Healthcare System in Rockdale, Texas Scamming Vendor Out Of Thousands!!!

Beware of Little River Healthcare System & Richards Memorial Hospital in Rockdale, Texas… They ran up $4000+ in purchases for Healthcare products and have made the statement to our company that they do not intend on paying the bill or returning the products. This is called STEALING!!!

Our company has all documents supporting the orders, products delivered, and prior two years of payments for other products ordered.

We have sent all supporting documents directly to the Hospital and to Kevin Owens KJJO, Ltd. company to respond. The only answer we have received is that “WE ARE NOT PAYING, NOR ARE WE SEND THE PRODUCTS BACK”

I personally have asked them to just return our products if your company is unable to pay. Response is “NO”!

In closing, we were told by the CFO that the new owner “Kevin Owens” is refusing to pay us as a Vendor for the products Little River Healthcare Systems & Richards Memorial Hospital ordered or return our products.

If there are any other Vendors out there that have been scammed or had product stolen by Little River Healthcare System & Richards Memorial Hospital in Rockdale, Texas I would like to hear from you.

This post was submitted by Stephen Wood, CFO.

  1. Shafer, 03 May, 2012

    FYI to all Document Shredding Shredding Services considering doing business with Richards Memorial Hospital/Little River Healthcare System.

    We have recently pulled all of our containers from the Hospitals multiple location facilities in the Central Texas area for non-payment for services rendered. We have not been paid for over 8 months worth of invoices!!! Not only have they refused to pay to this point, but have been unwilling to enter into any payment arrangments to date.

    When Richards Memorial took over their current facilities from the previous hospital they refused to pay several thousand dollars worth of invoices at that time; however, I bet they continued to collect payments from their patients! Nevertheless, here we are again…..Not this time, everythings going to our attorneys and to the Office of Civil Liberties and the Texas AG if we fail to receive payment in the next few days.

    I would advise any potential vendor to avoid doing business with them myself…unless of course, you collect payment in advance!

  2. Tom, 15 September, 2017

    I recently became acquainted with Kevin Owens. I am an interim CFO and Mr. Owens left this Oklahoma hospital in a shambles after six years of ownership. He never had a certified audit of his annual financial report in 6 years!!!!!! It appears he defrauded BCBS of Oklahoma, he better cross the border into Mexico if I find out he also defrauded the Medicare program. And I definitely will find any improprieties as I was previously a Medicare cost auditor and have been a healthcare finance/accounting executive for 41 years.

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