Elizabeth Andam – Advance Fee Fraud

This person, whom I knew as ‘Elizabeth Andam’ ([email protected]) has been running what is called “advance fee fraud” at least since 2010.

Elizabeth has operated under at least two other first-name aliases – ‘sophia’ or ‘mercy’.

My story –

‘Liz’ contacted me out of the blue on YIM, and her story was – that she had been born in Ghana, educated in Australia, and then had to move back to Ghana with her father (the story was her mother – an Australian – died, and her father – a native Ghanaian – took her back to Ghana). It was hinted that there were financial problems as part of this going back to Ghana with her ‘father’.

Supposedly “Liz” was studying in Ghana to be a teacher, and, since she was graduated now, she was wanting assistance to come work in Australia.

The fly in the ointment was that she claimed she needed $$$ assistance to both get a new passport (the old one was supposedly destroyed in a fire), and to pay for her visa to Australia.

To try and put me at ease, she referred me to another contact (her “father”), ‘David’, who I also had some conversations with … ([email protected]).

There were lots of other sob stories along the way; ‘Liz’ tried to chisel other money out of me for internet and groceries, as well.

That was all pretty transparent, and I kept ‘Liz’ on the hook, as long as possible so I could get as many pictures of her and her ‘father’, and any other information that I could get away with asking for. The main thing I wanted was her passport.

I also dropped a few coins, and I engaged an investigative agency to check what little data I had gathered about “Liz”.
The data all turned out to be bogus, from that investigation. Clear evidence of fraud.

The phone number ‘Liz’ gave me was a Ghanaian pre-paid phone, that doesn”t have to have an ID presented to purchase it.
The number was = 0233546485122

There was a mailing address was also bogus; I know because I sent mail to it, to test it out. This mail address was also used in 2010 with the “Russian Marriage” scam URL referenced later.

This address = P.O. Box 12 Bethesda, Agona Swedru, Ghana, West Africa … this address does not actually exist there, in Ghana.

I initially sent some money to keep “Liz” on the hook, and to see if I could find out anything else about her (while investigating, too).

To try to convince me that she and her father ‘David’ were legit, she sent me her ‘passport’, which was clearly a photoshopped fake. Almost nothing was right about it.

I received a lot of pictures of ‘Liz’, along the way – some of them were x-rated, and a few of the tamer ones are up on Stop-Scammers.com site ….
That site requires registration to search ‘Liz’s’ record out, but a similar report (mis-labelled thre, as a Russian Marriage scam) is on link:


Once I saw the fake passport, and it was clear I’d get no more information off them, I shut off communication with ‘Liz’ and her ‘father’.

Jim (Australia)

This post was submitted by Jim Wilson.

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