anyone else has been scammed by this ruthless rip-off, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or fill out a report here as well. I will provide additional information, emails, other proof, and hope that some of the other authors whom he has stolen from comment on this entry as well. Amir, you are a fake, scam, fraud, liar and total rip-off. One day you will learn. You lied about your TMS script, lied about working on it, and wouldn’t even tell people that inquired about it, where to go for more information. It’s not your script anymore, and when I am done with you, you won’t sell unfinished scripts, or products that belong to others, claiming that they are yours, like DDP Cart, DD Cart, ScriptLock-Tracker, aka CodeLock v2.7 and the many others you’ve lied about. Plus your statement, claiming AlertPay, which you said you founded, was also a big lie and that info is going to them as well. Your game is over Amir Cann. I have reported this on these websites:

And… I am not finished yet. I am going to place this on every single site I can, and hopefully you will be stopped, and will be put out of business for your internet fraud, lies, and theft.

This post was submitted by Richard Goddeau.

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