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Hello this is a suspected scam could you please simply issue a warning for caution if approached by Getaway Marketing and Media.

This post was submitted by Mark Comiskey.

  1. Elias Farah, 22 May, 2011

    Hello – I wish to advise that I also suspect Getaway Marketing & Media are performing acts of suspected scam.

    Thank You.

  2. Tina Baldwin from Placer Management Group, 01 June, 2011

    Yes, we have been burnt by Getaway

  3. Mark Hislop, 22 June, 2011

    We have also been scammed by these guys.

    Jason Palankay is the guy behind this, so watch out for him.

    Also watch out for ABN 33 248 239 140 … he probably does this in several industries.

  4. Bob Donovan, 18 July, 2011

    They ask for $250 deposit to get tender documents with a very believable tender doc and instructions on how to get your deposit back.

    Needless to say, it never happens and the amount is too small to chase them very hard.

    Guess what – didn’t win the tender 🙂

  5. Duane, 28 July, 2011

    Our Business got stung $250 too – not happy Jan! – go to their website and click on their contact details…oops…this page doesn’t work – no surprises there :0(

  6. Myles Hourn, 09 August, 2011

    Have also been taken for $250 with the “tender deposit” scam. Jason Palankay is the scum bag behind it. On principal I may pursue the matter – but as my colleagues say “is it worth it over $250?”.

  7. GV, 16 August, 2011

    We can all try and push for a “Class Action” against Jason Palankay”.

  8. Trent Young, 24 August, 2011

    Yes i payed the $250 as well last year…. do we have anyway of reporting him? i dont care for the $250 i just want to see him given some just deservers…

  9. Peter, 04 October, 2011

    Yes, this company and it’s tendering process is a scam.

    Jason Palankay’s name appears in the Victorian County Court registry under case number: CR-09-00738 if anyone wants to dig a bit deeper.

    Be aware of the following ‘person’ as well.

    Brad Hayman
    Brad Hayman
    Assistant General Manager
    Getaway Marketing & Media
    P: (03)9724 9693 (Direct)
    1300 798 673 (Office)
    F: (03)9725 2876
    E: [email protected]
    Level 1, 530 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
    PO Box 4243, Croydon Hills, Victoria 3136

  10. Peter Goern, 10 October, 2011

    Yes we got scammed on the tender deposit thing back in 2009. So he is still getting away with it? I actually rang him and he indicated that the tender was still proceeding but nothing ever eventuated.

  11. Louisa, 09 December, 2011

    I was scammed by them both in 2009 – they took $250 for the initial docs, then I requested a refund, they then took a second $250 instead of refunding. I did however, receive the $500 funds back but after around 4 months of chasing.

    Terrible that they are still in existance.

  12. Debbie, 01 March, 2012

    I need to add my name to the list of scammed businesses, unfortunately. These people should be caught and take what’s coming to them. I also never received my deposit refund (there’s a surprise!!!). I will contact ASIC and see what they can do.

    Please let me know if anyone has tracked down these revolting people.

  13. Con Blue, 14 March, 2012

    Jason Palankay has a criminal record of scamming which stretches back years.

    Long before “Gateway”, he and a partner scammed property developers / real estate agents by signing contracts to buy apartments in new developments. He then used the established relationship to devise business scams and deceitful investment arrangements where he would pocket the funds for his own nefarious purposes.

    He is on a wanted list by the Carlton CIB for the above discretions as well as departing/fleeing a local Carlton hotel without paying for the accommodation owed once his act was found out. He already had a substantial criminal record back then. These events date back to 2005.

  14. Jenny Moore, 09 July, 2012

    Yes we were taken in with this also last year. Should have known. Did anyone get thier money back?

  15. trent young, 09 July, 2012

    No you have bucklies of getting your money back and it is a small enough amount so as it not legally worth chasing. The problem is the time someone puts in to a tender can be alot more expensive.

    I tried to report him on-line but was never contacted back.

  16. Cate Legno, 14 January, 2014

    I know this is an old thread but I was blown away that Jason Palankay is still at it. I was recruited, along with about 20 others, in about 1997 by Jason. We were recruited to work at a retail company which he claimed was part of the Leading Edge group – turned out to be completely fake. He set up 2 weeks of training for us all at a conference centre at Blackburn, claiming it would be paid training. Just in time for Christmas that year I found out the cheque for my pay of $1800 had bounced. The conference centre of course was never paid.

    I was advised by the police that he had been charged with 52 counts of fraud – I’m not sure what happened after that. His mother was also involved – she was the “State Manager” of the fake company. I think his stepfather also was involved. I rang her his mother the time and she screamed at me that her son was “sick”.

    He had changed his surname a couple times but I believe he keeps Jason has his first name.

  17. Tina Baldwin, 15 January, 2014

    Why is this man not behind bars?????? Thank you Cate for your information it just makes me feel sick!


  18. Cate Legno, 15 January, 2014

    I agree, Tina, – it doesn’t make a lot of sense. His mother, Judy Palankay, appears to now be a naturopath/hypnotist.

    County Court records Taxation vs Palankay in 2007 where he had a Judgement awarded against him –

    Aliases: Brad Bridges, Joel Planck, Jason Joel Hetyey, and Jason David.

    I hate this guy.

  19. Palankay Victim, 15 January, 2014

    I cannot understand how Jason Palankay – a con man with a list of outstanding offenses as long as his own arm and dating back years, can roam around the streets of Melbourne freely to do as he pleases and scam more people with his schemes? Do the police even care or bother??

    He even has a Facebook page –

    And his mother Judy Palankay too –

    Her Yelp page –

    jason palankay, criminal, scam artist, con artist, con man, thief, wanted

  20. Anon, 30 October, 2014

    I am his ex boyfriend (that’s right) I can not believe this good old mother who was apparently a “state manager” Judy palankay lol. Can you believe people like this exist. I really feel sorry for you people that have been scammed by a sad pathetic person

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