Mr.Ben S. Bernanke

Federal Reserve Board
NOTIFICATION OF CREDIT FROM Federal Reserve Board New York
Attn: Beneficiary:

We have this 9th day of Feb, 2011 received a payment credit instruction from the Federal Government of Nigeria to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of US$10.5Million from the Nigerian reserve account with our, Federal Reserve Bank New York
However, you shall required to provide the followings datas below:
{1}. Your Full Name and Address.:
{2}. Your Confidential Tel, Cell and Fax.
{3). Your Bank name and address.:
{4). Your A/c Name and A/c Numbers.:
(5). Your Swift Code / Routing Numbers.:
Please do provide the above information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liability of funds credited into a ghost account.
Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank New York while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service. You call me at 646 340-8713

Thanks and God bless you.


Yours in Service,
Mr.Ben S. Bernanke
Chairman Federal Reserve Board New York ,

This post was submitted by Jeffry.

  1. Robert McCullough, 15 April, 2011

    I recieve email from all kinds of guys and agencies say i have miliions of dollars. I just got to get ahold of them and give them my bank info etc. I am wondering why I have so much money, but I have none to spend. I have a strong feeling that these are scams.

  2. Alphonce Minjok L. OCHEN, 11 October, 2011

    People responsible for the safety of email users, try your best to put an end to these scammers who think that money is just got without sweating for it. I wonder why i should win some money i haven’t participated in any of the related competitions.
    There are many people suffering who even need just a dollar for their survival, and these thieves think that i look badyl in need of money more than the suffering poor.

    May God punish them ten times and thunder strike them dead

  3. Mark Vaughn, 17 November, 2011

    I have received the same email, two calls now and I am sure they are from Africa. They want my bank info. They have sent several more emails and gave me a choice of an ATM mastercard, funny they still need my bank account info.

  4. Rosely Simões de Almeida Romeira, 19 May, 2012

    Recebi um e-mail dizendo que estou prestes a receber 4 milhões de dólares.
    Mais ninguém dá nada a ninguém, ainda mais uma quantia tão vultusa.
    Meso precisando muito, e tendo o marido doente, tenho os pés no chão.
    Recebi o e-mail dia 18 de maio de 2012.
    E mais ando o nome do Sr. Mr. Ben.S.Bernanke, que absurdo, tudo tem limite.
    E o que mais me irrita, substimam a inteligência das pessoas.

  5. Fred Fellows, 27 August, 2012

    I received a phone call from the person who said he was Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Board New York. H started to email me because I told him that I could not understand him over the phone. He said that I was to receive fifteen million dollars from the Nigerian Government for the losses that I have had from Scammers. I told him that I didn’t have any money & he said not to worry about that that he would pay for everything and send me the money via Interac e-transfers which I would pay him back when I received my money. I beleived him and he did start to send me money, $100.00 at first in order for me to set upy interact e-transfer account, which I did & it went through just fine, but then he sent me $1,500.00 & the bank put a hold on my registration because they found out that this was just a scam. Ben is trying to contact me by phone now & he said that the people involved will be proscuted to the fullest extent of the law. But in the mean time I have cancelled my registration for an e-transfer account & until he contacts me again I don’t know how this will end. All I
    know is that I have not & will not give him any information at all. I have already told him this in the beginning. Fred Fellows, Mississauga, Ont. Canada

  6. K Weaver, 29 November, 2012

    I would like to remind the agencies and people, that are being used for these scams, this is like false advertising. If you do not do a better job of making sure
    that the authorities remove these 419’s and catch and prosecute the criminals
    posting them, then the agencies and people being referred to are responsible
    for making said payments!

  7. Jay, 21 February, 2013

    To consumers: When you received any SCAM emails just send them this email below. Simply, fill in your email address and and let them know that your from Yahoo legal dept and that your account is closed. Below is the format i used and it works all the time. These SCAM artiest always leave and never return. Simple copy and paste the below info into your current email account and then reply back to the SCAMMERS and they will back off.

    From Legal Dept:

    Our customer asked that we investigate this email that was send to us and we are now motoring all incoming emails as well looking into this matter. Our customer is not interested in your ad. This e mail address of (enter your email address here) has been changed per our customer request. It is no longer operable and no other information is provided. This account is now closed. Please do not reply back. Please remove this email address from your mailing list. If you reply back there will be Legal charges against you.

    Customer Services Dept & Legal Dept:

  8. Lisa McReynolds, 05 June, 2013

    I have just received this email with this almost exact letter and its 130 am I can tell when Nigeria or where ever these scammers live its in Europe’s time frame. I receive them everyday all the time. Im not sure if these email scammers think people are this stupid. All anyone has to do is google the name on the scammers email or any bank name or random info. Maybe they dont get google where they live.
    its always Nigeria. There are non scammers in Nigeria also but this Country is only know by 98 % of people that use email that they are all scammers. They are ignorant people who cannot get a normal job so they do what society has tought them. Its said, If its spelled wrong or the person that sent you the email, uses a name of person that just died. BLA BLA BLA. If it seems real to your without giving them any of your information at all. Tell them to send a Certified letter to a address you provide and do not tell them its yours some of these scammers will show up. I had this happen to be, but had moved out a couples weeks prior. He was creepy and packing a weapon. dont play unless you can shot or really mess up some one for hunting you. call 911. My creeper, was confronted by a weapons specialist and left. I have children but would of had to shot me for do something like hit me and then I could hit them back. Your body being a weapon is frustrating I took Martial Arts to protect my family has make be a weapon. I can only return the damage after it has been put on me. If Im punch in the face I can only punch that jerk back in the face etc. Ive had a restraining order put on me when a X, tried to push me down after threating me. I called 911 because I am a walking weapon. Luckly I learned patience when I learn how to defend myself. Honestly I would probably of shot him for trespassing

  9. Robert Frederick Sterns-Taylor, 02 July, 2013

    I received and responded to a bank of America customer in the American Embassy Benin Republic , City of Cotonou , Emmanuel Chikelue Orjiagwu 2.3 million bank of America Ben M. Bernanke ; Chairman federal Reserve Bank New York I am the Founder of Freedom Homes and Commercial Builders LLC ; Dayton , Ohio Rebuilding Together ( America thee USA and Global Communities ) Looking for investors . Focused upon Recreating top-Paying jobs and securing Homes for Americas Homeless , Unemployed Citizens , Veterans and Ex-offenders will you help ? Respectfully Yours in Christ ; Robert Frederick Sterns-Taylor

  10. John Earl Duggan Sr, 20 June, 2014

    I also received an email from Mr. Ben Bernanke, who stated by funds have been cleared for payment. All I have to do is send him $69.00. The amount of my fund is $8.7 million. He has cleared everything with IMF and US Holland Security. He also thanks me for banking with The Bank of Africa. I receive this type thing daily, sometime five a day. Should I write him back and tell him that it is Homeland Security? Anyway I just thought that I would add my two cenys.

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